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  1. William Holden as SOTM April 2018

    TopBilled, thank you for this wonderful William Holden SOTM schedule. Holden is well deserved. (Those birthdays on one of my other posts were in the unlikely event he wasn't selected, but we can always refer back to it in May and June.) I'm waiting for my invitation from him.
  2. Life Imitates Art

    Montgomery Clift - Clift played tortured characters and was tortured himself. He was never the same after his car accident at Elizabeth Taylor's house. Marilyn Monroe once said he was the only one who was in worse shape than she was, and she was right. George Raft - Raft played tough guy gangsters and was even tougher to deal with in real life. Raft was very difficult to work with and was constantly suspended by Paramount for not doing the films they wanted him to do. Paramount eventually got fed up and released him from his contract early. My Worst Actor/Actress Collapses thread might help you (and whoever else responds to this thread). You'll find it here:
  3. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Lady Bird (2017) Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) is lesbian high school student who has romances with both Danielle (Selena Gomez) and Kayla (Joy-Anna Forsyth) during her senior year of high school.
  4. Articles and obituaries

    John Gavin Obituary From February 9th John Gavin, the movie heartthrob who starred in Imitation of Life, Psycho and Thoroughly Modern Millie, has died, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. He was 86. Gavin, who served as President Ronald Reagan's ambassador to Mexico in the 1980s, died Friday morning, said Budd Burton Mossa, a rep for the actor's wife, actress Constance Towers. They married in 1974. Hailed as a second coming of Rock Hudson at Universal Pictures, Gavin played Lana Turner's love interest in Douglas Sirk's remake of Imitation of Life (1959); portrayed Sam Loomis, who as Janet Leigh's boyfriend helps solves the mystery of Norman Bates, in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960); and was the object of Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore's affections in George Roy Hill's Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967). The strapping 6-foot-4 Gavin also starred on two short-lived series in 1964 and '65: as the framed lawman on the ABC Western Destry and as a freighter captain on NBC's Convoy. In May 1981, Gavin — who spoke fluent Spanish and had been appearing in commercials South of the Border for Bacardi rum — quit a Broadway-bound revival of Can-Can to accept President Ronald Reagan's invitation to serve as Ambassador to Mexico. According to a 1983 article in People magazine, he presided over what was then America’s third-largest embassy, with 1,181 employees. He resigned from the post in June 1986. Gavin's film credits also included A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958); A Breath of Scandal (1960); Back Street (1961); Tammy Tell Me True (1961), with Sandra Dee; The Madwoman of Chaillot (1969); and Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (1970).
  5. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Puzzle of a Downfall Child (1970) Louis Jeffrey Sands (James Darren) is a former model whose story is being filmed for a documentary. The topics include Louis' homosexuality, Louis leaving his ex-fiance, Mark (Roy Scheider), at the altar on their wedding day, his suicide attempt, and his second career as a musician.
  6. Handsome men who did not become movie stars

    Jonathan Brandis Tribute
  7. Star of the Month

    TopBilled, great list. I'm adding Donald O'Connor and Robert Vaughn to the list. Vaughn never got any sort of tribute after he passed away. (I was hoping for a SUTS tribute last year after the Oscars screwed up royally, but no such luck.) Donald O'Connor would be impossible to pass up with this amount of energy.
  8. Worst Film Of Classic Stars

    I haven't seen The Color of Money, but I can understand why the Academy gave him the Oscar.
  9. Worst Film Of Classic Stars

    Joseph Cotten - I'll Be Seeing You The movie was so ridiculous that there was no way they would keep their secrets for very long. I love Joseph Cotten, and he deserved so much better than this mess.
  10. Worst Film Of Classic Stars

    I actually thought the worst Paul Newman film I've seen was The Hustler. Even though I enjoyed his performance (and he's one I think is good no matter what movie you stick him in), the movie itself WAS. A. BORE. (Again, this is only going by what I've seen.)
  11. MIA Actors and Actresses

    This one isn't from Classic Hollywood, but it's a tragedy along the lines of Maggie McNamara. Jonathan Brandis was a teenage heartthrob who was best known for his role on SeaQuest DSV. After the series was cancelled, the roles were few and far between, and he suffered from depression. Brandis committed suicide on November 12th, 2003.
  12. Robert Mitchum Paul Newman Jack Lemmon Humphrey Bogart Lauren Bacall Ava Gardner Gregory Peck
  13. Farley Granger. No surprise here. Anyone who knows me knows Farley is #1 on my Who Cares/Strongly Dislike list. His voice is extremely annoying, and it gets on my nerves after awhile. He's basically the male version of Kristen Stewart; both were former teen stars who got juicy adult roles based on luck and not on talent.
  14. Classic Films with a Gay Twist

    Like Crazy (2011) Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Marcus (Armie Hammer) attend college together in California and fall madly in love. Their love is tested when Marcus's father informs Marcus the whole family is moving to Mississippi due to his job.
  15. William Holden as SOTM April 2018

    In the event Holden isn't selected, here are some possible SOTM candidates with their birthdays in April. I'm also adding May and June birthdays so we can refer back to this in the months ahead. April: Alec Guinness, Marlon Brando, Spencer Tracy, Melvyn Douglas, Bette Davis, Gregory Peck, James Garner, John Gavin, Sonja Henie, Chuck Connors, Howard Keel, Peter Ustinov, Hugh O'Brian, Dudley Moore, Nina Foch, Anthony Quinn, Jack Klugman, Eve Arden, Bradford Dillman May: Glenn Ford, Bing Crosby, Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Anne Baxter, Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Albert Finney, Katharine Hepburn, James Mason, Henry Fonda, Robert Montgomery, Laurence Olivier, Herbert Marshall, John Payne June: Paulette Goddard, Tony Curtis, Dean Martin, Robert Preston, Alexis Smith, Gene Wilder, Basil Rathbone, Dorothy McGuire, Errol Flynn, Martin Landau, Jane Russell, Glenda Farrell, Susan Hayward
  16. William Holden as SOTM April 2018

    Great point, James. If Holden is selected, people also won't complain he is repeated too often. I'm waiting for my invitation from him.
  17. William Holden as SOTM April 2018

    I hope so. Holden will either be SOTM or have his own 24 hour 100th birthday tribute. TopBilled,who do you think will be picked in the event neither are selected? There must be other stars with April birthdays out there. Alec Guinness comes to mind.
  18. Robert Mitchum

    Me too. My favorite Mitchum movies are Out of the Past and Crossfire. I watched Holiday Affair for the first time over the holidays and enjoyed it. The role seemed like it was more appropriate for someone like Dick Powell on paper, but Mitchum pulled it off in his own special way. Deana Martin (Dean Martin's daughter) wrote a book several years ago, and one of the experiences she wrote about was co-starring in Young Billy Young with Mitchum. Martin wrote Mitchum used pot bookmarks to save his place in his script.
  19. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    Beasts of the Southern Wild was horrible. Moneyball was a snooze-fest. Les Miserables and Titanic were too long. I like The Sound of Music, Oliver!, Miracle on 34th Street, Gigi, Beauty and the Beast, and Dead Poets Society. The rest I either haven't seen or don't remember seeing.
  20. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    I'll Be Seeing You. TCM played this during a Christmas Day movie marathon a few years ago. Miracle on 34th Street just ended on another channel, so my dad flipped over to TCM, and we watched it. It was so ridiculous, and there was no way any of their secrets would've stayed hidden for very long. I love Joseph Cotten, and he deserved so much better than this mess.
  21. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    I agree with you about Big Daddy. It was painful to watch, and I will never watch it again. Grownups 2 was horrible as well. It had no plot whatsoever and went from one scene to the next. They play hooky, drive a bus, go to K-Mart...you get the idea.
  22. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    My mistake. My post above has been fixed. Even though I own Stand By Me on DVD, I'd still welcome its return.
  23. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    Running on Empty and Stand By Me. (I own the latter on DVD.) Stand By Me has rarely been shown on TCM while Running on Empty only resurfaces during 31 Days of Oscar. I'm a huge fan of River Phoenix, and these two are among my favorites of his.
  24. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    MGM still currently owns the Bond films, but Sony, Warner Bros, Annapurna, Fox and Universal all want the rights to them. (I got this information from Deadline, but please correct me if I'm wrong.) I guess this studio war is the reason why the Bond films can't be shown on TCM. That's too bad because they would've been great for a Roger Moore tribute had he received one.
  25. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    Yes, please! Roger Moore is my favorite Bond, and I've seen Live and Let Die, The Man With the Golden Gun, and Octopussy. I have yet to see The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only.

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