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  1. batongal

    Disabilities on Film

    Tom Cruise playing a paraplegic in Born on the Fourth of July. Willem DaFoe also plays one.
  2. batongal

    Classic film senior quote ideas

    I say keep it simple, "Made it Ma! Top of the world!" - Jimmy Cagney - White Heat
  3. Wow he looks just like Grandad! Yes it was believed Sean and a female co-worker were on motorbikes and captured by the Viet Cong. They think they were both held captive for a year and possibly killed by the Khmer Rouge. No one knows for sure really sad.
  4. Dec. 2016 theater was showing From Here to Eternity on the big screen. It was myself and 8 other people all over the age of 70. ?
  5. batongal

    Amusement Parks

    Rye Playland in NY sets the back drop for the Tom Hanks film Big it's where he finds the mystical Zoltar machine.
  6. batongal

    Movies You Were Too Young to See But Saw

    I was 6 years old when my parents took me with them to see Patton. I was bored as hell but I remember being entertained by all of the cursing George C. Scott did. Which was rather tame by today's standards lots of bastards and son of a ****es. ?
  7. batongal

    What is Cult?

    Achieved cult status, Tommy Wiseau's The Room. An absolute bomb.
  8. My faves: Dimitri Tiomkin for Red River, the Guns of Navarrone and theme from I Confess John Williams for Shindler's List, Harry Potter and without question Suo Gan from Empire of the Sun.
  9. batongal

    Sinatra, Elvis OR Bing???

    I pick Sinatra all the way for singing and I guess acting. Eternity is one of my top favorite films but I have to admit I still scratch my head over the winning of an Oscar. It must have been the actor he was supporting that made Frank look better than he actually was. ? My favorite songs are Fly me to the Moon and My Way.
  10. batongal

    Classics you can watch over and over

    Don't be afraid lol. Their are plenty comedic moments within the movie. It portrays real life how one minute everything is great and next boom! gotcha sucker. It doesn't get real sad till close to the end and that caught me off guard. Don't like how they ended the movie though all tied up in a pretty Hollywood bow.
  11. batongal

    Finally! I Have Seen All Of Cary Grant's Films

    The first time I saw it I was shocked that it went in a totally different direction. I completely bawled my eyes out and was more shocked at how that scene got me. Maybe it was the little girl how precious she is in the angel scene, reminding me of my own kids and how much you hurt when they hurt. Watching Grant and Dunne sit their with ridiculous pride on their faces over the littlest things a child does, so true and convincing. I have to sit down and watch every time it's on.
  12. batongal

    Finally! I Have Seen All Of Cary Grant's Films

    Penny Serenade when he's pleading his custody case to the judge ?? that is some grade A acting. Became a fan after that.
  13. batongal

    Classics you can watch over and over

    My rewatches: A Tree Grows in Bklyn Penny Serenade Razor's Edge From Here to Eternity Lifeboat It happened one Night Streetcar Named Desire Sunset Blvd. Stagecoach The best Yrs of our Lives

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