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  1. ClassiCategories

    I agree on "Road to Wellville" would like to see it again. Thanks for that. This thread is great for discovering movies or rediscovering them. That's what I love about it, TopBilled. You said it in a previous post and I agree. Doing the research then reading others' posts really brings back some good movies to my mind and reminds me to watch them again or it encourages me to watch movies I've never heard of...thanks.
  2. ClassiCategories

    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967) The Bad Sleep Well (1960) one of Kurosawa's best and a personal favorite Working Girl (1988) "I've got a head for business and a bod for sin." Roger and Me (doc by Michael Moore 1989) Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) great Jack Lemmon performance Trading Places (1983) Wall Street (1987) The Insider (1999) Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (1995) Salesman (1969) classic doc by the Maysles Brothers
  3. ClassiCategories

    Las Abandonadas (1945) Mexican film dramatizing the plight of an unwed mother in TOC Mexico. Directed by Emilio Fernandez
  4. ClassiCategories

    "How Green Was My Valley" 1941 "I Remember Mama" 1948 "The Corn is Green" 1945
  5. Noir Alley

    "Night and the City" (1950) I watched it for the first time, if you can believe this of a Noir fan, but it is true. I was amazed. It had everything: black-and-white stark, rich cinematography; incredible script; great performances both large and small; and characters from Mike Mazurski to midgets to scamming beggars dressed for optimum effect with fake limbs and dark glasses pretending to be blind--all run by a Fagin-like James Hayter playing Figler, King of the Beggars; Herbert Lom as a particularly nasty wrestling promoter; and finally, Richard Widmark. Widmark's manic, sweaty performance is one I had seen featured in montages about film noir, but I never realized how great he is in this film. His blond hair flops and flips as he goes through highs and lows in his career as a small-time con man hoping to hit it rich with his next scheme that's just around the corner; only to end ignominiously dumped in the Thames (I assume, coz it's London). As for characters, there was Googie Withers as the deceptive Helen, Francis L. Sullivan as the overweight and overwrought Phil Nosseros, Ada Reeve as Molly the Flower Lady, who ends up scoring the biggest pay-off in the whole desperate gang. I loved the jangly, jarring soundtrack by Franz Waxman and the POV direction focused on Widmark's Harry Fabian character by Jules Dassin. And Eddie M. gave great intro and outro on the ins and outs of getting this movie made from 1938 when the book rights were sold to someone else and failed scripts were written to Darryl F. Zanuck digging up director Jules Dassin in Europe after he was hounded by HUAC to its filming in London (because of studio financial benefit) to finally being released in 1950. It don't like stars or ratings, but I have to say this is a film noir that defines the genre for me. (It's too bad Gene Tierney didn't have much of role and that her character was changed from a prostitute to a nightclub singer. I would have liked to see her in the former role with more screen time.)
  6. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Dangerous Liaisons--I love her advice about men as Madame de Rosemonde
  7. ann wedgeworth dies

    Yes, I remember her from soaps too. She was in "One Life to Live," "Another World" and "The Edge of Night." My grandma and I used to love that breathy voice and crazy antics of hers.
  8. Movie Stars AKA

    Edward G. Robinson Next: Claire Wemlinger
  9. Supporting Ladies only please

    Renie Riano was in "The Time of Your Life" with Grazia Narciso.
  10. ann wedgeworth dies Ann Wedgeworth, who played Sissy Spacek's mother in "Hard Promises" and played Frenchy in "Scarecrow" with Gene Hackman and Al Pacino (remember the fried chicken scene?) has died. She was 83. She was also an accomplished stage actress and won a Tony for Neil Simon's Chapter Two (altho she was not in the film). She had a husky voice and a Southern accent and a pile of dark hair that was usually teased up on top and flowed down her back. The link is to her obit in the Hollywood Reporter.
  11. *A to Z of Movies*

  12. *A to Z of Movies*

    The King of Comedy

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