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  1. Silver Streak (1976)

    That's a hilarious post! Thank you for sharing!
  2. Autograph's You Have or Want

    When I was about 16 I got John Williams' autograph!
  3. Silver Streak (1976)

    I finally watched this movie in its entirety on Netflix. I had seen parts of it over the years on TV, but never the entire thing. I loved it. It had a perfect balance of comedy and thriller. What are your thoughts on Silver Streak?
  4. Indiana Jones

    Is it bad that the only one I will rewatch again and again is Raiders of the Lost Ark? I have seen all the rest once, and it was enough for me. I just feel it had everything and the sequels could never top it.
  5. Tex and the Lord of the Deep (1985)

    I found a "great" movie today on Amazon Prime for fans of cheesy movies. It is a Spaghetti Western complete with cowboys, Indians, horses, and shootouts mixed with a horror/fantasy element of evil people living in a volcano! Check it out!
  6. Film You Tried to Watch but Couldn't Get Into It?

    It is quite long. But I thought that they did quite a good job despite all the production problems.
  7. Film You Tried to Watch but Couldn't Get Into It?

    I love everything David Lean did, but I am totally exhausted at the end of Lawrence of Arabia.
  8. Film You Tried to Watch but Couldn't Get Into It?

    Days of Heaven! Oh my gosh. That's 2-3 hours of my life I can never get back. I had read so much about the cinematography that I just had to see it and oh my goodness was I disappointed
  9. Film You Tried to Watch but Couldn't Get Into It?

    I can see why you would say that. Without the breathtaking score, I'm not sure if I could watch the film.
  10. Film You Tried to Watch but Couldn't Get Into It?

    I agree. After hearing so much about it, I just had to see it and at the end I felt like "that was it??"
  11. Film You Tried to Watch but Couldn't Get Into It?

    I completely agree and since I never read the books, I kept getting character and place names confused so I had no idea who was going where
  12. The Third Man (1949)

    What I wonder too is how much the casting of Welles and Cotten together was an attempt to recreate what chemistry they had in Citizen Kane?
  13. best romantic comedy ever?

    A lot of great titles here. One I enjoy that I have not seen listed is Blake Edwards' 10 (1979). A lot of people only remember it for Bo Derek running in slow motion on the beach, but overall the movie has a lot of depth. Just look at the 3 minute scene of Dudley Moore playing a Henry Mancini piano piece in one long take... gets me every time...
  14. The Third Man (1949)

    You are right. The only thing we know about the friendship between Lime and Cotten's character is what Cotten tells us. But perhaps, the point is that everything that Cotten's character believed about Lime is only from his perspective and not reality.

    I have seen the 1956, 1970s, and 2006 versions. I enjoyed the first two. The final one, I watched less than a year ago and cannot remember it at all.

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