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  1. studiohistorian

    Fay Wray Dies at 96

    The AP, NY Times, and CNN are reporting that she passed on Sunday in New York at the age of 96.
  2. studiohistorian

    Who owns the films?

    I have a question here for the insiders and pros of TCM. Who owns the MGM titles on Turner? I thought Turner owned them all but on the investor call this morning for MGM they said that Turner leases the titles and the lease is up at the end of 2005. Is this true and if so when the lease is up what will happen?
  3. studiohistorian

    ages of everyone on the board

    I am 24 and I have been a classic movie fan for 5 years now. I live in Dallas but for the past few years I have worked in Hollywood. I consider myself a historian of Motion Picture Studios in america.
  4. studiohistorian

    Golden Era Top Beauties.

    Norma Shearer

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