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  1. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Happy Birthday Robert Vaughn!
  2. Male Beauty In The Movies

    I've been watching reruns of Home Improvement on Hulu, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) is really something!
  3. Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Jonathan Brandis was a teen heartthrob in the 90's who was best known for his role on SeaQuest DSV. Less than ten years after the series was cancelled, Brandis killed himself. Like River Phoenix, he was a talented and beautiful child star who died too soon.
  4. Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    While we're on the subject of V, it was the final project of Dominique Dunne, who was murdered a year before the miniseries aired. Most of her footage was cut out, but she still appeared in long shots. Dunne was not credited.
  5. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Agent Cody Banks (2003) Cody Banks (Frankie Muniz) is a junior field agent who befriends and falls in love with a scientist's son (Drew Scott).
  6. I vote for JamesStewartFan95's schedule
  7. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Josh Charles in Dead Poets Society and today
  8. January 2018 Schedule is Up!

    I'm glad TCM is doing a Yul Brynner daytime spotlight. I'm a Yul fan, and some of those films look interesting to me. But I don't think a daytime spotlight with Yul is complete without his two best films - The King and I and The Magnificent Seven.
  9. January 2018 Schedule is Up!

    I like Jane Wyman and Fred MacMurray. However, I can see why they picked Charles Boyer. I can take or leave him, but he was probably chosen because of a lack of foreign film SOTMs. I knew they'd never choose Louis Jourdan or Danielle Darrieux, but if they wanted foreign SOTM, Boyer was the way to go. I'm disappointed Douglas Fairbanks Jr. is not SOTM yet. Hopefully soon, but with TCM, you never know.
  10. Male Beauty In The Movies

    Gregory Peck. I can't believe no one mentioned him yet. He was so beautiful.
  11. Anthony Perkins

    I didn't, but I've heard the movie was extremely cheesy. And not in a good way. When Tony rehearsed with Jane Fonda in her dressing room during filming, she took off all her clothes and sat suggestively powdering her body while Tony hid his face in panic behind his script. Once she discovered Tony was gay, she stopped trying to seduce him. This story was either confirmed by Jane Fonda herself or Tab Hunter.
  12. Anthony Perkins

    Is your friend by any chance Grover Dale? According to most sources, Grover Dale was the man Tony dated before getting married. Like Tony, I have always been a fan of Dean Jones. I call him the King of Disney Movies because he made so many Disney movies. He also made Beethoven and Other People's Money, but the Disney movies he made are the ones we fondly remember today. Dean did leave Company after a few weeks due to family problems, but they made him stronger at the end. And that I give him credit for.
  13. Anthony Perkins

    I knew Richard Beymer was dubbed, but I didn't know Jimmy Bryant dubbed him. I looked him up, and he is apparently best known for dubbing Beymer. I read Tab Hunter was rejected because he was too old. (He was around 30 at the time.) Tony was seriously considered because he wanted to play a character that was not like Norman Bates. Russ Tamblyn (who eventually got the part of Riff), Warren Beatty (who was dating Natalie Wood and was a friend of Tab's at the time), Burt Reynolds, Bobby Darin, and Troy Donahue also auditioned for the role. Needless to say, West Side Story would've been very different if Tony, Tab, or one of the other actors I listed above, played the role.
  14. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Desire Under The Elms (1958) A farmer's (Burl Ives) new husband (James MacArthur) has a forbidden romance with the farmer's son (Anthony Perkins).
  15. Anthony Perkins

    I did not know there was a TV version of Fear Strikes Out. I'm gonna have to check it out sometime. I looked up Jimmy Piersall on Google, and Tony looks the part, so I can see why he got it. Tony can also pull it off better. Tab, on the other hand, is a very bland actor, and I mainly know him as Tony's ex. Did you know Tony and Tab both auditioned for the role of Tony in West Side Story? They were both passed over in favor of Richard Beymer.

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