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  1. Top favorite Westerns

    Back to the John Wayne discussion....I'll just say that I don't give a hoot about the politics of actors. I only focus on what they do on the big screen. The rest is none of my business. Actually, the rest of it is probably just malicious gossip.
  2. Best TV crime shows

    I like the first season of the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes. That series did go downhill after that. (I think Jeremy Brett was very hot, too.) I'm glad that they were faithful to the stories. Basil Rathbone was good as Holmes, but I prefer him as a bad boy. Besides, why were those adaptations set in the forties? They had nothing to do with the literature, either.
  3. Best TV crime shows

    The guest stars on Ellery Queen were extremely well-cast. Someone sure took the time to make sure that they really got the best people for the parts! Jim Hutton and David Wayne were well-cast, too. I think that David Wayne would have made a great Ellery Queen in the 1950s. If Jim had lived longer, he and his son could have done another Ellery Queen series. Totally a lost opportunity. *sigh* Yup, Kenneth More was the star of those Father Brown episodes. Some of them were kinda slow, but I do like a few of them...especially The Eye of Apollo, which is probably one of the most brilliant short stories ever written (mystery short stories). I heard that the recent version of it made too many changes to this story. Nope, haven't seen Rosemary & Thyme.
  4. Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    I can't remember if I've mentioned the 1962 French film The Seventh Juror on this forum. I've seen it a number of times and each time I can't help but think what an amazing film it is. It starts out with a man (main character) murdering a young "easy" woman (as she's described later in the movie by a number of characters). When the woman's boyfriend is arrested for the crime, this man is chosen to be on the jury. The entire movie is terrific, but I admit that I was really floored by the final minute of the movie. VERY highly recommended.
  5. Best TV crime shows

    I've seen a lot of the 1970s Columbo episodes and I enjoyed them all. I like some of the retro-1930s/1940s whodunit series, like Ellery Queen, Poirot, some of the Marple episodes, etc. A few of the early 1970s Father Brown mysteries were extremely well done, too.
  6. Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    If anyone is looking for a more lighthearted whodunit to watch, I recommend the 1930s film The Mad Miss Manton, starring Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda. In this film, a group of flaky high society ladies try to solve a murder mystery - the murder of a couple of their friends. Highly recommended.
  7. Thrillers which are radio plays

    Thanks for the heads up on this play! I've seen the film so many times but I didn't realize that there was a radio play. Next time I choose a radio play from the Suspense series, it's going to be In a Lonely Place, for sure! I should track down the book, too. Mystery novels and short stories are fun to read.
  8. Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    Not much to add here, except that I've been rewatching some of my faves: The Ninth Guest The Secret of the Blue Room The Case of the Howling Dog Midnight Mystery One Frightened Night The Witness Vanishes The Black Camel Eran Trece Charlie Chan in London Cheers...
  9. Thrillers which are radio plays

    Anyone here familiar with the Ellery Queen radio plays...in particular, the Ellery Queen minute mysteries? Those are the radio plays which I've been enjoying lately.
  10. Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    Anyone here familiar with any of the versions of Seven Keys to Baldpate? Lots of versions kicking around, and the 1929 version is my favourite (of the ones I've seen). In fact, I watched it just now (first viewing in several years). If you see several of these films, you will likely notice two different "types" of endings to this story. I prefer the ending of the 1929 film over the other ending. The storyline is as follows: a mystery author has a bet going with (I think) his publisher (or someone) that he can write a mystery story in 24 hours at a very isolated hotel called Baldpate Inn. Once he's at the inn, strange things start to happen....
  11. Obscure Pre Code movies

    I think that Murder at the Vanities needs to be better known. That film is a perfect example of a pre-Code-post-Prohibition movie.
  12. What--No Beer?

    I saw that film about 12 or 13 years ago. Fun film! Even though it's a pre-Code film, I don't recall a lot of pre-Code elements to it. Maybe I just need to see it again...
  13. Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    I've been busy rewatching some of my newest discoveries, such as One Frightened Night Midnight Mystery The Rogues' Tavern The Black Doll etc. For those who are wondering about titles of obscure mysteries of the 1930s, I recommend you do a search for authors such as Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, John Dickson Carr, Stuart Palmer, Ngaio Marsh, Margery Allingham, Mignon Eberhart, Erle Stanley Gardner, Ethel Lina White, Earl Derr Biggers, S. S. Van Dine, Dorothy Sayers...and look up which of their stories were made into movies in the thirties. For other titles, do a search using key words like "murder", "mystery", "13th" (and other numbers), "night", "terror", "death", etc. Happy searching! Cheers....
  14. Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    More 1930s fun: The Black Doll The Mystery of the White Room The Witness Vanishes The films I've mentioned this past month or so have mostly been isolated mansion mysteries, complete with secret passages, hidden staircases, portraits with eyes that move, killers wearing masks to scare people, etc. Some exceptions to the rule....The Mystery of the White Room is set in a hospital, for instance. The Witness Vanishes is more of a thriller, but its ending really floored me.
  15. Recently Watched Mystery/Crime/Noir/Etc.

    Recently: a handful of early 1930s short films based on short stories written by S. S. Van Dine (creator of Philo Vance, though this detective doesn't appear in any of the stories).

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