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  1. Juanaquena

    31 Days of Oscar 2017: A to Z

    Yesterday, while looking at the TCM schedule for films to be aired later this month, I noticed a 2nd film title for the 31 Days of Oscar 2017: A to Z which is out of place in the alphabetical listing: "I Vitelloni" (tranlation of the Italian title: "The Layabouts" - today we would probably say "The Slackers" - a slang meaning of the phrase which refers to fattened veal calves.) "I" is "the" in Italian. That means, for proper alphabetical listing, "I", the initial article in the title, is to be ignored for the purposes of alphabetizing. The film should have been alphabetized as "V." Unfortunately, whomever was in charge of placing the films to be shown in alphabetical order by title, plus whomever was in charge of proofreading the list were not familiar regarding Italian and how the title translated to Englsih.
  2. Juanaquena

    31 Days of Oscar 2017: A to Z

    At least with the 31 Days of Oscar 2017: A to Z organization, those titles beginning with an article (a, an, the - referred to as "an initial article" by those who study and know grammar and/or filing rules) have been alphabetically organized by ignoring the initial article. Unfortunately, one of the film tiltes with an initial article has been misplaced in the order: "La Ronde." It is a French film and "la" translates as "the" . . . translation of the title: "the circle" or "the round-about", meaning a dance called "a round," wherein the dancers move in a circle from partner to partner. The film "La Ronde" should have been placed in alphabetical order with those film titles beginning with "R."
  3. Juanaquena

    Robert Benchley Short - Aired 16 Nov 2016

    Thank you for finding the Robert Benchley 3-DVD set, Robert Benchley Shorts, through TCM Shop. Since I don't want to wait until after Christmas, I found a new (never opened) set for sale on eBay and ordered that. Again, thank you so much for your excellent help. Juanaquena
  4. Juanaquena

    Robert Benchley Short - Aired 16 Nov 2016

    Forgot to add that I did not find the 3-DVD set of "The Robert Benchley Minatures" through TCM Shop. Maybe it is for sale through TCM Shop and I just didn't enter the search properly.
  5. Juanaquena

    Robert Benchley Short - Aired 16 Nov 2016

    By the way, I see that the Robert Benchley film short, "No News Is Good News" (MGM, 1943) is included in the 3-disc DVD entitled "The Robert Benchley Minatures Collection" (Warner Home Video, 2009.) This is the link to the library holding information on WorldCat.org, a worldwide database of library holdings, in case anyone wishes to borrow a copy of the DVD through his/her library (InterLibrary Loan if one's local library / library system does not hold it.): http://www.worldcat.org/title/robert-benchley-miniatures-collection/oclc/570704840&referer=brief_results I also find copies for sale on eBay and Amazon. My thanks, again, to JLewis for determining the Robert Benchley short about which I was curious.
  6. Juanaquena

    Robert Benchley Short - Aired 16 Nov 2016

    Thank you, JLewis! It is "No News Is Good News." The map in the JPEG image with Robert B. standing in front IS the part I saw right before "Whistling in Brooklyn." I JUST KNEW someone on this message board will find it.
  7. Juanaquena

    Robert Benchley Short - Aired 16 Nov 2016

    Hello, JLewis - I only saw the last few minutes of the film. Robert Benchley had an outline map of Europe on the wall behind him. However, instead of the names of the European countries on the roll-up map, there funny and incorrect geographical features printed on the map: Old Man River is the feature I recall off hand. I have no idea how the film short started. I don't recall seeing a Benchley film short with the "European: map. If you or someone else can determine the title, that would be great. I love Robert Benchley.
  8. Would anyone tell me the title of the Robert Benchley short which aired 16 Nov 2016 right before "Whistling in Brooklyn?" TIA

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