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  1. TCM has been showing a lot of supporting performance nominations since last week. So I thought of one of my favorite years for this category where I saw all of the nominations. Choose who you would have voted for with your reason why. THE NOMINATIONS George Chakiris in West Side Story* Montgomery Clift in Judgment At Nuremburg Peter Falk in Pocketful Of Miracles Jackie Gleason in The Hustler George C Scott in The Hustler *=actual winner I would have voted for Clift. He was heart breaking as the Jew who is sterilized by the Nazis. In a huge cast of stars, he was still the one I would be thinking of after the film is over.
  2. PILLOW TALK - the horror, the horror!

    "Pillow Talk" is one of my top ten comedies of all time. Rock Hudson gives his best comedic performance and Doris Day looks great and was one of the best actresses for comedy and giving a bit a of anger in her performance (it was hilarious when she was mad!) Tony Randall was hysterically funny as Hudson's neurotic pal. The sets and color were sumptuous and Doris has great singing scene at the piano with Roly Poly. I am hoping you are joking about that commentary track, I have no faith in young film students if that is true. They need to get a sense of humor and stop being offended by 60 year old films.
  3. I LIKE them, but.....

    I have to totally disagree on this. To me Stanwyck was very sexy and sensuous. I was even hot for her when her hair went grey and she was on The Big Valley! One actor I would include is Glenn Ford, he was often very bland in some films but was excellent in "Blackboard Jungle" He couldn't really get away with playing criminal types, I thought he was miscast in "3:10 To Yuma", Robert Mitchum or Richard Widmark would have been a much better choice.
  4. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane (1962)

    Yes, I often thought Crawford would have been excellent in that role, it also would have given her a chance to give Bette Davis a slap, getting even for the slap she took from Bette in Baby Jane. de Havilland did a good job, but she first balked at the role, not wanting to play a villainess. Davis begged her to take it, so she could have a good friend on the set this time.
  5. I watched this again on TCM last night, though I have seen it countless times. It is one of my favorite films. Though the reason I love it is not one most people do. I don't watch it for the "camp" value or because of the famous behind the scenes feud of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. I love it for the twisted tale of madness and suspense. Tales of faded stardom and longing for old glory fascinates me. I find it disturbing and a little sad rather than funny, though I know many laugh hysterically at it. I also love Victor Buono's performance as much as Davis and Crawford (though both are fantastic), he was really a really under rated actor and I try to seek out as many of his performances I can (seek out his lead role in "The Strangler"). What do you think of this one?
  6. R.I.P. John Mahoney (1940-2018)

    A fine actor, I saw him on Broadway in 1991 for a revival of the play "The Subject Was Roses". His co stars were Dana Ivey and Patrick Dempsey. After the show the cast came out and answered questions from the audience. Mr Mahoney was very kind and personable when speaking to the audience. It was one of my favorite experiences at the theater.
  7. The End of "TV"

    I liked Tiffany, she was attractive and seemed to really like classic films. She seemed a bit awkward on camera but I was happy to see someone so young interested in these films. I found Ben Mankiewicz' s lame attempts at humor and snarky comments more annoying than anything Tiffany ever did.
  8. Your Choice For 1969 Best Song Oscar

    I liked the Butch Cassidy movie but not a big fan of Raindrops either. I groaned years later when it was ridiculously included in Spiderman 2.
  9. Remembering Helen Chandler on her birthday

    Yes, I think you are referring to the scene where Chandler (have been previously bitten by Dracula) is staring at Manners, looking both seductive and evil at the same time. A very fine piece of acting.
  10. We are now in 31 days of Oscar on TCM and yesterday spotlighted some Best Song winners and nominees. My favorite year for this category was 1969. Choose who you would have voted for with your reason why. THE NOMINEES Come Saturday Morning from The Sterile Cuckoo Jean from The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head from Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid* title song from True Grit What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life from The Happy Ending *=actual winner My choice is Come Saturday Morning, it has a wistful feel to it and sets the mood for what's to come. The song playing over the credits while Liza Minnelli is waiting for the bus is poignant. The lyrics talk of "going away with my friends" matches up with the going away to college theme of the film.
  11. Room 237 (2012)

    The Shining is a very good film and Kubrick's direction is brilliant. I thought Jack Nicholson's performance was WAY over the top and had me laughing at some parts but I still admire the film. I just saw this documentary and found some of it fun in the way it was dissected. However at times it was like being stuck in a room with a bunch of paranoid conspiracy buffs, so I cannot say this was a good film. Better off watching the The Making Of The Shining documentary included on the DVD to see the real meaning behind the scenes of the film.
  12. The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    The French Connection Next-waiting for a bus
  13. Worst Film Of Classic Stars

    This was bad, but enjoyably bad. I think Frogs was worse
  14. Worst Film Of Classic Stars

    Yes, i would definitely consider Veronica Lake to be a classic star, appearing in great films like Sullivan's Travels, This Gun For Hire and I Married A Witch. I have never seen Flesh Feast, maybe I should be grateful.
  15. Worst Film Of Classic Stars

    Here some big stars who ended up in really awful films, any others you can think of? Joan Crawford in Trog (1970) She was in so many great films from the 1930s to the early 1960s, but she ended her career with this ridiculous low budget film about a prehistoric creature. Abbott and Costello in Dance With Me Henry (1956) They were the top comedy team of the 1940s but this was their last film before splitting up for good. They were once fast talking and energetic, but now are old and tired. The film is a cloying story about orphans, there are no laughs and it is really embarrassing to watch. Dorothy Lamour in Creepshow 2 (1987) The gorgeous comic foil to Hope and Crosby appeared in this disgusting horror anthology, all the stories are badly written and acted. Lamour and co star George Kennedy try their best in one sequence about a wooden Indian coming to life. Lamour gets shot gunned to death in this. Vincent Price in Dead Heat (1988) He was in Laura and The Song Of Bernadette and became a star with great horror films from the 1950s to the 1970s. The 1980s saw a decline and this one is the worst. He only plays a small part but the film tries to be a horror comedy about a cop who returns from the dead, but it has no laughs or thrills.

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