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  1. Det Jim McLeod

    *A to Z of Movies*

    House That Dripped Blood, The
  2. Det Jim McLeod

    Name the comedy

    Trading Places Next-Clark Gable
  3. Det Jim McLeod

    Noir Alley

    I just caught the last half of "Talk About A Stranger" this morning. This was a nostalgic film for me because it is one that sticks in my mind from watching it on late night TV decades ago. It reminded me a lot of "The Window" with Bobby Driscoll. I guess I related to both films when I was a kid since both have a little boy as the protagonist. Kurt Kaszner is a great choice for the mysterious neighbor in "Stranger", his foreign accent and hermit like behavior are enough to cause suspicion for people of those times. He was most famous for playing the cowardly Fitzhugh on the TV series "Land Of The Giants", I thought the character was another version of Jonathan Harris' Dr Smith from "Lost In Space". I hope "Stranger" is put On Demand because I am curious to see Mueller's opening remarks.
  4. Det Jim McLeod

    Spotlight: Songs on Screen with Dave Karger and guest host Chris Issak

    Isaak was complimentary to Lulu for "To Sir With Love" but was derogatory to The Mindbenders, who I think were very good in this film. Their song "It's Getting Harder All The Time" is a great catchy 1960s pop song and serves as a touching and funny dance between Poitier and Judy Geeson. BTW, I own the soundtrack to this film and love all of it.
  5. Det Jim McLeod

    Your Choice For 1964 Best Actor Oscar

    It means the actual winner, sorry, I fixed it
  6. Det Jim McLeod

    A to Z of Characters

    Cutter, Sgt Archibald played by Cary Grant in Gunga Din
  7. Det Jim McLeod

    Name the comedy

    The General Next-Peter Lorre
  8. Det Jim McLeod

    Actress Sondra Locke (1944-2018)

    I don't like to speak for Lawrence, but it looks like Henry Hull from Werewolf Of London
  9. Det Jim McLeod

    Actress Sondra Locke (1944-2018)

    Sorry to hear that. I don't think she ever did anything better than her Oscar nominated debut in "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter". I only saw her in two other films, a disappointing small role in the 1971 cult classic "Willard" and Eastwood's worst Dirty Harry film "Sudden Impact".
  10. Det Jim McLeod

    Your Choice For 1964 Best Actor Oscar

    I agree with Scott on this one. I thought he overdid it, though I didn't know Kubrick encouraged that. I think "Dr Stranglove" is a pretty good film and I admire Seller's 3 performances in this one. Though I felt Sellers, Scott and Sterling Hayden all seemed to be acting in 3 different movies.
  11. Choose who you would have voted for with your reason why. THE NOMINEES Richard Burton in Becket Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady* Peter O'Toole in Becket Anthony Quinn in Zorba The Greek Peter Sellers in Dr Stranglelove Or I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb *=actual winner Nearly all British this year and a great group. I would have voted for Burton, it was a very subtle and moving performance. He had to tone it down since he was opposite a ranting and swaggering O'Toole as the king. My favorite scene was the poignant one where he prays for guidance before becoming Archbishop on the orders of the power hungry King Henry II.
  12. Det Jim McLeod

    Name 10 Facts about this Movie

    1. The Catholic Legion Of Decency condemned the film.
  13. Det Jim McLeod

    Supporting Ladies only please

    Andrea Martin was in SCTV with Catherine O'Hara
  14. Det Jim McLeod

    The first actor/actress that comes to mind..

    Alan Alda Next-a high squeaky voice
  15. Det Jim McLeod

    Name the comedy

    Big Business Next-Robert DeNiro

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