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  1. Hope everyone can enjoy this terrific Belgian stop-motion / animated film. It's hilarious and dramatic. It's gorgeous. And it's all little plastic toys! Many dramatic "Belgian" issues appear in it---being invaded by your next-door-neighbors, for instance. Any other fans?
  2. Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot? - your favorite parts? Your opinions of the "Suchet" version and the "Albert Finney" versions? Just wondering! >>>personally, I still love the various "characters" in the first version (Finney)--they are very clear cut, and especially Tony Perkins is still thrilling and perfect. >>>I love anything Toby Jones does, so the "Suchet" version is darned good. But what really sets this one apart is the "Stoning" scene in an Istanbul courtyard (just look away, it's their culture) and the fantastic acting by David Suchet, who steals the show from all the other characters. thanks, fans, for your opinions!
  3. AMERICA lyrics, West Side Story, film version ANITA Puerto Rico, My heart’s devotion-- Let it sink back in the ocean. Always the hurricanes blowing, Always the population growing, And the money owing. And the sunlight streaming, And the natives steaming. I like the island Manhattan, Smoke on your pipe and put that in. The governor of Puerto Rico was saying on tv that they didn't want MORE people leaving the island. Isn't it time for everyone to face the DECADES of disrespect that have been leveled at our own Territory? Leonard Bernstein has a lot to answer for, doesn't he? Other Caribbean locales have (or had) a reputation as a gorgeous fun vacation paradise. Isn't "talking up" Puerto Rico in the American interest? Why doesn't this island territory have all the luxuries and infrastructure that a stunning resort deserves? Where is the Marketing Team?
  4. Yes, I saw the ads for the Broadway revival. And---they kept the time-period, as well (costumes, etc.) Wonderful as he is, I don't see Jim Parsons as "Michael" in any universe. Great that they re-booted it, at least. -------------------------------------------- As to the original stageplay (1968), it was wonderful and gritty, and not depressing at all ! (compared to women's lives in 1968, Gay men are kings of the universe). Most interestingly, it was CLIFF GORHAM (Emery!) who dominated the theatre, to a terrifying level. He was SCARY. Every time Emery spoke in the play, people held their breath---was he going to get violent, next? In the movie, Harold is the weird and dominant presence, for a while, battling it out with Michael for control. Another great thing about the stage play is the MUSIC---on stage, the Johnny Mathis tune ("Look of Love") included his vocals. In the film it does not. At the time it was an open secret that Johnny Mathis was gay, and it seemed very fitting that he would be heard during the play.
  5. BOYS IN THE BAND is very important to me. You really had to be there---in 1968. I got to see the play off-Broadway, with the ORIGINAL cast. And I loved the movie version, made in 1970. 1968 was a very wonderful and horrible year. Times were SO GOOD. Prices were SO LOW. And if you were male and 18, you might just get drafted into Viet Nam, in the middle of all this "good times." Luckily, i wasn't male, and i was 18, and BOYS IN THE BAND got a mention in "Glamour" magazine as a hit, and i went to see it that summer at Theatre Four. I just watched a "documentary" (MAKING THE BOYS, 2009) with lots of depressing stuff, from Mart Crowley, about how he made a bundle off the play/movie, left the USA to "find himself", and is still depressed about the whole experience--though rich and successful (If you need to see "Michael" in the play, just look at Mart). Oh, yes, everyone loved the play because they love to see GAY people suffer. Where is he getting all this??? We love the play because it's GOOD. We just LOVE this play/movie. It's good. It's funny. The characters are right on EDGE, and we are with them all the way. They are friends we all have. I think it's time to stage 3 magnificent shows (on Broadway, or as movies with the best actors of the day). 1)>>> John O'Hara's FARMER'S HOTEL 2)>>>Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (the musical) 3)>>>BOYS IN THE BAND, with an all-female cast (GIRLS IN THE BAND, i suppose). Their sexuality doesn't matter, or their race, or their beauty, or lack of it. Because they are carrying enough soul-destroying baggage just being WOMEN. Each has a story to tell. Let's invite them to the party and enjoy and suffer with them. Get the telephone and play the "truth" game. See who your REAL friends are. Argue and forgive and make plans to meet again. ANY casting ideas, fans?
  6. Mine is BILLY CRUDUP in PUBLIC ENEMIES (2009) farthest "out there" is Bob Hoskins in NIXON (1995) Stephen Root isn't bad in ALL THE WAY (2016) Leonardo DiCaprio gives us a lot of details and background, but sometimes it's agony to watch him, in J. EDGAR (2011)
  7. papyrusbeetle

    J. EDGAR HOOVER -- your favorite portrayal?

    On SNL, is that the one where he was in bed asleep with a teddy bear? It was great. Everything BROD ever did was great.
  8. Lots of fun seeing this movie again this weekend. Most interesting is the actor i never noticed before, RICHARD ANDERSON, playing the "friend" of Joanne Woodward's character, who was always happy to accept dinner invitations at her mansion, but who had no interest in her or anyone else. After 5 years of THROWING herself at him, Joanne Woodward gives up. He is a "Momma's Boy", and his mother, played by MABEL ALBERTSON, is certainly the Mother you would want to be catered to by. This film is great because it shows how climate affects people, something rarely seen in movies. Everyone is a function of this suffocating heat, and sort of exaggerated by it all. ORSON WELLES, once you get used to his very weird appearance, makeup and nearly unintelligible shouted dialogue in a Southern accent, is great---just hard to understand.
  9. papyrusbeetle

    Summer Under Lionel Atwill

    LOVE you Lionel! THANKS tcm for having a festival! Yes, there were some scandals. But how can there be classic horror/mystery films without this man? Love especially > FOG ISLAND SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE SECRET WEAPON CHARLIE CHAN IN PANAMA CHARLIE CHAN'S MURDER CRUISE MR. MOTO TAKES A VACATION HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES SON OF FRANKENSTEIN TO BE OR NOT TO BE
  10. papyrusbeetle

    LONG, HOT SUMMER (1958) - the "sexless" man

    One option that was NOT shown in a film in 1958, and certainly not mentioned in Faulkner's books was the possibility that RICHARD ANDERSON could visit New Orleans' gay and drag scene in the 1940's and 1950's. The "MY-OH-MY" club, for one. (on the down-low, because what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans). These characters, with a few names changed, live originally in William Faulkner's THE HAMLET (and continue their lives in the rest of the "Snopes" trilogy, THE TOWN, and THE MANSION). Will Varner is much the same, his beloved wife is still alive, and most of his many children have left town. All that's left there is JODY, who is not a happy newlywed but a confirmed bachelor devoted to making money, and the girl that Joanne Woodward plays is only 12 years old. "Ben Quick"(Paul Newman's character) is one of the Snopes tenant-farming clan, and there is the legacy of barn-burning that Will Varner wants to avoid, so he advances Snopes to work in his store. After that, we enter Faulkner country........
  11. Stupendously FUN films. I noticed 2 "tributes" to MAD MAD in AIRPLANE! --- anyone else have some? 1) The twin beechcraft that Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett are landing slams right into a glass wall at the small airport (in AIRPLANE!, a huge plane is mis-directed by the ground crew and does the same) 2) Ethel Merman appears in both movies, dominating MAD MAD and grabbing the funniest scene in AIRPLANE!, singing "Everything's Coming up Roses"
  12. a GREAT teen/woman's film with all the cast, glamour and story any movie needs. Best of all, we get to see TROY DONAHUE and CONNIE STEVENS rule the screen. Serious, interesting, maddening, and fascinating---it is movie to the nth degree. Don't miss this one.
  13. papyrusbeetle

    It's movie heaven, 1961 style : SUSAN SLADE

    I love him, too.
  14. papyrusbeetle

    LONG, HOT SUMMER (1958) - the "sexless" man

    I wrote about RICHARD ANDERSON'S character: "who was always happy to accept dinner invitations at her mansion, but who had no interest in her or anyone else. After 5 years of THROWING herself at him, Joanne Woodward gives up." ------------------- This is the behavior that irritates me. Free meals, conversation, and time-wasting. What is the MALE version of a "tease"? Is it RICHARD ANDERSON? What is his agenda? MUCH of the blame can be laid at the feet of JOANNE WOODWARD. She is certainly not feminine, no matter how she dresses. She is pretty intimidating, like a female cop, in the scene where she yells at the local teenagers taunting LEE REMICK on the porch. Not to offend her fans, but she is a darned MACHO woman in this film, and it's not attractive. She's desperate. She's particularly desperate to pin down RICHARD ANDERSON, because she has no clue how to talk or act around men, or even to enjoy herself generally. She has self-control, but she has no idea of her worth as a woman, and no MOTHER to look to for guidelines to the small, polite behaviors that would put her ABOVE the grim realities of daily life in her small town.
  15. papyrusbeetle

    LONG, HOT SUMMER (1958) - the "sexless" man

    If you see a glimmer of "sex" anywhere in RICHARD ANDERSON's performance, good for you. I see a character who is quite happy as he is. Actually (IMHO) he is more attractive than Paul Newman, who of course is pretty and sexy, but PENNILESS.He also may have a slew of "working-class" ailments common in the Deep South (hookworms being one!).Does he wear underwear? Can he read and write? We just don't know. The takeaway from this film is that Joanne Woodward (being well-off and educated) STILL cannot choose her own husband. This woman has paid her dues. She's even teaching school in this tiny town (for a tiny salary, we can be sure). But JOANNE must conform, and marry soon.
  16. papyrusbeetle


    Very interesting post@! Some wonderful female stars in this film ( the men seem sort of "dim" in comparison ). The anxious mother who Tippi Hedren slaps (doreen lang) the ancient bird-watcher (ethel griffies) and, of course, the delectable SUZANNE PLESHETTE.
  17. papyrusbeetle

    LONG, HOT SUMMER (1958) - the "sexless" man

    "proper" RICHARD ANDERSON was exactly that--- a total "momma's boy". (According to a conversation between him and Orson Welles, his father had deserted the family.) No sex, no "gay-ness", no nothing. Just MOM. A great scene is over at his lovely house and grounds, when Joanne Woodward is visiting him, and his MOTHER is strolling around in the far background, coming closer and closer, and quickly appearing when Joanne tries to hug and kiss him.
  18. WOW! Is this gorgeous NOIR, or what.? But---it's also Neo-Noir, in which terror originates from a government or a corporation which is out of control.
  19. papyrusbeetle

    MIRAGE (1965) - serve me some NOIR!

    Interestingly (and everything about this film is!) the use a similar "symbol" and "catch-phrase" for the weirdo cult in the great episode of MATLOCK about the "cult," when he defends a man (the actor who played Howard Sprague (Jack Dodson) on the original "Andy Griffith Show" is accused of murdering a cult leader. MATLOCK - SEASON 3, EPISODE 18, "THE CULT"
  20. on the schedule graphic yesterday (saturday), promoting the movie, they had: ARESENIC AND OLD LACE. Luckily, Frank Capra isn't alive to see this!
  21. papyrusbeetle

    It's movie heaven, 1961 style : SUSAN SLADE

    I loved SUSAN SLADE because it set the characters completely in the social world they were sort of forced to live in. It might be nice to be rich and respected, but there is a brutal price to pay sometimes. Even among world travelers and "important" people like the older ones in this cast, it is a small world with social rules. These people can suffer. This is not an escapist movie. We might want to SCREAM at Susan's parents to send her to a POSH boarding school for her teen years and give her SOME social life, but we know we are still in reality. "Only" children are not "pets" to keep with you forever! Parents can be blind.
  22. papyrusbeetle

    THE WINSLOW BOY (1948)

    Take a ride on this film! It rules! The key is Sir Cedric Hardwicke (though the whole cast does their job perfectly). He is famous from ROPE, and as the narrator of WAR OF THE WORLDS. But this is the role I love him for. One of those rare "period" films (set in circa 1913) that lets the period come alive in the performances. We KNOW these people, though they are in a different era than ourselves.
  23. How is she? Anyone know from the news? Thanks!
  24. Thanks very much for your interesting replies.!!! Afraid I will NEVER watch the new version---I simply cannot stand to look at Kenneth Branagh's makeup. It is too disgusting to even describe. All I can assume is that he (or the hair/makeup crew) got some sort of payoff to destroy the film's profitability.(similarly, Johnny Depp's dead raven on his head in LONE RANGER scuttled any chance for a good box-office for that film) And: Hey, folks, let's for once get a real BELGIAN actor to play Poirot, Ok? There must be some. Would that be beyond the realm of possibility? The other actors and the sets look stunning. But all to naught--I can't watch it.
  25. BLINDFOLD is one of those fun 1960's films with a huge, fine cast that has possibly been forgotten. It's a blast to watch, and also interesting. But most of all, it's GREAT Rock Hudson. Fans! Don't miss this thriller. Also starring Claudia Cardinale, Jack Warden, Guy Stockwell, Brad Dexter, Anne Seymour, Vitto Scotti, Hari Rhodes, Ned Glass, Mort Mills, and best of ALL, Alejandro Rey, who would soon star in the tv-series "The Flying Nun".

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