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  1. Donald Trump Jr's wife has just filed for divorce. WHAT else IS GOING TO HAPPEN?
  2. Perhaps there is a "washington genre" (all black and white, all 1960's) that we need to "festival." ADVISE AND CONSENT - educational but excruciating, miserable ending, and a trail of tears throughout. THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE - so terrifyingly Freudian it's terrific! A thrill ride, a horror story, and a nightmare (literally) come true! THE BEST MAN (1964) --- everything that the other films are not. FINE STAR PERFORMANCES ALL AROUND EASY TO UNDERSTAND THRILLING CONFLICT IN JUST ABOUT EVERY SCENE A HAPPY ENDING and, best of all, no ENGLISH ACTORS playing American politicians.
  3. Thanks so much for all the background on ADVISE AND CONSENT! Gore Vidal DEFINITELY hated Bobby Kennedy IRL, who took pleasure in insulting him when their paths crossed. I think ADVISE AND CONSENT (among its many problems) was ruined by having ENGLISH movie stars (Charles Laughton, Peter Lawford) portray elected American Congressmen! It's also hilarious showing Charles Laughton LEERING at attractive young women in one scene! Who do the writers think they are fooling? Of course, MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE is supposed to be "horror", but it's still WAY CREEPY to have stars of this "American" political movie ENGLISH (Lawrence Harvey, Angela Lansbury, and John McGiver)
  4. If there ever was a movie about DISASTER, this is it. When it came out, critics commented that perhaps it was Communist propaganda. Seen today, it is at times beautiful, crazy, and horrifying. It's just the U.S. CONGRESS. but it is a "noir" vision of the U.S. CONGRESS that no one has ever come close to. strangest of all, they didn't know it WAS "noir". Listen to Dr. Drew Casper's audio commentary and you will know what TERROR is.!
  5. Frank Capra's fave movie----and one of mine! Love it!
  6. united airlines kills pooch

    Another AIRLINE horror event---I can't even watch the national news any more, wondering what the Airlines will do next. oF course, the DOG was most adorable of all, a French Bulldog PUPPY! This even gets worse than the Hawaii flight of a family where the stewardess wanted to take a seat and seatbelt away from a child (to let it "fly" around the cabin in case of a crash, perhaps), and because the parents refused, she threatened them with SOCIAL SERVICES, and perhaps the breakup of their family. Luckily, the family refused, and ANOTHER passenger was recording this insanity on her cell-phone for posterity. (And we are PAYING for this?) Again, it's time for passengers to SPEAK UP. Is getting thrown off the plane worth a pet's life? I think so. WHATEVER the stewards/stewardesses/plane police ask, REFUSE. they are employees. you are the customers. They are there to serve YOU.
  7. "The Crown" (a Netflix series) may not qualify as a movie in these boards, but it is a stunning production. It is also very depressing, as we watch a person's life (Elizabeth) turn against them. Beyond the trappings of Royalty and the governmental details, we see a woman who does not run her life, but whose life runs HER. Plenty of Freudian background, as well as "birth-order" determinism going on here. Elizabeth's dearest love was her Father, the King. Her nuclear family was very close and isolated. She did not go to college, or ever live apart from that nuclear family. She was the ELDEST, and the heir. There was no escape, was there? There might have been, for a healthier personality. An ISSUE in her life that no one mentions (and probably won't in the series "The Crown"), is the family drinking. She is a CLASSIC eldest child of an alcoholic family--- perfect behavior, perfect everything to get approval from the drunks around her. Queen Mary (her grandmother) was not above tossing down whiskey. Her mother and father (Queen and King) really liked cocktails. Later in her life, Princess Margaret drank-a LOT. Elizabeth's mother (the Queen Mother) kept drinking throughout her long life (she died at 101.) In fact EVERYONE in Queen Elizabeth's family could relax, except her, and she was classic un-recovered "al-anon", that is, STIFF AND PROPER. The kingdom depended on her, and she had no one she could depend on. She had no "boundaries", that is, whatever the Parliament or Cabinet demanded, she DID. Because the last thing you're permitted in an alcoholic family is to: 1) say no 2) stand up for yourself.
  8. "The Crown" - disturbing family situation

    What "The Crown" has forced me to do is to look at Elizabeth close up, and analyse her. Have any of us done this, really? Miserable as her situation is, (and perhaps the reason she is STILL hanging on to this "crown", years later) is that she might understand she doesn't want to subject anyone else in her family to it. She's a prisoner of her own life. Fine for selling memorabilia and other "perks", but it's not good. A lot of the reasoning for family resentments that determined the TENSION that existed seem pretty weird. The DUKE OF WINDSOR (David) had done DECADES of "PR" for the throne, appearances, trips, etc. He had (IMHO) done his duty, and when he wanted to lead a REAL life, with a REAL wife, he left. Again and again, the family blames him for BURDENING the poor "Duke of York" with the job. This insults the Duke of York, beloved as he is. He's not an invalid. He married happily and produced 2 children--he's fit enough to do that. Why can't he take the job of King? The Duke of Windsor (David) had no heirs. Elizabeth would have been QUEEN no matter what. It seems they were, IRL, dragging a lot of drama into a practical situation and CLINGING to it for decades. The EMPIRE was over, anyway. They won WW2. Why all the ANGST.?
  9. The flaw in High Noon (1952).

    A valid point, SlaytonF! maybe this makes the film so fascinating, because instead of being a super-cool buff boy-cowboy, Gary Cooper is something quite different! Can we blame the pacifism of the Quaker religion? Anyway, this isn't a cliche WESTERN. This is a look at reality. And the violence that people have to face daily. And they have to carry that fear, and live with it. thanks for your thread!
  10. Just saw a little about this on the news --- anyone know the title.? It shows Billy Graham meeting Queen Elizabeth, i think, in the 1950's. thanks a million!
  11. Appointment in Samarra Movie

    Thanks for the information---this story needs to be re-made ! If you are a fan of John O'Hara, don't miss reading his book: THE FARMERS HOTEL. It is fantastic, and it could be staged TODAY on Broadway and be a hit.
  12. Thanks very much! Have never seen THE CROWN, i will look for it immediately.
  13. Favorite Disney Shorts

    Stunning to me is THE OLD MILL (1937), which won an academy award. This film has it all!
  14. Pregnancy in classic movies

    Has everyone forgotten GONE WITH THE WIND (1939)? there is a quite REALISTIC pregnancy (Melanie's) going on in this movie, as well as at the end of the film, when Melanie DIES from trying to have a second baby with Ashley. Scarlett is tossed down a staircase with her SECOND PREGNANCY in the film, nearly dying (in the book, she had 3 children---in the movie, only one, the adorable Bonnie Lee Butler.) ----------- Ditto: GRAPES OF WRATH -- the young character Rosasharon is pregnant for a while in this film. in the "pre-code" film NIGHT NURSE (1931), Barbara Stanwyck plays a nurse working on a maternity ward, and mothers are shown breast-feeding their new infants. The entire plot of the film FULL OF LIFE (1956) revolves about Judy Holliday's pregnancy (with the baby being born at the climax of the film.) This film is also a ground-breaker because Judy and her film husband, Richard Conte are shown in a double bed-together.
  15. according to an ad in "The New Yorker" BOYS IN THE BAND is being revived (on Broadway, this time) with a famous cast, including Jim Parsons (from "The Big Bang Theory"). Any LUCKY folks going to see this? I saw the original production in 1968, off-broadway, with the cast that made the film. My only worry about the "cast picture" for this re-staging is that EVERYONE looks exactly the same, and I wonder who will play the "homely" HAROLD and the "love for sale" COWBOY, not to mention the awkward and needy EMORY. the entire new cast looks like male models about to stage a fashion show.
  16. Hilarious and sometimes creepy, it is fascinating to listen to the very young film people on the COMMENTARY TRACK of PILLOW TALK (1959) yes, those were strange times when this movie came out. Sex was a serious business. (All that would be over soon, of course, unless you were one of the women who got pulmonary blood clots from the wonderful new invention "the Pill", etc.) Venereal disease doesn't seem to exist in the new people's universe, either! Much worse (in their opinion) is the "fat-shaming" restaurant scene with the woman fictitiously named MOOSE by Rock Hudson. And, of course it seemed only the rare lucky woman could work. (Unless you remember women joined the work-force in a big way during WW1 , and never looked back. I guess no one ever told the young film critics this) No one mentions that "cleaning Lady" Thelma Ritter never actually CLEANS, or anything else. NO ONE mentions the critical beefs of the time about PILLOW TALK----that Doris Day's new york apartment would be a total fantasy--how could she afford this? (but, strangely enough, Rock Hudson's pad is quite reasonable looking for him).
  17. PILLOW TALK - the horror, the horror!

    The "cute" part of this commentary sort of apologizes for having to explain what a "party line" is. Obviously the "commentators" have not seen one of the major hits of 1962, MR. HOBBS TAKES A VACATION, where a fascinating "party line" is a major part of the plot, as well as a running joke. ......................................................................................... They discuss the "gender-bending"/"gay-shaming" jokes that Rock Hudson delivers, (how ironic!), as well as their amazement that women in 1959 had careers. ("Wow!") But NO ONE mentions the much funnier (imho) film THAT TOUCH OF MINK (1962), which takes "gender-bending" to the front lines of today, with the great subplot of Gig Young and his Psychiatrist (Alan Hewitt). The last shot of THAT TOUCH OF MINK is the future!
  18. 1947 movies

  19. 1947 movies

    a "suggestive" film - 1947-Paris Get the whole experience in QUAI DES ORFEVRES i love this film (one of the classic French ones) for so many reasons. It takes us into the French Entertainment business in cold, gray, desperate 1947 in a way no other film can. It's fun, and gritty. It features an elegant Lesbian photographer. It has great music, and is that most wonderful film of the "classic/noir" period (1940's, 1950's)---it's "suggestive" so much sexier than films that followed it.
  20. John Gavin (1931 - 2018)

    I love John Gavin, and I think he MADE the movie MIDNIGHT LACE great. He is often disrespected, but he was terrific in his roles and I think he could have easily played NORMAN BATES (with Tony Perkins in his role in PSYCHO.)
  21. R.I.P. John Mahoney (1940-2018)

    Great tributes! He is fantastic in SUSPECT and in PRIMAL FEAR. and, in the "Foyle's War" episode he did ("High Castle").
  22. 1947 movies

    I love 1947 It is the prime year for FILM NOIR "hollywood" was about to implode. But FILM NOIR was being BORN. mY favorite film noir of all in this year is FEAR IN THE NIGHT starring DeForrest Kelly and Paul "Killer" Kelly. It is low-budget and low-tech and takes you into the ordinary terrifying world of "noir".....
  23. Colin Clive

    CLIVE is super cool, but the British personality star i love most is MILES MANDER. He can play straight, villain, or victim in any movie. He has that certain sympathetic "something" that i like to watch. He is a blast in THE BRIGHTON STRANGLER! (poster below)
  24. IMHO, Natalie was simply drunk. The REAL villain in this story is Natalie Wood's stage mother, who was totally psycho. No wonder Lana is a pain now.
  25. Any suggestions for Nazi movies?

    Your votes- which is better? JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG (Montgomery Clift) or NUREMBERG (starring Alec Baldwin) Both (IMHO) are fantastic, but the most interesting "lesson" one is the Baldwin tv-movie, because it concentrates on the Hermann Goering* character. *(Brian Cox is fantastic in this role!) JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG simply tries to cover too much territory.

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