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  1. jdbandytcm

    Pre-Code that Pushed the Envelope

    Pre-Code.Com doesn't push TCM anymore, but he still lists the next month's pre-codes "at the end of each month" and the current month's list can be found under "recent posts."
  2. not a newbie, just longtime awol

  3. jdbandytcm

    no underground through march?

    I understand (and do not see the necessity of) Underground disappearing two months a year to please the upscale kibitzers who only watch movies ordained by Oscar. It would seem to be missing from March also. ****?
  4. jdbandytcm

    Rain (1932)

    I agree with the praise above. Crawford is perfect and there's not a weak moment in the supporting performances. In this print it's trimmed so short that you almost have to already know it's there, but Huston's last moments are outrageous - cocking his head slightly as the drums swell and twitching slightly as he apparently fights against surrendering to a pagan Pago Pago dance. Some people criticize Huston's stiff (sorry), abrasive performance, even calling it a "caricature," but I grew up in a tiny town dominated by an evangelistic church and I witnessed this sort of predatory behavior. Huston nails it. Given the 35-40 year difference, Huston probably underplays the role.
  5. jdbandytcm

    The Case of the Howling Dog (1934)

    I believe the distinction between pre- 01 July 1934 and after is more than academic. It's like driving toward a 200' high cliff - it matters what side you're on. Breen's megalomania had been bruised by producers and directors mocking his impotence and overreached when he got real authority. Also, the "pre-code" content was mostly suggested but it was real. I understand that this genre is not for everyone, but, for the most part, those of us who enjoy it do not do so because of marketing.

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