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  1. After much thought and giving into.... I am not really mainstream when it comes to films I enjoy, here are my Top 5 Hitchcock films 5. The Farmers Wife 4. Rope 3. Lifeboat 2. Mr and Mrs Smith 1. Notorious is the winner This will change of course as I love his films Honorable Mention ....Number 17
  2. Ramin Djawadi --- German composer hands down, what Hitchcock could do with this talent. He now does a lot of HBO scores Westworld score is amazing. Sandy Powell - English Costume Design--- Caravaggio, The Crying Game to most recent Wonderstruck. Everything in between. Never really payed attention to editors until this class. Jane Goldman, James Franco, Tom Hanks and Ron Howard for collaboration, also Larry David, Wes Anderson, and Alexander Philippe(insight). These folks have a variety of talent with a splash of quirky if desired. As for Actors and Actresses he was no longer mainstream, an occasional Reese Witherspoon, Uma Thurman, Helen Mirren, and John Turturro, Geoffrey Rush, Christoph Waltz and Rutger Hauer to name a few would keep audiences coming back. I think he would bring new faces to the screen as Hollywood stars are time crunched and he preferred to take the time he needed to prefect his film with his Hitchcock Touch. It seems odd to think of actors/collaborators today in his films of yesterday.
  3. Well, this is where everyone looses me as I have just found Hitchcock as the Master of Suspense. This class has been amazing. I feel my list is questionable, so I have added an International list I researched and may watch a couple. Thinking of things just attacking Tremors, Gremlins, The Ghost and the Darkness The Great MacGuffin Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction, Holy Grail, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Citizen Kane of course, Maltese Falcon, Star Trek, The Hangover movies, The Book of Eli (awesome movie), Saving Private Ryan, Dogma, Gaurdian's of the Galaxy, The Tourist. Tons more. When you get to thinking about it, wow what an impact Hitchcock has made. I never knew. Double Chase The Fugitive, Shooter, drawing a blank on any more I've seen, possibly.... The Wizard of Oz. I feel these are also random contributions. Game of Thrones seems to come to mind fitting all above criteria. I also really enjoy Mid Summer Murders a British series containing some Hitchcockian style. It will be exciting to see films mentioned with my new pair of Hitchcock glasses. FILMMAKERS UNDER THE INFLUENCE: INTERNATIONAL CINEMA IN THE TRADITION OF ALFRED HITCHCOCK Shelly Isaacs PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Undoubtedly and uncontestably considered “The Master,” Alfred Hitchcock’s influence has continued to inspire directors the world over. These eight film selections bear witness to his unequaled legacy as a storyteller and cinematic craftsman. 1. Phoenix - Germany, 2015 - A disfigured Holocaust survivor undergoes plastic surgery and sets out to determine if the man she loved betrayed her trust. Without revealing herself, she becomes a pawn in a scheme to get her money. 2. Tell No One - France, 2006 - A doctor misses the wife who was murdered eight years prior when he was considered the prime suspect. Two recent murders in the same spot point to him again and he receives a message that his wife is alive. 3. About Elly - Iran, 2009 - A group of urban families travel for a short vacation to the seashore and take along a kindergarten teacher. She mysteriously disappears, leaving the couples to discover what really happened. 4. The Trap - Serbia, 2007 - In post Milosevic Serbia, an ordinary man's son is in need of a lifesaving operation. He answers an ad that thrusts him into an existential nightmare, where human life is worth little, and a normal life may be unreachable. 5. The Aura - Argentina, 2005 - A taxidermist dreams of committing the perfect crime, never intending to actually do it. Then a hunting trip changes everything. 6. Read My Lips - France, 2001 - Carla is frustrated by her hearing deficiency, feeling it is holding back her career. Then she meets Paul, an ex-con who sees her special talent as a way to make the big score. 7. Julieta - Spain, 2016 - A casual encounter with her estranged daughter's friend, forces a woman to re-evaluate her life to figure out where it all went wrong. 8. Mississippi Mermaid - France ,1969 - Francois Truffaut's film of passion, betrayal and deception, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Catherine Deneuve is a classic homage to "The Master" himself. There are some serious Hitchcock enthusiasts in this class, it's quite the honor to be part. Thank you all for sharing and expanding my view on films.
  4. I have another question I came across a Bernstein project in which Hitchcock flew to England to be part of, a film on German concentration camps which was shut down and Wilder made instead? Could you clarify the 1945 film and what ultimately became of this project? Are there more films Hitchcock has been part less known to the public and are they obtainable? Thanks for sharing your insight, Darcy
  5. Hello Prof. Edwards and Mr Philippe Your insight is amazing thanks to both of you. My first question is for Mr Philippe What other works of Hitchcock's legacy do find interesting enough to make another possible documentary and in short how would you describe your journey in getting to know the Hitchcock style, has it influenced your personal goals as a director? My second question is for both of you We've only touched the tip of the iceberg of Hitchcock's legacy in this class. What suggestions do you have in continuing and deeping our knowledge and understanding of his amazing career as a director? Where would I start, as there is so much information? Thank you, Darcy
  6. Impressive and breathtaking, this opening of Frenzy gives the sense of homecoming and completion. It is genuinely epic and surreal. Hitch returns to England, his roots. The differences of the two clips seen show the masterful cinematography of a changed London society after decades. It is light and spacious letting the audience know the whole world can see its movement unlike The Lodger which gives a sense of confinement and rural darkness. Frenzy's public is approached on a grand scale and being addressed as a community to again find its lands more favorable. There is a togetherness feeling which is absent in The Lodger. The Lodger is more individualized characters struggling/or not with a murder, more detail to process of event and shock with mockery of the woman finding the victim. Frenzy is made in a time where civilization is desensitized and instead of a scream it's simply "Look" nothing chaotic or fast paced. The atmosphere has changed dramatically and masterfully. It's clear these are ordinary people even the victim doesn't appear to be villainous just a blonde, as usual on London time . Also, the perpetrator has cast his evil doing amongst all to witness in broad daylight. Showing darkness is still lurking amongst the masses publically. Although it feels very James Bond, the audience knows he will not be the hero. The entire scene tells the story of what we are about to witness is a suspenseful dark story of crime. I have concentrated on the victim which concludes a possible MacGuffin as I'm sure the story line is much deeper than a single murder and will travel deep in London's underground. Hitch's purpose has come complete circle, a grand introduction, bringing all of the audience to his complete undivided attention. He has shown us this magnificent city which is historically a place of painstaking gruesome conditions unavoidable. I absolutely dislike London as if it's without refuge, but find it's history fascinating yet tragic at times. The architecture is unlike anything in the world. I have hiked across England twice finding the most beauty in the countryside along its paths of times gone past. A pilgrimage of sorts.
  7. Marine is behaving with precision and total self control while changing her image. It's perfection right down to her nails. Selecting SS card allows the viewer to gain the knowledge she's done this before. I wouldn't doubt if each card represented a different hair color etc. out with old.... in with the new..... as seen with two suitcases. She is totally abandoning her old portrayed self. Interesting all first names are Mar including the films title. I've not seen the film so not sure if these last names are previous marriages or just false identity. I assume the later. The new self reserved and calculated down to hiding any evidence of old self. Our first shot of her is mysterious, I liked the expression when she came up blonde it looked resfreshed and burden lifted. Perhaps the loot may have something to do with it. The key drops down the grate gives the impression she has gotten away with a crime. I felt a loneliness in the musical score. Longing, mystery, and a journey driven by passion or maybe pain. Hitchcock immediately gave me a feeling of he's been listening in, following our character, or up to something. He is not a passerby like other cameos. Looking to see if anyone else is round. Or possibly, looking at us the audience inviting us to join the film as the details are unfolding. I felt a welcome from his presence.
  8. The film definitely has a boy meets girl feel, the only threat is a possible storm moving in hence the gulls moving inland, seems normal. Melanie is quite forward in assuming role as if she had birding skills, Mitch corrects her and begins playfully quizzing her. It's lighthearted. Melanie is looking for companionship as she purchased a bird and asked if it could already speak and took the role as employee to interact with Mitch. She's prompt arriving exactly on time and walks like a woman on a mission. Mitch seems more layed back, someone who plays along fueling the flirtatious encounter, and looking for love birds so must be a bit romantic. The sound design is loud to me. The birds chattering and more chatter. It's peculiar and unsettling. I've not seen this film, so I found it a bit offensive almost annoying. With this being said, all the love bird talk with the chirping etc really sets the mood on edge, focused on birds as a character, chaos to be honest. These birds are already taking the lead part and the film has just begun. Can't wait to see the film, it seems very different and definitely Hitch.... The cameo is pretty neat, can't miss Hitch as he introduces his pair of pooches. It flows well with the couples theme. Id like to think they'd be chasing some serious birds as they are a working class breed. They were very popular and Hitch gifted actress Tallulah Bankhead a Sealyham upon wrapping Lifeboat, as a thanks for her dedication to the film which she finished during a bout of pneumonia. She named the dog Hitchcock. Many Hollywood stars had this breed of terrier. He was a dog lover, I didn't know.
  9. The title design/music of this film reminds me of all the psychological thrillers ever directed and produced rolled into one. The score is just brilliant and developes this very primitive black and white design to epic proportions. Simply chilling....untouchable. This is Psycho....depicting the dissociative identity disorder of Norman by fragmenting the titles and completely splitting the design vertical and horizontal. The opening scene is precise with time and place and suggests the need to know for the audience to create a timeline of events to take place. It immediately captivates the viewer and says, pay attention to what you are about to witness or possibly what a detective would need to know in a crime when following the trail of evidence. The POV upon entering the hotel through the window is vouyeristic and a Hitchcock signature. The introduction of characters displays sexual sin/infidelity, the cat/mouse game of lovers who seduce for personal desires and goals. I find it interesting having seen this film once, this scene is directly linked to Norman in the sense he was terribly abused by his mother mentally when she raised him to believe any sexual contact was wrong and he finally killed her and her lover in some Freudian mental breakdown which triggers his illness. Marion is the main character as Hitch gives us her thoughts, questions, vulnerability, and victim persona from the get go. Without this class I could have watched this 10 times and not had this insight. I am thankful and will see this film with a new pair of glasses.....
  10. All I can really add is how my mother and her generation could not wait for Saturday Matinee's. She was 15 during this release and being part of the film audience was Americas favorite pastime along with baseball. This is how I came to love TCM. The Stars of Hollywood were the most talked about subject and she could not wait to see the worlds favorite movie stars paired together on the big screen. This was a big one!!!! It was like Beatlemania. Eyes glued to the screen to feel the chemistry and daydream until Hollywood produced the next dreamy couple. The simplicity of the scene is mesmerizing. Pure Hollywood sex appeal. Love it! Back in the day, men lit a women's cigarette with matches it was a gesture of interest as the dialog definitely progressed to this being the next step. They play back and forth with ROT having actual meaning it's obvious he is being witty for attraction to her with his declaration on what it means to him now he's in this mess. The sound design is blended perfectly for the overall focus on the characters. This is a Hollywood hot moment in close quarters, timing is everything. Hitchcock knows what grabs his audience and even today it is timeless. Oh how I wish some of this world still existed. Thank goodness for the TCM family. Great comments this week xo
  11. More Windows....Hitch really has become the master of captivating his audience immediately at this point in his career as a director. He is giving the audience all the information needed to place the viewer in the main character seat, physically and emotionally. At this point no one is concerned with the happenings of their neighbors. This is an ordinary morning with ordinary people. Everyone is minding their own. The view is for us. I feel no peeping tom at this point. Everyone is comfortable and has no threat of invasion or the blinds would be closed or expression in the topless blonde would be visible. No one cares what anyone else is doing. Our final view is of Jeff and his apartment and he is the victim of mishap already. The scene depicts his imprisonment and love of capturing moments through photography. He is miserable and looks destitute as if in the desert in need of water. This will play out as he will not be able to overcome his urge to pick up his camera and do a little peeking. Idle hands lead to the devils workshop. Ordinary people going into extraordinary circumstances leaning on their own resources. Pure Hitchcock.....what happens next so excited!!! Oh, and the beautiful blond almost forgot the magazine and negative image portrait. This is odd, does he not see her in the light of the fashion magazine cover? It would be his most cinematic I have seen. Still more movies to watch but the visual storytelling in a set like this is not easily duplicated. No dialog in this scene and I know information about an entire apartment complex of people that's ridiculous.
  12. Cats out of the bag. I've never viewed this film. I will reflect with knowledge of films thus far and fresh eyes. The music and images are chilling, worrisome, anxious, is someone watching me, hands over my eyes and peek atmosphere. It's like haunted houses, I dislike them but the thrill finds me there occasionally. This intro says Beware Thriller Ahead!!! Someone is watching and they are crawling into your thoughts. I hope I make it through the film. And I'll have to watch it no lights... The scenes in lecture have toned it down but the opening credits are really powerful and eerie. Single most powerful image is the black with white lines still shot of eye before our journey out of the mind where more spirals begin leading us out through the pupil and window to the soul. This tells me that whatever is going to happen will be a journey to the depths and back where vertigo lives. There is no substitute for the works of this sequence. Hands down best I have ever had the pleasure of being part.
  13. Lots of criss cross chat happening this week. When I watched the clip it was if Bruno and Guy were coming from opposite corners of the earth. This scene clearly states two ordinary people with total opposite persona are in for an extraordinary adventure. Introvert and extrovert, young and older, athlete and spectator, reader and talker, and last but not least victim and murderer. This also shows visually with editing and my favorite an introduction of a film using legs crossing and the foot bump as a conversation que to the mayhem we are about to witness. The musical score follows our characters even down to the steps they are walking priming the audience for another where is this train going mood. Love Love Love this movie.
  14. Hitch sets the mood and tone of the movie once again early on giving us information so the viewer is able to focus on the characters and relationships drawn together of seemimgly ordinary patriotic citizens as so unveiling the villain is the end result. Grant domimates and gives orders immediately to Bergman who then will have to use her own resources and we sympathize and know she is a pon in a much bigger objective. The POV demonstrates this with her having a hangover but also conveys the character as distortion: looking through the glass as confusion, life being turned upside down with circuimstance and demands with Grants rotating scene and the costume of confinement/chain-gang against her will. Yet, she is to be the hero and evil has been lurking around her even though she fights to have a normal unthreatening life. The harm is also going to take place in public as she is asked to go to Brazil and infiltrate. The close ups are on Bergman allowing the viewers to be intimate with her character and her personal attachment to country and pain from betrayal of family. Grant is portrayed as a ordinary agent on a mission with no personal attachment, stiff with no regards to her mental state reeling her in on an emotional level, the recording. He is shown as the bigger picture. Both actors are a canvas for Hitch to tell a story and he has once again molded their talents into perfection getting them out of comfort zones, developing and reveling their ability to captivate an audience on Hitchcock time.....suspense genius.
  15. ✅ The movie opening I think has Hitch's direction all through. We have this lovely couple who are performing ordinary things in extraordinary circumstance. The scene is packed full of information and as the couple has taken themselves hostage we view the chaotic mayhem results and Mr Smith definitely thrown back on his resources as he slams door with cane while hiding sympathizing with his plight as he needs to get back to good graces. The scene is intimate like other daily doses and captures the audience immediately. Vouyerism is mentioned in conversation of the key hole. POV is directly related to form the characters using nonverbal communication allowing the scene and music to tell the story. The music score is fantastic as it captures his worry she's still in bed, her eye opening, him laying down the cards, and a whistling carefree mood. Characters are perfect and point to another wonderful film.

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