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  1. papyrusbeetle

    Gone with the Wind: My thoughts on the classic film

    My Great Grandmother not only liked GWTW--- she LIVED it. Up in the north eastern corner of Alabama, they certainly didn't have a plantation, but she and her family had to "outwit" the Yankee troops trying to steal their food (She and her sister did this by pretending to have Typhoid, and hiding the hams in the bedroom with them.) She was the same age as Scarlett---she also got to see the film when it first came out. It was too "overwhelming" for her to watch all at once, she went back to see the second part on the next day. She had read the book many times before she saw the film. 1) This film proves a stark fact of American life---you might get rich, but you will never STAY rich. That isn't the way this country works. You have to change to survive, over and over again. 2) This film is about WOMEN - lots of brave women are found in the book, and their stories teach us a lot. The one unforgiving fact is that the SOUTH is a conquered land, and therefore the men will always be weak because of it. Women (all over the world) don't have the luxury of letting such things make THEM weak. They must keep going, no matter what. 3) I can't fault Scarlett for insisting on Ashley Wilkes---he was the guy next door. I don't see the appeal of Rhett Butler, who IMHO was a cold fish. He also spent pages and pages throughout LECTURING Scarlett about what she should do. Many of his RANTS are supposedly what Margaret Mitchell's MOTHER used to lecture her about.!!!! 4) Reading the book is the great pleasure of the movie GWTW. Many great stories were not politically correct in 1939, but are fascinating today---many details, many conversations, and MANY of these relate to Women's lives, are in the book. ...> For example, what is Gerald O'Hara doing in the first scenes, when he is visiting over at Twelve Oaks and discovers that Ashley Wilkes is going to propose to Melanie? He's arranging to buy a wife for Pork his butler, because Pork has fallen in love with a single mother who works over at Twelve Oaks, the mother of "Prissy". This woman will be a crucial figure later after the war at Tara. But the interesting thing about Gerald is that he is doing what his servant Pork wants him to do, no matter what.
  2. papyrusbeetle

    let's talk about BLOOD ALLEY (1955)

    i think this film works on SO many levels. among the BEST (that is, entertaining) roles played by John Wayne and Lauren Bacall. He's gorgeous---she's gorgeous. Absolute coolest catch-phrases (MOST spoken by John Wayne---"Are you hungry, Baby? You're going to get hungrier.) ("Patience-thy name is China") Best "imaginary friend" in a Hollywood thriller (perhaps the ONLY imaginary friend---Baby) Even the non-Chinese actors playing Chinese are darned good. Stunning setting and sets, and costuming. Great livestock. Looks at the Chinese "communist" takeover from a new perspective---was it true that the RICHEST village family threw their fates in with the Communist party to save themselves? I have a sneaking suspicion that this probably happened---RICH folks were survivors, always. Perhaps the best promotion (cross-media) at the time---John Wayne appeared on an "I LOVE LUCY" segment when she and Ethel steal his footprint slab from the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. At the time, he was supposedly shooting BLOOD ALLEY, and he is shown in his trailer dressing room, etc. (from the IMDB.COM WEBPAGE) John Wayne appeared in an episode of I Love Lucy to promote this film. In a scene when Lucy is hiding in Wayne's trailer on set, a worker brings in the large poster for "Blood Alley" for his approval just before he is about to receive a massage. As Lucy tries to sneak away, he hears her, thinks she is the masseuse he sent for and makes her give him a massage without ever seeing her.
  3. papyrusbeetle

    What are your parents favorite classic movies

    Dad---anything with Lon Chaney, Sr. Mom--anything with Marilyn Monroe
  4. papyrusbeetle

    John McCain's first wife----> at the funeral? anyone know?

    Thanks very much!
  5. VERTIGO---stepping over the "right person" to pursue the "wrong" one. Even beyond how WITLESS James Stewart appears to be (a retired cop, who has certainly seen every bunco trick in the book working in San Francisco), we cringe at seeing him "friend" dear little Barbara Bel Geddes and never make a move with his own personal life. This makes the audience MAD. But we see this again and again in HITCHCOCK films....
  6. papyrusbeetle

    Dean Martin- Sep. Star of Month

    DEAN fans---don't miss the original OCEAN'S ELEVEN. He is just wonderful in it.... 1960 (imho) was Dean's "star" year, though he was always a STAR. he did: OCEAN'S ELEVEN WHO WAS THAT LADY? BELLS ARE RINGING
  7. Thanks for your interesting post---this is a wonderful world to DIVE in to. My DREAM memorabilia "buy" would be any of the Charlie Chan movie posters, the one-sheets. These are gorgeous, and VERY, VERY expensive now, like the price of a CAR.
  8. I just watched most of the impressive and interesting funeral service. Anyone know the breakdown of John McCain's children, vis a vis the marriages? Or, if his first wife came, or what she is doing now? Thanks very much.
  9. Everything about this film is a joy---it is cruel and vicious and still---just right. One of the "Washington paranoia" black-and-white films that came out in the 1960's, this little number hasn't dated at all. Because we love (and hate) the characters, and "politics" sorts of fades away, and the film belongs to the actors. STOLEN by freaky Shelley Berman. GRACED by the real Mahalia Jackson!
  10. I just found her 1944 autobiography (THE GAY ILLITERATE) and it's great. This woman knew (and worked with) just about everyone in Hollywood, and before there was a Hollywood. She also knew how to WRITE. If you only think of Louella as "Love's undertaker", get to know her and her real life.
  11. papyrusbeetle

    THAT DARN CAT! (1965)- any fans know the NAME of the cat?

    Thanks a million, TCM folks! I appreciate this so much..... What a wonderful WIKIPEDIA entry!
  12. Help, Hayley Mills/Disney fans! THAT DARN CAT! was a huge hit (like everything else Hayley Mills was in). But in the IMDB.COM entry they don't say the cat's name. Anyone know this info?🐱 thanks, everyone!
  13. papyrusbeetle

    "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

    I don't think that kid was upset. I think she was thrilled to death to get attention. It was horrifying scene (in any movie, for any reason). When you torture an audience like this there should be a reason. I don't see anything anywhere in SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY's story that justifies or explains this scene----especially in a BRITISH film. Mistreatment of DOGS (and that includes MURDER of the family pet by running it into traffic) is something that British people in particular find unforgiveable. I don't know about EVERY country's attitude to this, but I think i can state the director is TORTURING his audience, perhaps for fun. Why? I can't guess. This film stinks worse than Glenda Jackson's smoker's breath.
  14. papyrusbeetle

    "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

    This film has it's merits, but there are many WEIRD things that just do not "translate" to general entertainment, bless John Schlesinger's heart. LOTS of moments (and characters) that are hard for the audience to grasp. The two that ruin the film for me: 1) Glenda Jackson seems to be a loser in love for many years past, and her attitude is one of a loser. Fine, but I don't want to watch that the entire film. Even if the dreamy-looking guy in need of a haircut wasn't GAY, he's way too young to be dating Glenda Jackson anyway. 2) An adorable young girl has the family dog VIOLENTLY KILLED for dramatic effect, and then giggles about it. What in the world is THIS gut-wrenching, horrifying scene in aide of? To make Glenda Jackson thankful she has no children? To say that even if the child is giggling over the violent death of a pet, they're still so cute (because they're British?) that we must watch such a scene in a film, and to make Glenda Jackson desperately wish for such adorable/sadistic kids of her own? (In VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED [1960], where the cute alien children were killers, at least they didn't go after family pets!) Is this scene designed to outrage the British public watching the film? To wake them up? To insult them? Or because we watched this film, it's just a nightmare the world has to suffer in order to appreciate Schlesinger's "art"?
  15. Hope everyone can enjoy this terrific Belgian stop-motion / animated film. It's hilarious and dramatic. It's gorgeous. And it's all little plastic toys! Many dramatic "Belgian" issues appear in it---being invaded by your next-door-neighbors, for instance. Any other fans?

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