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  1. Strange things in 50s and 60s sci-fi movies

    Has anyone seen: THE PUPPET MASTERS (original book by Robert Heinlein) I just read the book, and was wondering if the film/tv-show was worth seeing. thanks if you know!
  2. Strange things in 50s and 60s sci-fi movies

    The horror that can never say it's name----COMMUNISM. Aren't the 1950's s/f films all about the Communist takeover of the USA? this anguish was "REAL" in the 1950's, and commies could arrive in many secretive forms: plants, space dust, aliens who crawled through the desert leaving sparkly trails, and even your own PARENTS! The main thing was to be AFRAID. they were here to eat, kill, and enslave us!
  3. A horrifying fact of life that everyone past 30 years has to face: For movies, you must live in the 1930's and the 1940's. No escaping this. Just get used to black and white, and learning the obscure character actors, because you are not ever taking "NEW" FILMS seriously ever again.
  4. You Watched TCM Where?

    Absolutely BEST place to watch TCM - my Laundromat. It has 2 big screen tv-sets, and I don't get TCM at home, so going there is always a classic film event. Last one was Robert Taylor in THE CONSPIRATOR, really fun to watch him playing a Commie stooge when IRL, he was testifying before Congress about how horrible Communism is. Love Taylor!!!!
  5. >>>>as to Margaret Leighton, Fonda's long-suffering wife in THE BEST MAN, it's immediately pointed out by the Ann Sothern character that she is ENGLISH, and that will upset the voters. So she is not "flying under the radar" like so many other actors in these films. Thanks for pointing out the ORIGIN of the actors in MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE! I appreciate it. SEVEN DAYS IN MAY is one of the WEIRDEST stories ever told, with Burt Lancaster totally INSANE. it's lots of fun. In the WILD AND STRANGE commentary track to ADVISE AND CONSENT, all the changes from the novel are pointed out by Drew Casper, especially the suicide of Don the book, he was mourned. In the film, he's forgotten.
  6. In the mystery novel set in 1920's Hollywood, RENTING SILENCE, by Mary Miley, (2016) it is revealed that Mary Pickford, famous for playing children even when she was middle-aged, had her sets and set furniture built larger than life, and used very "tall" actors for the adults in her films.
  7. RE- Charles Laughton---love him to death, of course. But in this MOVIE (ADVISE AND CONSENT) i just don't feel he belongs. This is on the one hand, an esoteric, very confusing film, based on a similar book which tries to ENCOMPASS the minutiae of Congress. Silly, of course. but----There is nothing "cute" about this story. And Laughton is always "cute." Throwing Peter Lawford into the mix as well is just simply NAUSEATING.
  8. Thanks so much for all the background on ADVISE AND CONSENT! Gore Vidal DEFINITELY hated Bobby Kennedy IRL, who took pleasure in insulting him when their paths crossed. I think ADVISE AND CONSENT (among its many problems) was ruined by having ENGLISH movie stars (Charles Laughton, Peter Lawford) portray elected American Congressmen! It's also hilarious showing Charles Laughton LEERING at attractive young women in one scene! Who do the writers think they are fooling? Of course, MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE is supposed to be "horror", but it's still WAY CREEPY to have stars of this "American" political movie ENGLISH (Lawrence Harvey, Angela Lansbury, and John McGiver)
  9. Perhaps there is a "washington genre" (all black and white, all 1960's) that we need to "festival." ADVISE AND CONSENT - educational but excruciating, miserable ending, and a trail of tears throughout. THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE - so terrifyingly Freudian it's terrific! A thrill ride, a horror story, and a nightmare (literally) come true! THE BEST MAN (1964) --- everything that the other films are not. FINE STAR PERFORMANCES ALL AROUND EASY TO UNDERSTAND THRILLING CONFLICT IN JUST ABOUT EVERY SCENE A HAPPY ENDING and, best of all, no ENGLISH ACTORS playing American politicians.
  10. If there ever was a movie about DISASTER, this is it. When it came out, critics commented that perhaps it was Communist propaganda. Seen today, it is at times beautiful, crazy, and horrifying. It's just the U.S. CONGRESS. but it is a "noir" vision of the U.S. CONGRESS that no one has ever come close to. strangest of all, they didn't know it WAS "noir". Listen to Dr. Drew Casper's audio commentary and you will know what TERROR is.!
  11. Frank Capra's fave movie----and one of mine! Love it!
  12. Donald Trump Jr's wife has just filed for divorce. WHAT else IS GOING TO HAPPEN?
  13. united airlines kills pooch

    Another AIRLINE horror event---I can't even watch the national news any more, wondering what the Airlines will do next. oF course, the DOG was most adorable of all, a French Bulldog PUPPY! This even gets worse than the Hawaii flight of a family where the stewardess wanted to take a seat and seatbelt away from a child (to let it "fly" around the cabin in case of a crash, perhaps), and because the parents refused, she threatened them with SOCIAL SERVICES, and perhaps the breakup of their family. Luckily, the family refused, and ANOTHER passenger was recording this insanity on her cell-phone for posterity. (And we are PAYING for this?) Again, it's time for passengers to SPEAK UP. Is getting thrown off the plane worth a pet's life? I think so. WHATEVER the stewards/stewardesses/plane police ask, REFUSE. they are employees. you are the customers. They are there to serve YOU.
  14. "The Crown" - disturbing family situation

    What "The Crown" has forced me to do is to look at Elizabeth close up, and analyse her. Have any of us done this, really? Miserable as her situation is, (and perhaps the reason she is STILL hanging on to this "crown", years later) is that she might understand she doesn't want to subject anyone else in her family to it. She's a prisoner of her own life. Fine for selling memorabilia and other "perks", but it's not good. A lot of the reasoning for family resentments that determined the TENSION that existed seem pretty weird. The DUKE OF WINDSOR (David) had done DECADES of "PR" for the throne, appearances, trips, etc. He had (IMHO) done his duty, and when he wanted to lead a REAL life, with a REAL wife, he left. Again and again, the family blames him for BURDENING the poor "Duke of York" with the job. This insults the Duke of York, beloved as he is. He's not an invalid. He married happily and produced 2 children--he's fit enough to do that. Why can't he take the job of King? The Duke of Windsor (David) had no heirs. Elizabeth would have been QUEEN no matter what. It seems they were, IRL, dragging a lot of drama into a practical situation and CLINGING to it for decades. The EMPIRE was over, anyway. They won WW2. Why all the ANGST.?
  15. The flaw in High Noon (1952).

    A valid point, SlaytonF! maybe this makes the film so fascinating, because instead of being a super-cool buff boy-cowboy, Gary Cooper is something quite different! Can we blame the pacifism of the Quaker religion? Anyway, this isn't a cliche WESTERN. This is a look at reality. And the violence that people have to face daily. And they have to carry that fear, and live with it. thanks for your thread!

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