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  1. Perceptive and beautifully stated.
  2. Charlie's Girl

    Other Musicals

    This Is Spinal Tap and the first Rutles movie are classics not to be missed!
  3. I agree with Sarah Last about Annie Get Your Gun. Ludicrous casting, ridiculous songs. Although I don't hate it quite as much as Calamity Jane. And I agree with you about Mama Mia. Great cast wasted on Abba songs and thin plot. Both are just awful.
  4. Sci-Fi would be great. I would also like to see a course on Swashbucklers / Adventure films, famous leading men / heartthrobs, women in flim, Westerns, animation, war in film ... I could go on and on. The possibilities are endless. What I hope NOT to see are courtroom or crime dramas -- the former is boring and the latter tends to be violent.
  5. Charlie's Girl

    Facebook Group

    What a great idea!
  6. Yes, thank you! Thanks to everyone involved for all the planning and effort, thanks for the expertise, thanks for offering all this for free. Thanks also to the many people who posted comments and shared opinions. This whole experience has been delightful. I am sorry it is ending. I want more. I'm greedy but I guess there's no pleasing some people. Can't wait to see what's next. Consumed with anticipation. Meanwhile, see you at the movies!
  7. Love all the comments! LET'S MOVIE!!!
  8. Me too. But we'd have to go up to 1990, at least, to include Dances With Wolves. Decades of so many great films and great stars. I am usually not too interested in films made after 1950 but Westerns are an exception. I think they only got better. I'm thinking Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cat Ballou, Little Big Man. Wonderful films.
  9. SciFi would be fun. I don't think I would participate in horror unless it were confined to very old films.
  10. I also was thinking "Westerns" for the the next course. Fun!
  11. I really liked it too!
  12. Charlie's Girl

    Charming Radicalization

    Great song! Thanks for sharing your Beatles memories!
  13. And this. All of this. Yellow Submarine.

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