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  1. Hedy La Rue

    Help with film title

    Thank you so much! That's the movie! I'm so very grateful for your reply! Cheers!!
  2. Hedy La Rue

    Help with film title

    Hello there! I need help remembering the name of a movie I watched on TCM the week of June 11th. It was a black and white film, later 30s to mid 40s, set in England. There was a male character who arrived at a rich woman's house and ended up killing her. The subplot was there were people dying in the town, which he was responsible for. The elderly woman was in a wheel chair, but could walk. The main actor in the final act, cut telephone lines. He also flirted with the elderly woman's granddaughter. At the end of the film, he smothers her with a pillow. The lead actor had an Irish accent, and I know he went on to be a well-known actor. He had brown/black hair. I'm trying to remember this film so I can gift it to my noir-loving sister. I had it written down, but alas, I can't find the paper. Argh. Many thanks!

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