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  1. Any suggestions for Nazi movies?

    Funny thing about SCHINDLER'S LIST. I've watched it a lot, one reason being it's a stunning use of black and white film. By ANY measure, it's gorgeous. Another really fun thing is watching BEN KINGSLEY "nearly" steal the movie - his character is wonderful, and that's in a crowd of wonderful characters. But the THRILL of SCHINDLER'S LIST is that it is a parable of Christ, and not really about Jewish people at all. Schindler is of course the "Christ-figure", who strides through the story performing a series of miracles and pointing to the Christian faith as redemption for ANYONE, caring even for the miserable Camp Commandant. ANYONE can imitate Christ, the story seems to say----approached with the right spirit, the worst evils can be swept aside with courage and faith and simple love. 1)Visually, without insulting Jewish sensiblities (we hope), Schindler, in one of the last scenes, towers over his "flock" of saved people as they all say goodbye 2)A Nazi, trying to execute a man in the factory, finds his gun (and his assistant's gun) simply will not fire. 3)Schindler plucks Ben Kingsley off a train to a concentration camp at the last minute 4)Schindler uses a hose to spray water on another "doomed" train and it's inhabitants, even being helped by nearby soldiers, to give them a drink of water. 5)Schindler negotiates with the commandant of Auschwitz to return his female workers who have been mistakenly sent there....a scene reminiscent of going down to Hell to bring back souls taken by the devil. In the Catholic tradition, this is what Christ did just after he died on the Cross---he travelled to "Limbo" to free deserving souls so that they could join him in heaven. Before his death on the Cross, there was no way of entering heaven. Two Church traditions celebrate this miracle. On Holy Saturday (between Good Friday and Easter Sunday) there is no "light" lit on the Catholic Church altar, symbolizing Christ's absence, while he is down in Hell. In the apse of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice, the ceiling mosaic shows a miscellany of KEYS - because these are the keys Christ used to free the deserving souls from Hell.
  2. Any suggestions for Nazi movies?

    Great one I just watched---ALONE IN BERLIN. a German couple (Emma Thompson, Brendan Gleeson) wage a private war against Nazi Germany by leaving notes telling the "truth" randomly in Berlin. A true story, based on the book EVERY MAN DIES ALONE, by Fallada.
  3. middle-aged love, and the terrors of night time BERLIN---two touching spy tales from the Cold War, and WW2: SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD - Richard Burton and Claire Bloom have a few moments of happiness before the bullets fly. ALONE IN BERLIN - Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson wage their own sort of "war" against Nazi Germany, leaving notes telling the "truth" in random locations in Berlin. (Richard Burton, Claire Bloom)
  4. the honeymoon killers

    I love all the permutations of this story in film (and there are a BUNCH). the 1950's version is funny in certain scenes. The Jared Leto one is OK....the 'cop' characters kind of steal it. bEST one of all is the Mexican version (DEEP CRIMSON, 1996) the Mexican cops don't pussyfoot around with "attorneys" and "trials"---they get it all over quickly.
  5. my fave film about the TITANIC

    I really don't know---this film seems more ALIVE. The Clifton Webb/Barbara Stanwyck film is too vicious The Leo DiCaprio film is just too sad The "Nazi" TITANIC has an agenda, of course (those Evil British) but it's fine German film-making, nevertheless.
  6. Question of the Day: Ruby Keeler

    I think Ruby is darned cute. cf: 42ND STREET (1932)
  7. Alan Ladd---tragic "noir" superstar

    What DIDN'T happen to ruin Alan Ladd's life? His Mother committed suicide in front of him. He drank himself to death. But---what a movie star---what movies! I just watched APPOINTMENT WITH DANGER (1950) and it's a "Laddathon" -- nothing could be closer to his tragic persona, and no star could be more doomed or beautiful at the same time. If you love "noir" and want to see the thrilling underbelly world it created, with the best of the best (actually a total dream cast), don't miss this film. Even Jack Webb is there---a vicious, ape-like thug Jack Webb that you won't see anywhere else.
  8. 1950 - Alan Ladd--- yes, it's "noir" and it's the best i've seen in a long long time. EVERY trick of the "noir" art is in this film---with 2 of the "noir" super-stars, Alan Ladd and Jan Sterling. It's filmed on location---nighttime, industrial locations, with HUGE 1950's cars and grungy lighting and deserted, rainy streets. This is the REAL thing. This is also Jan Sterling in "new look" fashions that she was born to wear, that is, the kind of clothes a "gun moll" would wear in 1950. But it's mainly Alan Ladd-- petite, gorgeous, and bitter - our anti-hero of "NOIR."
  9. Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day

    I think I'd get out THE UNSUSPECTED with Claude Rains. It's elegant "noir" from the best year for "noir," 1947.
  10. Would "Home Alone" work with a girl?

    The REAL question for this movie is the underlying lesson about "birth order" Is there any CHANCE those stupid parents would have left their "first born" behind. I don't think so. Also, I'm pretty sure any of the daughters would have been organized enough to be ready, clothes laid out, etc. The SAD message of this film is that the forgotten sibling is the "last" boy. He is shoved out of the way at the dinner table, and ignored by the parents anyway.
  11. "Topaz"

    TOPAZ has it's beauties, though--the more you study it. NOTHING is as fascinating and cinematic (and based on TRUTH) as the "Harlem Hotel" sequence featuring Roscoe Lee Brown.
  12. Hugh Hefner interred right next to Marilyn

    Thanks! I had forgotten this----! Really cool.
  13. This magnificent "Depression-era" film brought a reality to the screen, when we saw the "Gypsies" working in a Broadway Musical. There are also a LOT of "scanty" clothes as the chorus girls and boys constantly rehearse. (And, newer, rougher films like ALL THAT JAZZ and THE PRODUCERS [original] borrowed the mob scenes of dancers on stage trying out and rehearsing.) The wonderful thing about the film is that it marries GRUNGE and GLAMOUR---one couldn't exist without the other. Best of all is Bebe Daniels with George Brent---tense, and real and gorgeous.
  14. Gloria Grahame double feature on Jan. 7, 2018

    Thanks for mentioning Gloria Grahame----but my FAVE of her roles is as the elephant girl in GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.
  15. An interesting observation! Hitchcock loved to play with audience perceptions, the more subtle the better. Kind of a fun way to approach his work. If you think about it, though---did the ancient peoples HAVE such gorgeous dyed clothes? Didn't really beautiful dyes appear only in the 19th Century? Maybe the very rich, but I doubt anyone else had a choice in styling their colors. FUN in ancient world movies comes (IMHO) when it borders on Science Fiction, with the gorgeously styled ATLANTIS, THE LOST CONTINENT.

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