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    TCM Tribute to Robert Osborne DVD?

    Thanks for the link to filmaf.com. I was unfamiliar with the site. I would love to attend the TCM Film Festival, but like you, I can't afford it. Living in the backwoods as I do, there isn't anything of the kind available to me.
  2. 1939

    TCM Tribute to Robert Osborne DVD?

    I, too, hope TCM reissues "Conversations with Robert Osborne" as well as putting "Private Screenings" and other interviews he's done on DVD. I'm kicking myself for not buying "Conversations" when it was first released. So many DVDs, so little money. sigh I would also love for "The Essentials", with or without the accompanying films, to be offered on DVD, too. If this isn't possible, I hope TCM reairs "The Essentials" on Saturday nights. I was late to the party and was only able to see the last few years. Streaming would be better than nothing if DVD releases of all of the above are out of the question, although, not with their current app because my cable provider does not participate. I wish TCM would concentrate on films and Mr. Osborne's legacy rather than auctions and wine.
  3. 1939

    Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    Robert Osborne was Classic Film's best friend. Classic film, its actors, TCM, and their fans will never be the same. We have lost our champion, our oracle, and our guide through the Golden (the greatest) Age of Movies. Rest in peace, dear one. You are loved and missed.

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