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    Enjoys tending plants, terrifying small children, and smoking around asthma patients. In his spare time, he is building a garage-size replica of 'The Bridge on the River Kwai' using popsicle sticks.
  1. I loved "The Parent Trap" as a child, especially the strange ranch/hacienda owned by Brian Keith's character. As a boy, I remember being very disappointed to learn the home didn't exist as an actual location and was built on a sound stage. Definitely great set design. (In later years, I stumbled across several interesting blog posts on the subject with screenshots. Apparently other people are fascinated by that "dream" house too.)
  2. flask

    DINNER AT EIGHT (1932)

    I watched this film recently. Quite delightful. The suicide of Larry (Barrymore) was unexpectedly poignant, and one can't help but feel pity for Barrymore himself given his own later fate. The old Vaudeville Queen (Dressler) advising Paula (Madge Evans) to conceal her sexual adventures from a doting fiancé was a deliciously Pre-Code moment. And, of course, Billie Burke was her usual "acting-is-dancing" fairy-like self. I loved every minute of it. On a side note: It was very interesting to see Marie Dressler act in a film with Lionel Barrymore and John Barrymore. According to a November 10, 1933, article in The New York Times, "it was Maurice Barrymore, father of Ethel, John and Lionel, who was responsible for changing [Dressler] into a comic. He saw [Dressler's] laugh-making qualities which others had missed," and Dressler ascribed her later success to him. At the time Dinner at Eight was made, Dressler was "one of the highest-salaried stars in pictures," a far-cry from her impoverished chorus-girl days.

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