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  1. I just watched SEND ME NO FLOWERS (1964) after many years! I love this movie so much. So many great things about it (even though Doris Day's husband Marty Melcher was a total crook, we do thank him for exploiting her in these movies). One thing was the LIMIT on characters--it was really simple to keep track of plot-wise, compared to Rock and Doris's other films. Every character is perfect, a pro actor playing them, and they are all experts in comedy. I love them all. The OTHER fantastic thing is the SET. Rock Hudson and Tony Randall live next door to each other, and the interiors are perfection---the ultimate middle-class dream sets of 1964, that people all over the world aspired to copy. The bedroom colors MATCH Doris Days' blonde hair. Every little set prop is adorable. Tony Randall's KITCHEN is the ultimate designer kitchen for that era, in BRONZE colors for the appliances (very cool, modern, and popular.) Doris Day, as a housewife, spends her days at the grocery store, or playing golf with her girlfriends. Life is good. A gossipy milkman delivers all sorts of things (Honey, milk, eggs, etc). to the door every morning. This is life as it was once lived in the paradise of the suburbs. And, best of all PAUL LYNDE steals the movie--he is a sweet character, the Cemetery Plot salesman, and just about saves Rock Hudson's marriage at the end. He was so good in everything. Unfortunately, IRL., Paul was a tortured soul, and quite unpleasant to work with. But the movie "WORKS" because of his performance (ditto the film BYE BYE BIRDIE).
  2. In the mid 1960's, John Dall did his last performances on "Perry Mason" episodes. This A.M. I just watched him in "Case of the Laughing Lady", on MeTV. He's great, and he looks great.
  3. papyrusbeetle

    CLEOPATRA (1963) - why the hate?

    re: SEE YOU IN HELL, DARLING Wooow!This never came to my town, I know that! (Probably because of the title!) I love adorable Janet Leigh, even when she is wielding a whip. One wonders if (like Tony Perkins) the rest of her career was a post-PSYCHO "makeup" that perhaps went a little too far. But she's cute in anything. She's quite proper in THE FOG, which is all I ask of her. She also had the most ladylike VOICE of all actresses. Scarlett Johanssen tried to replicate that a little in HITCHCOCK.
  4. papyrusbeetle

    CLEOPATRA (1963) - why the hate?

    Hi!-I can't find this movie on IMDB.COM, and I've never heard of it.... What is the year? One (made for tv) movie I have never forgotten though, is HOUSE ON GREEN APPLE ROAD (1970), which starred Janet Leigh and William Windom, and was cutting-edge!
  5. papyrusbeetle

    FBI busts actresses, CEOs in college admissions scam

    2 words that these "actresses" don't seem to know : PREP SCHOOLS Not only do these celebrity parents want to throw away money, they seem to want to keep their children as stupid and dependent as possible. Sort of like PETS. For the well-heeled parent, all these problems (getting the young ones into fine colleges) can be easily solved by their attendance at a (gasp) prep school. FINE (and very expensive) ones exist on both coasts, though the best are in New England. Sure, the tuition and fees and boarding can get close to $50,000 a year (or more) but the social worth, friend connections and prep for fine colleges is well worth it. And it's LEGAL. Look at Meghan Markle (now Duchess of Sussex)- Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, and then Northwestern University, where she joined one of the most exclusive sororities, Kappa Kappa Gamma.
  6. Tom Neal, gorgeous, doomed hunk who stars in DETOUR, is offered a free dinner by the driver (Edmund MacDonald) he has "hitched" with on his way to L.A. "That's sure white of you, mister" he says. This line is fuzzed out in the Movies! channel broadcast. Perhaps he is saying "nice"? Anyway, I don't know why they have to mess around with the "Noir of all Noirs", Edgar Ulmer's low-budget masterpiece. Any opinions? Should Movies! channel weep in shame? Or just wait for the cops to pull them over?
  7. papyrusbeetle

    Haunted Houses

    One of my faves is THE SMILING GHOST (1941) It stars Brenda Marshall (Mrs. William Holden) and the super (African-American) comic Willie Best, who was in hit after hit, including HIGH SIERRA, GREEN PASTURES, CABIN IN THE SKY, and TONS AND TONS of films in the 1930's and 1940's.
  8. papyrusbeetle

    How did Rock Hudson REALLY catch AIDS?

    Thanks for the information!!!!😺
  9. Reading the new biography of Rock Hudson (ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS) started me wondering. Rock had open-heart surgery after a possible heart attack in 1981. Couldn't he have gotten a transfusion of AIDS-tainted blood? Blood banks certainly weren't TESTING for AIDS in 1981. And getting a blood transfusion would be a SURE way getting the virus, instead of the unknown, unseen, and private sex life he had. ---if anyone knows WHAT YEAR "AIDS" appeared, please tell us.
  10. Reading about Rock Hudson, i discovered that Howard Hughes was so obsessed with ICE STATION ZEBRA that he would call up his Las Vegas television station, and order them to play the movie all the time! Must be nice! So---if you owned your own Television station, and were a reclusive (germaphobe) Billionaire holed up in a hotel with bodyguards, what movie (or movies) would you order up for the entire CITY to watch? For me, it would be a toss up between: ISLAND OF TERROR (1966), CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (1958), and SEVEN SAMURAI (1954).
  11. papyrusbeetle

    ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968) - Howard Hughes' cult film

    Thanks for this information!😏
  12. papyrusbeetle

    Noir Lit 101

    Don't miss reading the original book: James M. Cain DOUBLE INDEMNITY---the ending is strange and mysterious, very "moody". also-- If you like the re-make of Cain's MILDRED PIERCE, it is much more like the original book.
  13. Anyone ever discover WHY Howard Hughes constantly screened a copy of ICE STATION ZEBRA (1968)? I mean DAILY. Many times a day. thanks, if you know!!!
  14. papyrusbeetle

    has anyone ever seen THE FAT MAN (1951)?

    thanks so much!!!! 🙃
  15. papyrusbeetle

    CLEOPATRA (1963) - why the hate?

    Thank you, Dougie B! Right---the money is up there on the screen. Kind of fun to imagine what taking away all the booze and pills might have meant to this movie, and cast. According to the Liz Taylor biography (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD BY Ellis Amburn, 2000), the director was on uppers, and all the cast was on downers. Liz could get seriously sick at the drop of a hat (a condition that happened all during her career, though she was a tough bird, living until 79). Nobody planned a darned thing in the movie (BEN-HUR was meticulously planned for in Hollywood before anyone got to Rome to film it.) And, funnily enough, (IMHO) Roddy McDowell (Liz and Dick's dear friend) ended up stealing the movie (and the Empire) in the last scenes.

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