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  1. pullgees

    Will Penny question

    The father/preacher had a woman with him as well as his sons. What happened to her at the end? In the version I saw there was only a couple a shots of her and she never spoke. In the final show down she's seen very briefly bending over one of the shot family but nothing else. I just wondered if I had the misfortune to watch a TV edited version.
  2. pullgees

    Looking for title

    But only one involving a comb which was an obvious reflection of Fifties youth where teens carried combs, to keep their hair just right at regular intervals.
  3. pullgees

    Looking for title

    Cowboys outside a saloon being provocative. One has a comb and is springing the teeth making a sort of twanging sound. Fifties or early Sixties in colour. Sorry that's all I remember.

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