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  1. papyrusbeetle

    George Sanders

    Doesn't anyone want to mention VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960)? Sanders MADE that thrilling little s/f a cult masterpiece. other, unforgettable films starring him are: CALL ME MADAM (1953) and WITNESS TO MURDER (1954)
  2. papyrusbeetle

    Edward G Robinson

    THANKS for this gourgeus lobby card! Love the 1930's, and love EGR!!~!!~
  3. papyrusbeetle

    Movies I watch again and again.

    MIDNIGHT LACE (doris day) HITCHCOCK (anthony hopkins) 42nd STREET (warner baxter) ARMORED CAR ROBBERY (charles mcgraw) STALAG 17 (william holden) ONE, TWO, THREE (james cagney) LES DIABOLIQUES -original and the re-make TOUCHEZ PAS AU GRISBI (jean gabin) WHITE HEAT (james cagney) BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI (william holden) QUAI DES ORFEVRES (louis jouvet) LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME (doris day)
  4. papyrusbeetle

    “Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II”

    Exactly what I thought.!!!!
  5. Thanks, Gershwin fan! I appreciate it.
  6. As well as a FROG emoji (which is now a racist symbol, for some reason) the shooter in Pittsburgh sent his last message: "Screw the optics, I'm going in!" Anyone know what that means? Or should we care what the gun-toting loners post?
  7. papyrusbeetle

    “Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II”

    Again, again, it all comes down to the casting for DIARY OF ANNE FRANK. sure, Audrey was too old IRL to pass as Anne Frank, but IMHO, she was the natural choice. I think she turned it down, anyway. But WOW, it would have been quite a wonderful film (and not a "Hollywood" pastiche) if she had played that role. A super important story that we WISH had starred a woman who had LIVED it.
  8. papyrusbeetle

    “Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II”

    This is DRAMATIZED in the excellent "Audrey Hepburn Story" (2000) a biopic TV-movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, which is pretty easy to find on DVD. An excellent film of a fascinating woman's life.
  9. papyrusbeetle

    Raymond Burr just keeps amazing me

    I think that Raymond Burr was a very dear person (his co-star Barbara Hale liked him very much, and describes great parties/dinners that he hosted at his home, just to have the pleasure of cooking for friends.) I'll go with Barbara's opinions.
  10. thanks a million for your answer!?
  11. Any Hollywood experts - ? Has anyone gone by the George Reeves (Superman) house, where the murder or suicide happened? (I know this isn't actually IN Hollywood.) thanks, fans.
  12. WAY back in the 1950's we went (combined with a trip to DISNEYLAND)---then, there was the "map to the movie stars' homes", and lots of postcards featuring them. In 1966, went on a TOUR of the Universal Studios---we visited the sets of GAMBIT (1966, Michael Caine), and also saw the "Psycho" mansion with the motel nearby, all kept standing. It was thrilling to take a tour of the studio, but it kind of killed the magic of movies in a way. Then, in 1982, (POLTERGEIST was showing in Hollywood), it was the fun of going to a seminar about Alfred Hitchcock's films, given by Donald Spoto (to promote his books.) Tippi Hedren and Janet Leigh attended and spoke. It was also a "shopping trip" to find movie posters from the past, visiting specialty shops, and certain dealers who sold out of their homes. Everything about Los Angeles and the Hollywood area seemed very OLD, a little grubby and lived-in, and there were few fancy buildings. Everything seemed to be small and one-story, perhaps because of the danger of earthquakes.
  13. papyrusbeetle

    Another "Best Years" query....

    1940's, 1950's > Times were different then. Both my parents always worked (they had experienced THE DEPRESSION, and were really afraid of NOT working.) But there was quite a "Thing" about working women (especially if they themselves were MARRIED!) STEALING a job from a married working MAN. One lady, just graduated in Chemistry, went to apply for a job as a Chemistry teacher at our local high school.She was SHAMED out of the office---how dare she want to take a job that should go to a Man SUPPORTING his family. So, she went back to the University, got a Master's and PhD, and eventually became the University's first female President. She was Lorene Rogers, at the University of Texas at Austin. ..................... One of the realistic features of BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES is when we see the relative "status" of the 3 servicemen during the war, and their SOCIAL status when they return to their hometowns. It is reversed. The Banker (Frederic March) is just an army grunt, the middle-class man (Harold Russell) is an ordinary sailor, but the ARISTOCRAT of the 3, the airman, is from the "wrong side" of the tracks. This is an unsettling reversal of (perhaps) our expectations, but very true to life at the time. Things would change with the "G. I. Bill of Rights", when servicemen of all classes could attend college, bringing upward mobility home in the USA. This film is just before that happens. Dana Andrews will be marrying "UP". Perhaps, in his future, encouraged by his new wife Teresa Wright, he will attend a University and keep on going up in class.
  14. papyrusbeetle

    11/22/63 - massively great performances

    Today's stars --> the odd thing about entertainment today is that the TV-SERIES (and the "limited" TV-SERIES) are of a breadth and depth that movies, even the 1930's classics, cannot reach. Some moments are silly but there are some GRIPPING performances in these shows. in: 11/22/63, Josh Duhamel plays a villain that LEAPS from the tv-screen. Many other excellent "period" characters that BREATHE 1963 America.
  15. wow! What a film! First you wonder, what drugs were they on when they wrote THIS? then you realize their problem (to be solved by an atomic blast into the atmosphere from a submarine) is that the earth is burning up! Yes, we can get behind this! Some of the shouted conversations between the major players (Robert Sterling and Walter Pigeon) could be lifted right out of our headlines. No time to lose. Michael Ansara carries around his adorable dog and preaches "God's will." Barbara Eden somehow runs around the sub on high heels. Does it make sense? Only if you are getting closer to GLOBAL meltdown every day! Watch and enjoy!

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