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  1. "The Birds"

    The secret was Hitchcock's mastery of creating 'edge of your seat' anticipation. As a result, the suspense increased exponentially. Not only that, the payoff was equally jarring. Masterpiece.
  2. Top favorite Westerns

    Shane and High Noon Curious, what does your favorite western say about you? I'm thinking that I like my cowboys strong and silent? That's all I can think...
  3. "The Birds"

    STILL the scariest movie I've EVER seen. Just reading these posts have given me the chills!
  4. Meet Me In St Louis

    Unfortunately, I don't know. But, I just think that it's fantastic that you pointed her out; that she caught your eye. Very cool.
  5. Julie Andrews, Star! Her Own Biopic.

  6. "Six by Sondheim" on HBO

    YES! This is a must watch. Especially if you're a Sondheim fan. Steven Sondheim's love for what he does is infectious and his eagerness to teach and give back is heartwarming. I thought that this piece was beautifully put together.
  7. West Side Story really has it all. Such an incredible film. The music and lyrics are simply poetic, period. For anyone interested, check out my more detailed review here:
  8. Romantic Comedies

    Together for the first time - ClarkGable & ClaudetteColbert! Please check out my review for It Happened One Night (1934) The Original Screwball Rom-Com Comment, share, & subscribe!

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