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  1. cowboygwe

    !940's Movie WW II Paris Collaborator

    THe ending is not the same. The ending is Her sitting on bench and the Airman finding her there with her hair short from the Carnival for being a collaborator with the German officers.
  2. cowboygwe

    !940's Movie WW II Paris Collaborator

    Still waiting for some one to help me!!
  3. I am trying to locate an old b&w movie based in Paris. There is a Parisian resistance woman collaborating with the Germans in order to get information for sabotage, but ends up helping to save an officer near the end of the war. He escapes the Germans, but she is left behind to face the consequences of Carnival, being abused and having her head shaved. The officer returns to find her in Paris on a bench. this is where the movie ends. Movie is in English

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