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  1. TopBilled, I like SUTS as well. It's perfect for actors who will never be SOTM (Robert Vaughn, Roger Moore, Rod Taylor, etc) I also like the idea of group or double SUTS. I think I was the one who suggested in a SUTS thread last year (you'd have to look at the actual SUTS category, though) it could be it the cards. For example, The Marx Brothers could be a group SUTS one day. There's no way Chico, Harpo, or Zeppo (who I give a lot of credit for leaving show business before becoming a train wreck) would ever have a SUTS day on their own.
  2. I agree. Some of the lesser known films brought out for SUTS are hidden gems. (Like Sealed Cargo, a noir on a fishing boat, for Dana Andrews day last year.) SUTS is also perfect for actors (including character actors) who will never be SOTM (Robert Vaughn, Roger Moore, Rod Taylor, etc.)
  3. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    I agree. Richard has the perfect body for a runner, so he would've been convincing in the unmade Paul Newman version of "The Front Runner". Like I said, I only saw the ends of Waltons. I could be wrong, but there weren't any gay or bisexual characters on the show, although Richard's character and Eric Scott's character had a special bond. (I'm not gonna go there.) As for the actors, I read the grandpa was gay in real life.
  4. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    "How you doin'? (Sorry. Had to throw that Friends reference in.)
  5. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    I agree. Richard Thomas has played gay in the past. He played gay men in the PBS versions on Fifth of July (where his lover was Jeff Daniels) and Andre's Mother. I only saw the ends of Waltons because I was waiting for M*A*S*H to start on Hallmark. (This was several years ago.) They bored me, even though Richard Thomas had it all. Imagine if Richard got knocked up on the show and there would be a huge scandal on Walton's Mountain. That would've spiced up the show.
  6. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    How about Love at the Seashore?
  7. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    Richard Thomas has it all - the sparkling blue eyes, the bright smile, and the sweet voice! 😍
  8. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    Me! I still miss him. Here's a couple Hugh O'Brian shirtless pictures you haven't seen yet.: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0639385/mediaviewer/rm67976704 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0639385/mediaviewer/rm866848512
  9. jinsinna13

    Paul Newman as SOTM May 2019

    TopBilled, I agree with you. I'm a fan of Paul Newman, and there are some great Newman films on this list I haven't seen yet. I can't wait! This Newman tribute can be our fix until then:
  10. I don't think TV work should count against Ricardo, either. Plenty of stars who are more known for their TV work, like Robert Stack and Lucille Ball, also had a substantial film career. (Like you said, Ball has been SOTM in the past. Not sure about Stack, though.) TCM did a SOTM in the past of TV Stars Who Appeared in Movies. (I think it was in 2004, but my memory is a little hazy.) I wonder if Ricardo was part of that lineup.
  11. jinsinna13

    New Poll: Favorite Male Screen Star

    Richard Hatch spent his spare time writing Battlestar Galactica novels, and like Robert Vaughn, he was content with not being A-list. Dirk Benedict retired from acting a couple years ago. I'm a fan of John Ritter. I grew up watching Clifford The Big Red Dog, and his voice was so sweet. I still miss him.
  12. jinsinna13

    New Poll: Favorite Male Screen Star

    Robert Vaughn. In his case, though, he was content with not being A-list. We were still able to enjoy Vaughn in The Magnificent Seven and Bullitt. Richard Thomas was close for awhile, but the endless Walton related projects prevented him from ever making it.
  13. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    I just rewatched the It miniseries (which I mentioned in another post on this thread). It has household names in it like Harry Anderson, John Ritter, and Richard Thomas and former child stars like Jonathan Brandis (RIP) and Seth Green.
  14. jinsinna13

    Hot TV Guys

    Harry Anderson may not be handsome, but his charm and magic tricks won me over on Night Court. Also, if you read Night Court fanfiction, Harry either ends with with Christine (Markie Post) or Dan (John Larroquette)... if you know what I mean.
  15. jinsinna13

    Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Lethal Vows (1999) A middle aged doctor (John Ritter) poisons his first (Dennis Christopher) and second (Richard Thomas) husbands in order to marry a more attractive man (Dirk Benedict).

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