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  1. Det Jim McLeod

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Robert Armstrong was in Mighty Joe Young with Terry Moore
  2. Here is my top ten in chronological order 1 These Three (1936)a great version of Lillian Hellman's play The Children's Hour,although toned down,however Bonita Granville plays the nastiest schoolgirl in film history who destroys two teachers lives with her vicious lies. 2 Dead End (1937)another film version of a play,the set is great and there is a great sense of city life.Many stories going on at once,with the Dead End kids,a bunch of tenement kids who live right next door to some rich people in a brand new building. 3 The Westerner (1940)one of the most unusual westerns ever made.Gary Cooper is a drifter who walks into town where vicious judge Walter Brennan hangs anybody when he feels like it. There is a great scene in a theater toward the end. 4 The Little Foxes(1941)-again Wyler makes a great film version of a play.One of Bette Davis's best as a cold hearted head of a nasty southern family. Great scene of dying Herbert Marshall climbing the stairs in the background while Davis sits coldly waiting in the foreground. 5 The Heiress (1949)Oscar winner for Olivia DeHavilland as plain rich girl courted by fortune hunter Montgomery Clift. Great final scene of Clift pounding on the door. 6 Detective Story (1951)another play and one of my top ten films of all time. Set in a sweaty claustrophobic set,Kirk Douglas's greatest performance and best portrayal of police work on film. I really wish more people today would discover this one. 7 Roman Holiday (1953)one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made,Audrey Hepburn won a well deserved Oscar,the ending avoids cliche and is the reason why the film is not just very good but great. 8 The Desperate Hours (1955)Tense and suspenseful story of a gang of escaped cons holding a family hostage.Humphrey Bogart gives one of his last performances in one of his most despicable roles. 9 The Collector(1965)a great suspense film,not too well known today but deserves to be.Terence Stamp is a psycho who kidnaps student Samantha Eggar so she will fall in love with him.There is a very tense scene involving an overflowing bathtub. 10 Funny Girl (1968)Wyler finally did a musical and this is probably the last great one that has been made. Barbra Streisand's greatest performance,she hasn't done any thing as good as this since then.
  3. Det Jim McLeod

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    6. One of his best known roles was as the angry Juror #3 in Twelve Angry Men
  4. Det Jim McLeod

    Sports movies

  5. Det Jim McLeod

    100 Best Shot Films

    William C Mellor deserves a mention for Bad Day At Black Rock
  6. Det Jim McLeod

    Double Feature

    Long Ago Tomorrow A Clockwork Orange (Malcolm McDowell double bill)
  7. Det Jim McLeod

    Retro Trivia

    I recognize Paul Hartman as the older man, (I remember him as Emmett on Mayberry RFD) and Fay Wray as the woman standing, don't know the show or the boy.
  8. Det Jim McLeod

    Name a Celebrity - Name a Movie

    Robert Taylor was in Rogue Cop with Janet Leigh
  9. Det Jim McLeod

    A to Z of Characters

    Pretorious, Dr played by Ernest Thesiger in Bride Of Frankenstein
  10. Det Jim McLeod

    Name the Western

    Two Flags West Next-Jack Lord
  11. Det Jim McLeod

    Name 10 Facts About This Actor

    4. His first Oscar nomination was for On The Waterfront as mob boss Johnny Friendly
  12. Det Jim McLeod

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Gaucho, The (1928)
  13. I noticed the picture of Richard Harris from "The Field", but I don't see that on the schedule. It was an interesting film that is worth seeing, Harris got an Oscar nomination for it and John Hurt has a memorable supporting role.
  14. Det Jim McLeod

    I Just Watched...

    Indestructible Man (1956) Just finished watching this one on TCM. I had not seen it in many years. Lon Chaney Jr plays a armed robber railroaded into the gas chamber by his cohorts and his crooked lawyer. A scientist gets a hold of Chaney's dead body and brings him back to life with a few hundred thousand volts of electricity. He then goes on a vengeful murder spree. During this time, Chaney made many junk movies, many of which were boring, but this was at least entertaining junk. It is narrated in "Dragnet" style by a cop character on the case. There are some good on location shots of seedy Los Angeles and many closeups of Chaney's baggy, angry eyes. An added bonus were some actors that became more famous on TV, Robert Shayne (Inspector Henderson on "The Adventures Of Superman") plays the scientist and Joe Flynn (Binghamton on "McHale's Navy") is his assistant.
  15. Det Jim McLeod

    A to Z of Characters

    Cates, Jack played by Nick Nolte in 48 Hrs

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