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  1. papyrusbeetle

    MIRAGE (1965) - serve me some NOIR!

    Interestingly (and everything about this film is!) the use a similar "symbol" and "catch-phrase" for the weirdo cult in the great episode of MATLOCK about the "cult," when he defends a man (the actor who played Howard Sprague (Jack Dodson) on the original "Andy Griffith Show" is accused of murdering a cult leader. MATLOCK - SEASON 3, EPISODE 18, "THE CULT"
  2. on the schedule graphic yesterday (saturday), promoting the movie, they had: ARESENIC AND OLD LACE. Luckily, Frank Capra isn't alive to see this!
  3. WOW! Is this gorgeous NOIR, or what.? But---it's also Neo-Noir, in which terror originates from a government or a corporation which is out of control.
  4. papyrusbeetle

    It's movie heaven, 1961 style : SUSAN SLADE

    I loved SUSAN SLADE because it set the characters completely in the social world they were sort of forced to live in. It might be nice to be rich and respected, but there is a brutal price to pay sometimes. Even among world travelers and "important" people like the older ones in this cast, it is a small world with social rules. These people can suffer. This is not an escapist movie. We might want to SCREAM at Susan's parents to send her to a POSH boarding school for her teen years and give her SOME social life, but we know we are still in reality. "Only" children are not "pets" to keep with you forever! Parents can be blind.
  5. a GREAT teen/woman's film with all the cast, glamour and story any movie needs. Best of all, we get to see TROY DONAHUE and CONNIE STEVENS rule the screen. Serious, interesting, maddening, and fascinating---it is movie to the nth degree. Don't miss this one.
  6. papyrusbeetle

    THE WINSLOW BOY (1948)

    Take a ride on this film! It rules! The key is Sir Cedric Hardwicke (though the whole cast does their job perfectly). He is famous from ROPE, and as the narrator of WAR OF THE WORLDS. But this is the role I love him for. One of those rare "period" films (set in circa 1913) that lets the period come alive in the performances. We KNOW these people, though they are in a different era than ourselves.
  7. Thanks very much for your interesting replies.!!! Afraid I will NEVER watch the new version---I simply cannot stand to look at Kenneth Branagh's makeup. It is too disgusting to even describe. All I can assume is that he (or the hair/makeup crew) got some sort of payoff to destroy the film's profitability.(similarly, Johnny Depp's dead raven on his head in LONE RANGER scuttled any chance for a good box-office for that film) And: Hey, folks, let's for once get a real BELGIAN actor to play Poirot, Ok? There must be some. Would that be beyond the realm of possibility? The other actors and the sets look stunning. But all to naught--I can't watch it.
  8. Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot? - your favorite parts? Your opinions of the "Suchet" version and the "Albert Finney" versions? Just wondering! >>>personally, I still love the various "characters" in the first version (Finney)--they are very clear cut, and especially Tony Perkins is still thrilling and perfect. >>>I love anything Toby Jones does, so the "Suchet" version is darned good. But what really sets this one apart is the "Stoning" scene in an Istanbul courtyard (just look away, it's their culture) and the fantastic acting by David Suchet, who steals the show from all the other characters. thanks, fans, for your opinions!
  9. BLINDFOLD is one of those fun 1960's films with a huge, fine cast that has possibly been forgotten. It's a blast to watch, and also interesting. But most of all, it's GREAT Rock Hudson. Fans! Don't miss this thriller. Also starring Claudia Cardinale, Jack Warden, Guy Stockwell, Brad Dexter, Anne Seymour, Vitto Scotti, Hari Rhodes, Ned Glass, Mort Mills, and best of ALL, Alejandro Rey, who would soon star in the tv-series "The Flying Nun".
  10. papyrusbeetle

    DARKEST HOUR - "underground folks" meet Churchill

    Very true (or untrue!) I know-they talked about it in the commentary track. Fiction tells truth that reality obscures, though. IRL, Churchill was constantly drinking, and because of this asthma/emphysema (or simply his smoking) he was unable to negotiate the stairs up and down to the basement "war rooms" and had to be carried both ways. They have never referred to this in films about Churchill, but it is the truth. Or, at least, what they told us when we toured the actual "war rooms" in London. (I LOVE the underground scene, though Churchill probably couldn't have negotiated the steps up and down into the Underground system. But that doesn't mean it isn't true)
  11. papyrusbeetle

    the heavenly misery of MIDNIGHT LACE (1960)!

    Actually, there is something so WONDERFUL about a gorgeous, perfectly styled and dressed wealthy woman coming unglued for no reason at all. It's just so darned feminine. You want to tell them "call your lawyers right now!" They (esp. Doris Day!) are so sweet. The smallest things during their days drive them nuts -- answering the phone, or the doorbell, or dealing with Cops with pity in their eyes. I just LOVE them, and want the best for them---like a second marriage to adorable John Gavin! WHERE is the movie we want to see---? Poor (gorgeous) Kim Kardasian getting threatened, bound up with duct tape, and robbed in her exclusive Paris hotel. "Kim!" we want to say---"call your lawyers right now and sue the pants off this fancy hotel!".
  12. papyrusbeetle

    the heavenly misery of MIDNIGHT LACE (1960)!

    Thanks, fans! ANOTHER totally neglected "pretend we're in London" film is 23 PACES TO BAKER STREET (1956). it would make a fantastic double-bill with MIDNIGHT LACE, too. Stars: Van Johnson and Vera Miles---Directed by Henry Hathaway! And, sort of like MIDNIGHT LACE, this is a "jeopardy" film, but the one in jeopardy is dear Van Johnson, who is blind, although he is a successful playwright renting a fine apartment in London, he stumbles across an adventure and a bunch of vicious crooks. As in MIDNIGHT LACE, the British police are amused and dismissive. So Van and Vera and his English butler (Cecil Parker) have to solve the case all on their own, with a climax that is sort of a mix of MIDNIGHT LACE, and WAIT UNTIL DARK.
  13. as "fem jep" films go, this is probably the best ever. (Films in which a lovely woman is in jeopardy!) The right mix of wardrobe, stunning star, jewelry, and beautiful sets. Doris Day looks fantastic, acts her heart out (especially in the gut-wrenching, very brief "elevator scene"). And, of course, is simply living her life---USED by her own husband (Rex Harrison / Martin Melcher) to make money, innocent of his machinations. EVERYONE in the cast has something of an agenda, and likes to "play" other people. The stars never are in London, but who cares? This film is a total blast, creepy, very entertaining, and wonderfully silly at the same time. Best of all, it's a showcase for JOHN GAVIN, who deserved much more from Hollywood. He steals it.
  14. Doris Day predicts her own life in this wonderful crazy film. Attentive husband (Martin Melcher/Rex Harrison) who loves not his wife, but his wife's MONEY (or, in real life, his wife's earning potential in Hollywood.) Toss in a slew of wonderful, interesting, has-been stars who happen to be on contract and you have a blast of escapism to the harsh reality of marriage for a rich woman. That is, vicitimization! Get out, Doris, while you can! Found an animal shelter and deal with non-humans, who won't stab you in the back or call you crazy. Run, Doris!
  15. papyrusbeetle

    Hooked on...The Letter!

    DON'T miss the Jeanne Eagels version of THE LETTER. Just before she died (1929), she gave the performance of her life in THE LETTER (1929.)

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