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  1. Rejana Raj

    We Need A Warner Bros Cartoon Topic

    “Hollywood Steps Out”
  2. This shot is a good one ! I didn't include it in the post because I already shared the link so that everyone can discover those shots. There are other pictures including Rebecca and Psycho in the link as well.
  3. I have no words to say but I could not believe that this wonderful course has come to an end. I know that all good things will have a beginning and a finale. I am so glad to take this course and it was my first experience from which I got to know more about the "Master of Suspense". I was also happy to see the lecture videos with our very own Professor Dr. Rich Edwards along with the wonderful Scholar Dr. Wes Gehring. They were so passionate with their lectures and analyses that they had this unique chemistry which made me curious to watch their videos all the time. All the interactive games (Hitch or Hike!, Strangers on a Quiz, Nor-Man and Find George Kaplan) and The Get-Hitched Web Series were AWESOME !!!!! Even the daily doses were vibrant and most of all, I loved the TCM Film Festival Interviews with guests featuring Kim Novak and Eva Marie Saint. It was great to see them all but I was so glad to see the Great Robert Osborne as the host of the interviews. He was a genuine gentleman with class. We miss you a lot, Mr. Osborne ! All I could say is............. Good Bye and See you all next time ! Yours faithfully, Rejana
  4. Rejana Raj

    2017 SCHEDULE

    Ginger Rogers !
  5. 1.) At first, I would like to say the main similarity of "The Lodger" and "Frenzy": They are British films. Moving on, the main differences are that the former begins with a screaming blonde woman whereas the latter shows the city in a travelogue style with a flying shot from helicopter. Nowadays, the aerial shots could be done on small drones. 2.) A gathering of people, Hitchcock cameo, vibrant locality, public speech and a dead body. 3.) The scene was set in London which reminds Hitchcock the early days of his career in British Film Era. The main themes are women and murder. Here, the scene shows the body of a dead woman floating in river. We could assume that the serial killer is on the loose and he is going to prey on his next target.
  6. 1.) We come to know that Marnie is a con-woman. Here are the facts: she removes her dyed black hair and she was revealed as a blonde woman, she possess many Identity Cards which she may use, she had with her the embezzled pack of money which means that she had stolen it, she has various attires in her suitcase. Not only that, she is a well- organised lady who keeps all her things in order and that is a good quality even though she is involved in a bad business. 2.) Yes, The music composition by Bernard Hermann has a classical touch. Maybe, it was to show the woman with class act. Only to be revealed that she's a con-artist. 3.) Here, Mr.Hitchcock was shown as seeing the young raven haired woman who goes along with her luggage. Then, he looks at the camera. He must be trying to tell us that this whole film is about her.
  7. 1.) At a glance, one may think that the opening scene has a romantic feel, but don't be fooled by it because the real events are yet to take place. In this particular scene, Miss Hedren playfully acts as a salesgirl to the character of Rod Taylor. It seems to me that they were flirting. 2.) Yes, I should agree now that why this film is named "The Birds". Before, the heroine enters the pet shop, she notices the birds of omen circling around the city. Then, she enters the shop where one could hear the loud chirping of caged birds. I got the message that something apocalyptic will happen in the next few hours of this film. 3.) In the beginning of all Hitchcock films, One could expect a cameo appearance by Hitchcock and that was one best cameo by him. But, I didn't understand if there was any underlying meaning about his appearance with a pair of leashed dogs. Maybe, it must be a different take as he must have thought not to bore his audience with lots and lots of birds in it.
  8. Rejana Raj

    2017 SCHEDULE
  9. 1.) The title sequence begins with fast credit roll along with fast paced background score. From the look of it, We could understand that this is a suspense thriller. 2.) The audience were shown the shots of time, date and place in CAP LOCKS. This was an indication of suspense thriller films which gives the details of the last hours of the victim. Here, Marion Crane is the "to-be" victim. 3.) The scene begins with the main star Janet Leigh along with John Gavin and they were shown in bed with half bared bodies. Here, Miss Leigh gets to say most of her lines whereas Mr.Gavin speaks only a few lines throughout the scene.This is the time where The Hays Code was losing its charm.
  10. 1.) With the "vaguely familiar" line in this film, I believe that everyone will ask "Who's that dashing debonair?", it's charming Cary Grant and everyone will say it. Likewise, this scene has a cute sensual touch which recent movies lack a lot. The visual chemistry between Mr.Grant and Miss Saint had an alluring effect and it's a perfect shot minus the physical interaction. 2.) Oh my! The ROT matchbook is the other element which brings them together for a short time. I liked this scene where Miss Saint holds Mr. Grant's hand after lightning her cigarette and then blows the match spark from his hand. It was a scene with sensual touch. 3.) The music in this scene has romantic feel and it felt like as if they were not in train but at a candle light diner as a romantic couple. I know this scene takes place in daylight but I couldn't resist its charm.
  11. 1.) The title of this film began with the eye and face shots of a woman. Even now, I am confused that the woman who appeared in the title sequence was Kim Novak as I thought that it was some other woman. By seeing the spiral images twirling on and on, one can make out that this film will be a psychological thriller with heart racing background score. 2.) I believe that it is the spiral image (or the Lissajous figures) which played the important part in the opening sequence. It is that this moving image captures our attention and makes one believe in his/her delirium tremens which happens within their minds. This sequence was indeed successful in conveying the effect. 3.) Without the music of Mr. Hermann and the visual effects of Mr. Bass, I believed that this film would have been a dry desert. It is that as it seems that Mr.Hitchcock knew how to choose his collaborators at the right place and at the right time.
  12. I couldn't say more or less but I loved the pilot episodes of "Get Hitched". Not to mention, Courtney Martin and Tyler Rainer were great as Emily and Jackson respectively. I made a small resolution to the third episode.It turns out that Emily's father is a "Norman Bates". This was a shell shocker to Jackson who has to pass the test given by her father and it's all about Hitchcock. He also gives an ultimatum for Jackson- Pass the test and be his daughter's boyfriend or else never get out from this house alive. This episode could have some suspense elements as a homage to Hitchcock himself.
  13. Hello everyone ! I found a great article with homage to "The Master of Suspense" Alfred Hitchcock. This unique photo shoot has the likes of Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley, James McAvoy, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr and the Ultimate Hitchcock Blonde Eva Marie Saint. I liked it but my favorite Hitchcock tribute shots were Marnie feat. Naomi Watts Strangers On A Train with Emile Hirsch and James McAvoy. Lifeboat with Tang Wei, Josh Brolin, Casey Affleck, Eva Marie Saint, Ben Foster, Omar Metwally and Julie Christie. Dial M for Murder with Charlize Theron. Here's the link to the article:
  14. 1.) The opening camera shot introduces us with the introduction of the tenants in apartments. They are Miss Lonelyhearts, the songwriter, Miss Torso, the husband and wife with their dog, sculptor neighbor with hearing aid and the newlywed couple. It is evident that one does not either know them personally but they are nicknamed so that the audience could know them. The camera then focuses on Jeff and it is through his apartment that we get to know his neighbors. 2.) It is through by camera panning that we come to know how Jeff had his leg injured. At first, we see the sight of his leg cast, then we see the broken camera, along with the photograph of race accident and other photos, a framed negative photograph of a model and finally a pack of fashion magazines with the original photograph from the negative. 3.) Well, I was more anxious to know about the hero's leg injury. Yes, by seeing the opposite neighbors doing their routine chores, I felt that I was prying a little bit in others' affairs. (Thanks to this daily dose)* 4.) I have to admit it that this is one of the best Hitchcock films. This film had its own share of closeup shots, Point-of-View shots and the Magnum Opus film set. Even, some of its scenes had elements of Silent Film Era.
  15. 1.) I felt that that main Hitchcock touches were the POV camera shots and most of all, The angry couple. When they reconcile their relationship in bed, it reminded me of the first scene from the iconic film Psycho with the iniimate actions of Janet Leigh and John Gavin. 2.) I don't think that the opening scene from this film have resemblance to any scenes from Hitchcock. It must be that this film is a screwball comedy with its main theme in marriage and relationships. Thus, it didn't require any dark settings or places with crowd. 3.) The film had an amazing cast along with the main star attractions Carole Lombard and Robert Montgomery. They were over-the-top and their onscreen performances were done with perfection. A great comedy to watch out for.

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