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  1. mgmfanatic

    MGM Musicals Blog

    Hi Everybody: I wanted to let movie musical lovers that I've resurrected an old web site of mine called The Great MGM Musicals. (AOL destroyed it several years ago!) You can find it at: You can also access it via Facebook by searching for the name. Please check it out and "like" it. Thanks!
  2. mgmfanatic

    MGM Musicals to Be Released in 2007!

    In an interview with George Feltenstein & the crew from Warner Bros. Home Video on the website Home Theater Forum, Feltenstein confirms that new titles will be released from the MGM musicals library this year. He confirmed a Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney boxed set, along with several "surprises" including an official studio release of Royal Wedding. You can read the entire interview at:
  3. mgmfanatic

    Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney musicals

    I was browsing the Home Theater Forum website. On Monday, there was an interview with George Feltenstein & the Warner Bros. home video people. . .they confirmed that there will be a Judy/Mickey boxed DVD set released sometime this summer. If you'd like to read the entire interview, go to: Click on the Warner Bros. link.
  4. mgmfanatic

    New MGM Musicals DVD Boxed Set

    While searching the April entries on, I found the following news: On April 25th, Warner Video will release the Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory boxed set on DVD. This set will include the following five musicals: SUMMER STOCK IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER ZIEGFELD FOLLIES TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY THREE LITTLE WORDS Along with the Busby Berkeley boxed set in March, this will be a great spring for fans of musical films!
  5. mgmfanatic

    help me please!!!

    It sounds like the 1940's French classic CHILDREN OF PARADISE.
  6. The routine is from RIO RITA (1942).
  7. mgmfanatic


    The title of the movie is TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE (1950) starring Jane Powell and Ricardo Montalban. Louis Calhern played the grouchy father.

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