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    What happened to Lolita?

    Thanks jamesjazzguitar. Now that I think of it, I had a phone call and missed the beginning of the movie. My grip on reality has been restored.
  2. BetteDavisFan

    What happened to Lolita?

    What happened to Lolita shown 2/15/17? I was watching attentively (I think). Humbert (James Mason) had just entered the house where he was sure he would find Clare Quilty (Peter Sellers). Humbert called out Quilty's name twice...AND SUDDENLY there was text on the screen over the bullet-riddled oil painting of a woman, revealing that Humbert was convicted of Quilty's murder and died in prison...THE END. I remember an entire scene of the confrontation and killing. Did TCM cut it or did I fall asleep for 21/2 minutes?

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