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    Silent films, Rudolph Valentino, TCM, Film Noir, sharing my love of classic films with others :)
  1. Gloria Swanson three

    The story behind Zaza and how Gloria got the part is very interesting. Looking forward to those films (Gloria is one of my very favorite actresses)!
  2. What films would you like featured on Silent Sundays?

    I would like to see The Shock (1923) with Lon Chaney Sr. played, I saw it recently and loved it! It has some elements that are similar to his other films, and then some surprising pieces that I was not expecting! I would love for it to be shown on Silent Sunday.
  3. The first actor/actress that comes to mind..

    Harold Lloyd (Grandma's Boy 1922) next: retired young
  4. The Crowd (1928)

    It was interesting to see how the characters thought their lives would be like and how their lives ended up in reality; even though they have a different future than what they imagined, it does not become depressing, I liked how there was still hope for them even in the worst situations. Beautiful scenery and well designed sets really made the picture stand out.
  5. Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    We love you Robert and will miss you. Such a classy, intelligent, and friendly man. He did so much for classic film, I was always so excited to hear him talk about the films being shown, he made me want to watch more!
  6. What films would you like featured on Silent Sundays?

    I would also like to see these films played. The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg is one of my very favorite Ramon Novarro films; in some ways, it reminds me of Roman Holiday (1953) but with a prince instead of a princess and the circumstances are different. Lon Chaney Sr. amazes me everytime I watch one of his movies, my top favorites of his are The Unholy Three (1925) and The Unknown (1927). One of my favorite scenes from The Unknown is the part where he has just made a great sacrifice for the one that he loves (trying not to give anything away!) and when he sees her again for the first time, he is so happy, and Lon Chaney Sr. was able to portray that emotion so well it really touches you! Even when he played villains, I was still hoping that he would win in the end, he was just so likeable.
  7. The first actor/actress that comes to mind..

    Rudolph Valentino (his only voice recording where he sings 2 songs, he tried) next: remembered for one major role
  8. I wonder why they removed it, I would love to see it. Yes, boxer is not what I'd normally think of him as, but I can definitely see where he could pull it off, he could play such a variety of characters. He could be very intense, but he did it subtly which is very difficult to do.
  9. STELLA MARIS (1918)

    I just loved this movie, Stella Maris thinks there is only peace and happiness in the world, she has never heard of war or hunger and thinks everyone is happy because she was told this ever since she was a child; her friend John comes to see her and tell stories of his wonderful castle and happy life. In reality, there was war and hunger, and John's real life was miserable, the world that Stella knew did not exist. It would be so difficult to one day find out your world was nothing like you thought and to adjust to a scary new place you didn't even know existed. It makes you wonder if Stella's guardians were wrong or right to make her believe there was only happiness; if they knew she would be crippled for life and would spend most of her life in her room, it is understandable why they might hide some of the ugliness from the outside. But, as the movie shows, those actions can also cause problems. Unity Blake's story of suffering and hardship was also very interesting. Mary was almost unrecognizable with her Unity makeup and costume, and with her convincing acting skills, you'd never guess that Stella Maris and Unity Blake were both Mary Pickford!
  10. Richard Barthelmess was truly talented and so underappreciated, I do wish his films were shown more often to hopefully attract new fans. The first time I watched Way Down East (1920), it was to see Lillian Gish, but Richard's performance was so good, I started watching as many of his films as I could find. I would love to see him with Dorothy Gish, but as far as I know their only surviving film is The Bright Shawl (1923) and it sounds so interesting!
  11. Favorite Silent Actresses

    I was hesitant about watching Mary Pickford too, but I was also pleasantly surprised! I love Stella Maris (1918), her talent is completely on display; she plays two roles in the film and does a marvelous job with both! It also brings up some interesting situations that leave you thinking long after the movie is over. The plot centers on two individuals: one a beautiful, crippled rich girl (Stella Maris) who has lived a sheltered life and believes the world is wonderful and knows nothing of hardship, and the other a plain orphan who has only seen the ugly side of life and never felt love. I was so intrigued to see how Stella Maris would react as she found out what life was really like, it kept me hooked!
  12. Favorite Silent Actresses

    Male and Female (1919)was a very fun movie, and at the same time, it made me think. After I watched it, I kept thinking about its message about class and society and the Henley poem used in the film- it was such an interesting movie! I thought it was interesting (trying not to ruin anything for anyone who hasn't watched it, but there may still be spoilers) that although Thomas Meighan and Lila Lee were the servants they could still be free (trying not to give anything away!), it was Gloria who was tied down and encumbered by her wealth. A unique movie with Gloria and one of my favorite Thomas Meighan movies.
  13. Favorite Silent Actresses

    She was fabulous in Sunset Boulevard (1950), one of my favorites! One of my favorite scenes is her New Year's Eve "party", her facial expressions are so good! She was wonderful in Beyond The Rocks (1922).
  14. Favorite Silent Actresses

    I really enjoy Constance Talmadge, she is so fun and can make almost any movie enjoyable. Agnes Ayres was excellent in Forbidden Fruit (1921) and came across as very likeable on screen, definitely one of my top favorites. Nita Naldi played a marvelous vamp, but could also portray vulnerable characters as she did in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920), I always enjoy watching her. May McAvoy could be intense, shy, whatever the part was, I love her in The Enchanted Cottage (1924) and Lady Windermere's Fan (1925). Janet Gaynor is also very sweet and very talented.
  15. PICCADILLY (1929)

    I recently watched The Toll of The Sea (1922). The color was absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed Anna May Wong's performance very much, I will definitely watch more of her films.

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