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  1. sweetbabykmd

    The Way We Were

    I finally saw this movie last night after all these years, because there was nothing else on. I had been under the impression that this movie took place in the 1970's, but lo and behold this is supposed to be the 1940's. This movie is so fraught with anachronisms to the point of being comedic. Why didn't they even try to make it period correct? Was everyone high back then? I guess probably so. I spent the whole time picking each scene apart. Not only was there language/slang from the '70's but long sideburns, bouffant hairdos, turtlenecks with leisure suits, big wide lapels and collars, crazy looking pantsuits, and the set decor was wrong.
  2. sweetbabykmd

    "No Down Payment"

    This is an excellent movie. I think when I saw it a few years ago it was on the Fox movie channel.
  3. sweetbabykmd

    Your 2010 Summer Under the Stars Suggestions!

    Would be nice if they could dig up some Clara Bow movies.
  4. sweetbabykmd

    Sunday, rare film, ?Ah, Wilderness!? (1935)

    Thanks Fred, glad to see you're still here recommending the good older movies.
  5. I used to request this movie a lot, I can't believe I didn't know it was going to finally be shown. I just happened upon the second half of it and checked to see if it would be on again, but of course not.
  6. sweetbabykmd

    What happened to great movies?

    I completely agree LonesomePoleCat. The only movies I have seen in the last few years have been period movies - I loved Revolutionary Road and The Reader. I won't go see any of the regular crap they are churning out, and I don't like the baby movies either.
  7. sweetbabykmd

    Who Played the Best Gangsters & Thugs

    I enjoy Nat Pendleton's portrayal of gangsters in a lot of the 30's movies, especially the comical Sing and Like It
  8. I think you're right about it becoming a classic. This was an excellent movie, Hollywood doesn't churn out movies like this very often anymore.
  9. sweetbabykmd

    February Schedule

    No kubrickbuff, I am not stupid, far from it. I do know that there are older movies being shown in February, you jerk. I just happened to mention that once again they felt compelled to show us Hook. I have every right to state my opinion and will continue to do so. If you don't like it go ahead and use your ignore button.
  10. sweetbabykmd

    February Schedule

    None of us are "crying for no reason". For the last few years February has turned into a month of programming that leaves much to be desired on TCM - for those of us who tune in for the movies from Hollywood's golden age. One would think Oscar month would be a chance to show more of the old lesser known movies that were nominated back in the 30's - 50's instead of the likes of Hook.
  11. sweetbabykmd

    February Schedule

    I see once again Hook is being shown during Oscar month. Give me a break.
  12. sweetbabykmd

    Baby Doll (1956) - THE MOST VULGAR "CODE" FILM

    I agree with you, I consider this more of a comedy. I love this movie.
  13. sweetbabykmd

    Ride the Pink Horse

    I think it was over a year ago when it was on TCM, and I somehow forgot to record it. It didn't occur to me that it would not be shown again on TCM.
  14. sweetbabykmd

    Ride the Pink Horse

    Does anyone know if and when this movie will be out on DVD? I have been waiting over a year for TCM to show this movie and they don't seem to want to show it anytime soon.
  15. sweetbabykmd

    Today is Film Noir Day on TCM

    I don't know why they do it that way, but the best movies are shown in the early morning 98% of the time. Maybe they think the only ones who watch noirs and precodes are the retired people and those who are up at 3am.

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