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  1. kjrwe

    The Petrified Forest (1930s)

    Hmmm...in film noir, I'm used to creepy streets, shadows, dark staircases, etc. Whodunits: isolated mansion (or hospital, or hotel). I haven't seen too many films set in a desert-like area, if that makes any sense.
  2. kjrwe

    The Petrified Forest (1930s)

    The cinematography was...unusual, I think. Very different than what I'm used to.
  3. I saw this film about 13 years ago and I really enjoyed it at the time. Robert Mitchum sure was a top-notch actor. Personally, I think that film noir in Hollywood was going out of style around that time, so it's great that they were still able to come up with a fine film like this.
  4. I think he meant: "Have you cops been watching me watching that very young girl dancing? Were you amused at the expression on my face as I watched her? Do you get your jollies out of seeing a criminal drool over a young girl? Why didn't you just come in right away? Oh, I guess you knew I wouldn't be running away..." Just my humble opinion.
  5. The film Laura has a lovely soundtrack. The film Sabrina has an even lovelier soundtrack. I'll check out the Nat King Cole version of Laura one of these days.
  6. If I want to skip the ending, I just turn off the film. If I want to skip another part of a movie, I just fast-forward it. I don't have the patience to let the film play while I do something else.
  7. To those who really dislike the ending: skip it each time you watch the film. That's my personal suggestion. I absolutely dislike the ending of The Pink Panther, even though it's one of my favorite films. I just skip the last 15 minutes of it each time I watch this lovely film.
  8. At least they did complete the story before the professor woke up. That's the important thing. It's not like he woke up right when, in his dream, he's dumping the body or something.
  9. I dunno. I'm kinda glad that this dear professor was given a second chance at dealing with the "call of adventure" (as he put it). Even though the Hayes Code was in place, they could still have given it an ending outside of "it's all a dream". For example, the professor takes those pills and dies. His wife finds him like that when she returns from her holiday. (Maybe she had to return early for whatever reason.) Meanwhile, the woman in the window gets located somehow and gets arrested. They could have done it that way.
  10. kjrwe

    Laura (1944)

    By the way, what do others here think of the opening scene in Laura? I think that it was just Waldo's narcissistic nature which allowed him to think it would be okay to have a cop question him while he, Waldo, was having a bath. I don't think that it occurred to Waldo that Mark McPherson might feel uncomfortable at such a meeting. In the end, Mark handled it very well. He smirked a bit when Waldo got out of the tub and that was that.
  11. kjrwe

    Gun Crazy(1950)

    Of course back then they had to imply it in a very subtle way. The thing is that there is NO indication in the film that Rupert (Stewart) is gay - nothing subtle, nothing at all. As for the two criminals, it's pretty obvious that they were gay. Hitchcock wasn't subtle about that. In the film, they seemed to bond with Rupert because of his outlandish ideas about who should or shouldn't live.
  12. kjrwe

    Laura (1944)

    I'll listen to this radio play again one of these days. Sadly, I have really neglected my beloved radio plays and it's time to get back into them!
  13. kjrwe

    Laura (1944)

    I have heard the radio play Laura. If memory serves me right, Clifton Webb is the only one from the original cast who wasn't in the radio play. Even the character was renamed as Paul Lydecker. Or is there another radio play based on the film in which Clifton Webb does appear?
  14. kjrwe

    Thrillers which are radio plays

    Thanks for the link!
  15. kjrwe

    Gun Crazy(1950)

    Why is Stewart's character in Rope considered to be gay? There was no indication of him being gay - no evidence whatsoever. Rope is certainly an unusual film, and it's also based on a true story.

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