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  1. papyrusbeetle

    "The Crown" -- some issues!

    This beef is about women's looks---not their "sex" appeal to an audience of men. I don't mind Claire Foy being a quite pretty Elizabeth. IRL, we know she doesn't look that good. But the Queen Mother was ADORABLE---at all ages. This is very important to the story, because as Hercule Poirot said in "ABC murders" - A woman's looks are her destiny. (or something along those lines). Check out some child photos of the Queen Mother (known as the "Rose of Wraby"-her stately home). I don't think it is too much to ask that they cast an "adorable" mature actress to portray her.
  2. papyrusbeetle

    "The Crown" -- some issues!

    Clementine Churchill was a BABE. Her entire life. Enough SAID. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I haven't seen the older version of "Princess Anne" on this show, but from what i know about her, and saw once on a British-TV charity fundraising game show she appeared in, she is TOTALLY MODERN. Fun, spunky, tough, and standing up for herself. (Her mother Elizabeth should have been like this right out of the gate, and avoided a lot of angst.)
  3. papyrusbeetle

    "The Crown" -- some issues!

    Great to hear from fans of this show---! But i think for a VERY FAMOUS role (instantly recognizable, the Queen Mother, even to non-subjects) we need a similarly "CUTE" actress....that's what tempers the REALITY of the Queen Mother's (SUPPOSED) failings as a mother---probably the only fault the poor woman had was a fondness for drinking. We love her--she's grandma! --but Victoria Hamilton just looks "off." .......................................... to me, the most disturbing thing about "The Crown" (other than this weird casting) is watching poor Elizabeth never getting up the guts to say NO. Worst of all, she can't say NO to her many employees---! This woman needs some consciousness-raising ASAP!
  4. papyrusbeetle

    "The Crown" -- some issues!

    Actually, I checked the dvd's of "Crown" out at my public library. To Disagree: Of course Harriet Walter is a fun actress--I've seen her in all the "Peter Wimsey" series, and in a bunch of Agatha Christie shows. But she is HORSE-FACED. Bless her heart, she isn't cute or beautiful. Victoria Hamilton is (trying to) portray a woman who looks like a cuddly bunny-rabbit her entire life. (Though with a cocktail always in hand). Victoria ALSO has a big old homely face, fine for many roles---not for a bunny-rabbit. I'm SURE there are some older British actresses who can fit these requirements.
  5. papyrusbeetle

    "The Crown" -- some issues!

    I don't know if it's legal to rip into this "instant classic", which is a tv-series from Netflix, on this board. But - here goes: FLAWLESS and entertaining in so many areas, I have 2 big issues with this series:Elizabeth and Margaret are stunning beauties--great! Fun to watch always. But WHY take 2 older characters and cast them with 2 UGLY British Actresses, when the actual women were darned lovely? Clementine Churchill is played by Harriet Walter (plain and homely) when Clementine, IRL was, even in her old age, a stunning lady. The Queen Mother is played by Victoria Hamilton ( plain, dim-looking, and with a sadly misshapen face ) when the REAL Queen Mother, though an ordinary, hard-drinking woman, was adorable all her life, with a beautiful face and smile, and quite a beauty as a little girl, too. They just don't need an older, uglier generation to make the 2 leads (LIZ and MARGARET) look good--they are gorgeous on their own.
  6. papyrusbeetle

    PAID (1930) Joan Crawford burns it down!~!

    Joan Crawford: Don't f### with me fellas. This ain't my first time at the rodeo. (I think that explains it all for us)
  7. papyrusbeetle

    help! TV-movie about Jack Ruby, 20 years ago?

    Thank you so much, Lawrence A! I want to re-watch it because Michael Lerner was so good in it. I remember his scenes with his sister and him shopping for extra "comfort food" so they could get through the horrible weekend! Perhaps the most horrible weekend in American history....!
  8. papyrusbeetle

    TOUCH OF EVIL question here...

    ANY excuse to discuss TOUCH OF EVIL is welcome!!! I ALSO visited the filiming site in Venice, California! This movie is BAROQUE, end of "classic noir," and totally wild anyway. Every time i see poor Akim Tamiroff strangled, I just start laughing and cannot stop. It is simply absurd, and cruel and funny at the same time. Joanna Moore hires a lawyer---her Mexican lover is thrown to the wolves. Zsa Zsa Gabor has only ONE scene---why can't she have an entire subplot? This movie is her sort of thing! What actually happens to Janet Leigh at the HIGHWAY motel? ------ and, according to one line of dialogue in the movie HITCHCOCK, the Janet Leigh character (Scarlett Johanssen) mentions that Hitch is easy to work for, COMPARED TO ORSON WELLES! ????
  9. This was an excellent portrayal of Jack Ruby, his actions over the weekend that Kennedy was assassinated. It showed his personal life, included visits to his sister who lived in Dallas, and his emotional reactions to the Assassination. Anyone remember the title/star of this movie? (Totally different than the glamorous and fictional RUBY(1992) starring Danny Aiello.) Thanks if you know!!!!
  10. papyrusbeetle

    PAID (1930) Joan Crawford burns it down!~!

    Watching Joan Crawford ACT is a thrill because, of all actors and actresses, she can suggest an entire train of thought with her closeups. She does this in SUDDEN FEAR. I also love her in TORCH SONG---because, in a silent scene, all alone, she tries to imagine life as a blind person, since she has just met the "blind" Michael Wilding.
  11. papyrusbeetle

    PAID (1930) Joan Crawford burns it down!~!

    Actually, Joan Crawford was such a skilled actress I love watching her at any age. One fun thing about PAID is the wardrobe. She wears a gorgeous velvet slinky dress in one scene, obviously copied by the costumer in GOSFORD PARK for Kristin Scott Thomas as a dinner gown in her first scenes at dinner.
  12. papyrusbeetle


    CRIME WAVE (1953) - thugs (Ted De Corsia, Charles Bronson) hold up a gas station in Los Angeles late at night, kill a cop, and beat up poor Dub Taylor, the attendant. This sets off the action in a great "film noir", with a hilarious commentary by James Ellroy and Eddie Muller on the dvd. 🤣
  13. papyrusbeetle

    "american experience" - (new show) "This is Bob Hope"

    Actually, I'm pretty sure the "promo" said "American Experience". I am not CRAZY about the "American Masters" series because they always seem to want to de-construct the HERO they are profiling. Just give us the facts, great photos and film footage, and not current political opinion, please. Walt Disney doesn't need any criticism---this man was terrific. Neither does Gutzon Borglum, the creator of Mount Rushmore. The PBS history shows can be a bit petty.
  14. papyrusbeetle

    mary poppins returns

    I hope the new film is GREAT. But "Mary Poppins" was destroyed for me when I watched SAVING MR. BANKS. (Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks) Fans of Emma Thompson were amazed she won no awards for her role---maybe because Mary Poppins' creator was a raving PSYCHO.
  15. papyrusbeetle

    Sadly Neglected Performances by Children

    re: Richard Eyer--- I really started to appreciate him when I was watching shows starring Richard Conte (my fave actor.) Eyer starred with him as his new stepson, a small boy who Conte is trying to build a relationship with. Eyer STEALS the show with his acting, at a very mature level. "Twentieth Century Fox Hour: Overnight Haul" (1956).

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