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  1. jinsinna13


    Douglas Fairbanks Jr. He made a lot of movies in the silent era (during his kid star days), the 30's, and early 40's. Plus, he's well liked.
  2. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    James Van Der Beek on Dawson's Creek
  3. jinsinna13

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Happy Birthday, Josh Charles!
  4. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    Happy Birthday, Josh Charles!
  5. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    Troy Donahue was a beautiful man. I preferred him over Tab Hunter any day.
  6. jinsinna13

    Which stars deserve a primetime spotlight?

    I'm glad you mentioned Dick Van Dyke. I'm a fan of his as well. Speaking of Disney stars, I'd like to add James MacArthur. He may be more known for TV nowadays, but his most memorable films (Swiss Family Robinson, Kidnapped, etc) were Disney films.
  7. jinsinna13

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Matt Dillon's mysteriousness adds to his beauty
  8. jinsinna13

    Which stars deserve a primetime spotlight?

    TopBilled, this is a good list so far. Some of these people, like Peter Lawford and Guy Madison, do not get enough attention. I'd like to add: Roy Scheider Donald O'Connor Dorothy Lamour Annette Funicello Hope Lange Troy Donahue James Darren Robert Vaughn (It's been a few years) Ralph Macchio (All three Karate Kid films and The Outsiders could make up a whole night alone)
  9. jinsinna13

    Which stars deserve a primetime spotlight?

    I'm a huge fan of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Like Robert Young, he's one of those stars TCM likes to ignore. The "popular kids" of TCM should be pushed aside once in awhile. If they decide to do a primetime spotlight for him, they should start with a silent from his kid star days (A Woman of Affairs) and end with his most popular films (Gunga Din).
  10. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    Jason Priestley is back on BH90210. The line where Jason says "Well, this is weird. Come on, we're all thinking it." makes me wish the "Jason" character ended up with now deceased "Luke" character in the alternative universe. I can't be the only one who wished they ended up together.
  11. jinsinna13

    Quality movies that you don't want to see again

    Add Old Yeller to the list. I watched it once when I was a kid and cried at the end when Tommy Kirk had to shoot the dog. I haven't watched it again since. There was a Friends episode called The One Where Old Yeller Dies. Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe never knew the ending of Old Yeller because her mother would turn it off before it actually ended. Phoebe was in for a rude awakening when she watched it with her friends.
  12. jinsinna13

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    I know! Of all the members of the Brat Pack - Rob, Andrew, Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, and Anthony Michael Hall - Lowe and McCarthy would've been the cutest couple. I recently read Melissa Gilbert's memoir. Melissa dated Rob during the Brat Pack heyday, and she wrote Rob cheated on her a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if Rob and Andrew had a little fling.
  13. jinsinna13

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Andrew McCarthy's first movie was Class where he sleeps with Jacqueline Bisset (the girl in Bullitt). But something tells me his real soulmate was Rob Lowe. They made such a cute couple. 😍
  14. jinsinna13

    Male Beauty In The Movies

    Andrew McCarthy has a sweet smile 😊
  15. jinsinna13

    Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Sleepless in Seattle (1993) A lesbian widower (Kim Basinger) calls into a radio show on Christmas Eve wishing for a new wife (Meg Ryan).

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