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    "Best"/worst TV or movie detectives...

    I think was of the worst was creepy Ed Cornell in "I Wake Up Screaming" played by Laird Cregar. He stalked Carole Landis and tried to frame Victor Mature.
  2. Det Jim McLeod

    Best and Worst Fathers On Film

    Happy Father's Day. Who do you think are the best and worst fathers portrayed in films? Here's what I think: BEST Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird WORST John Huston as Noah Cross in Chinatown
  3. Det Jim McLeod

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    That Darn Cat Next-a scary neighbor
  4. Det Jim McLeod

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    What Can You Do With A General-from "White Christmas" (Leonard Maltin described this as Irving Berlin's least memorable tune) Next-sung by someone in prison
  5. Det Jim McLeod

    Noir Alley

    I just saw this for the first time. I was very impressed at the way we see the suburban life of bored family man Dick Powell (a surprisingly cynical view of post WWII America). Then it gets going with tough noir stuff with sultry model Lizabeth Scott and creepy private eye Raymond Burr. I was shocked at some the twists that happened in the story. Powell by this time had perfected his deadpan quips as the insurance man who gets in over his head. Burr has one of his best villain roles as the obsessed detective, very subtle but still menacing. I thought Noir Alley host Eddie Muller was a bit hard on Lizabeth Scott, saying she was not a good actress, though he does praise her in this film. I thought she was very good here and I thought she was good in "Scared Stiff" holding her own in scenes with the wacky comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
  6. Det Jim McLeod

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Spider Man (2002) Next-something gritty and realistic
  7. Det Jim McLeod

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    Tammy from Tammy and the Bachelor (Universal) Next-sung by a famous folk singer
  8. Det Jim McLeod

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    Brighton Rock Next- an unwelcome guest at a party
  9. Det Jim McLeod

    Previous experience... ;)

    Kyle MacLachlan played a outer space alien in the body of an FBI agent who acts rather strange in "The Hidden" (1988) a very good horror/sci fi film, worth seeking out. He would soon after become the very human but equally weird FBI agent Dale Cooper in "Twin Peaks".
  10. Det Jim McLeod

    Movies You Want to End Differently

    Halloween (1978) I wish after Michael Myers was shot dead, he STAYED dead, so we would have been spared those horrible sequels.
  11. Det Jim McLeod

    History of Blackface (Yellow Face, etc.) in Film.

    Battles Of Chief Pontiac (1952) and he played a Indian named Blackfish in Daniel Boone Trailblazer (1956)
  12. Det Jim McLeod

    The Roaring Twenties

    I love this film. Though I think their earlier teaming "Angels With Dirty Faces" was a better movie, they had better scenes together in this film. Cagney was tough but did have a heart, while Bogart was equally tough but no heart at all.
  13. Det Jim McLeod

    My Favorite Brunette print

    I didn't see it this time but I once had a horrible print of this on VHS. It really hurt my enjoyment of it, the picture was faded and the sound was off, hard to catch a lot of Hope's quips. But memorable for scenes like Peter Lorre's knife throwing and Hope telling Lon Chaney Jr that he will buy him a rabbit. Biggest laugh was Hope in the chandelier and finding a bottle of booze. "Oh Ray Milland's been here!"
  14. Det Jim McLeod

    History of Blackface (Yellow Face, etc.) in Film.

    I don't get offended by these things. It is hard to be offended just because people tell you SHOULD be when you're not. If something is funny I laugh at it, I don't analyze it. If I am intrigued by a story I am not thinking about the ethnic background of an actor. As far as blackface goes, I actually laughed at that Bob Hope/Mammy line when I read it, I would probably laugh if it saw it. In the Our Gang comedy "Anniversary Trouble" Spanky gets into blackface posing as Buckwheat, trying to escape the gang who is angry at him. It's a very funny scene, it's has a lot of childhood innocence and no malice to it. I am not bothered by yellowface in classic films either. Warner Oland and later Sidney Toler gave Charlie Chan great wisdom and dignity (he was always the smartest guy in the room.)Toler also gave his Chan a little sarcastic edge that Oland did not. Keye Luke, a real Asian actor (he played #1 son) had nothing but praise for Warner Oland's performance. I was also too engrossed in "The Good Earth" to worry about where Paul Muni and Luise Rainer were born. I recently saw Sylvia Sidney as a Japanese in "Madame Butterfly" and while I like the movie, her performance was a little uneven. In scenes with her parents she speaks perfect English but when she speaks to her new love Cary Grant, she reverts to "velly" instead of "very" type pidgin English.
  15. I just saw this for the first time on TCM, it was a hot night here in New York and I had trouble sleeping. I turned this on when it first starting at 12:30AM, thinking it would put me to sleep but I was drawn in and could not stop watching. Burt Lancaster plays middle aged suburban husband and father who decides to swim in each of his neighbor's pools while on his way home. Lancaster gives what may be his best ever performance, he carries the entire film, clad only in swim trunks throughout, though he even takes those off in a scene where he meets up with some elderly nudists. He has fascinating encounters with each of the people he meets, some are nice, some are cold, some are downright nasty. They are well played by mostly little known performers. Kim Hunter is probably the most famous, she had won an Oscar for "A Streetcar Named Desire" in 1951 and this was the same year she played Zira in "Planet Of The Apes", giving her career a shot in the arm. The director was Frank Perry, who did one of my favorites of all time "David And Lisa" another film about lost souls. The ending was powerful and haunting, this film stays with you long after it's done. Oh and I love Marvin Hamlisch's beautiful music score as well. What do you think of this one?
  16. Det Jim McLeod

    What is Cult?

    Roger Corman, who was responsible for cult classics like "A Bucket Of Blood" and "Little Shop Of Horrors", once said that the filmmakers do not make cult films, the audience does. I agree with that, if someone consciously tries to create a cult film, it fails. A recent example would be "Snakes On A Plane", it was released with great fanfare, but the only thing people recall about it is the title. One thing I believe a really great cult film needs is a low budget, no big stars (though former big stars are OK), supernatural or lurid subject matter and a little bit of humor, intentional or not.
  17. Det Jim McLeod

    The Final Girl Concept

    No, that version followed the same ending as the 1945 movie, Eaton in the final girl role. There was a 2015 BBC TV version of the story which does remain true to the book's ending. The story was needlessly padded to over 3 hours and had some bloody gore to it, but it was nice to see the original ending on film for once.
  18. Det Jim McLeod

    Clint Walker R.I.P. 1927-2018

    Clint Walker is in one of my favorite scenes in "The Dirty Dozen". Wise guy John Cassavetes is bullying the short guy in the group, the towering Walker comes over and says "You're pretty hard on the little guy, would you like to try that with me?" Cassavetes just nervously laughs and walks off.
  19. Det Jim McLeod

    The Final Girl Concept

    Very few Golden Age movies had "high body counts" so it's rare you see a bunch of murder victims and one survivor. I think "And Then There Were None" (1945) might quality, a bunch of people guilty of something get knocked off, but nice girl June Duprez survives. That's different from the ending of the book, however.
  20. Det Jim McLeod

    The "When was the last time a movie played on TCM?" thread

    How about "Your Cheatin' Heart" (1964), the Hank Wiliams bio pic with George Hamilton?
  21. I would like to see these. The sophisticated Thelma Todd paired with the street wise Patsy Kelly made for a great team. I own a VHS copy of the Laurel and Hardy's "Sons Of The Desert" and they have the Todd/Kelly short "Top Flat" tacked on to it. It's a hilarious comedy with Todd working as a maid in penthouse apartment and pretending it is hers, Kelly shows up at the place with a pair of boorish boyfriends and cause havoc. I hope the other shorts are as good as this one.
  22. All 72 of them. He is my favorite actor. Due to purchasing Cary Grant The Vault Collection DVD and checking on youtube, I have now seen every film he has done. These are the ones that were on the DVD that I hadn't seen before This Is The Night Woman Accused Kiss And Make Up Ladies Should Listen Enter Madam Wings In The Dark The Last Outpost Wedding Present These are two I was only able to find on youtube,Grant only has bit parts in them Sinners In The Sun Merrily We Go To Hell I thought these two are the best: Kiss and Make Up (1934) a still timely comedy about cosmetics and woman striving for youth and beauty. Grant is a plastic surgeon with huge clientele. Edward Everett Horton is a man who loses his wife to Grant after she gets a makeover. The wife is played by Genevieve Tobin, a Joan Blondell look a like. Grant also has a secretary who is also in love with him, she is played by dark haired Helen Mack, a good actress with a quirky kind of beauty. Her most famous part was probably in the inferior "King Kong" sequel, "Son Of Kong". There are some good laughs in this one and Grant even gets to sing a catchy tune "Love Divided By Two". The Last Outpost (1935) This is a war film with soap opera thrown in.Claude Rains is the co star and he is great as always. Rains and Grant end up in a romantic triangle with Gertrude Michael. There are some twist and turns to this story so I don't want to reveal too much. This is well worth seeking out. Nearly all of these early Grant films were Pre Code so that gives them an extra edge. All are watchable, though none are all that great. His first "This Is The Night" (1932) is Ok but has an unbelievable story. Grant is married to Thelma Todd and she is cheating on him with Roland Young(!). Grant has a star making entrance though. I believe my favorite Grant films ever are Bringing Up Baby (1938) the greatest screwball comedy ever Gunga Din (1939) the greatest action/adventure film ever Arsenic And Old Lace (1944) the greatest black comedy ever Has anyone else seen all of Grant's films? What are your favorites?
  23. Det Jim McLeod

    Finally! I Have Seen All Of Cary Grant's Films

    need English translation on this
  24. Det Jim McLeod


    I just re watched that film after not seeing it for years. And that scene was one that I clearly remember. Hattie McDaniel was hilarious in her short time in the picture. That browsin' detective is played by a pre Charlie Chan Sidney Toler.
  25. Det Jim McLeod

    Finally! I Have Seen All Of Cary Grant's Films

    This is in my top five favorites of his films. That scene with the judge is still very moving today and one of Grant's greatest moments on film. I like the way the film starts as romantic comedy, then gets into some family fun, (the scene where Grant is trying to keep the baby from crying is hilarious) and later the dramatic and tragic moments work equally well.

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