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  1. Bex

    Please Help Find!

    Do you know the date range? Or any of the actors? That might help narrow it down.
  2. So, here it is: There was a short on TCM Extras, two friends talking about infidelity among women. The first man happens to be cheating on his wife with another woman. He declares his wife would never do such a thing to him. I think the second man was not quite so sure about women always being faithful to their lovers and husbands. The conversation goes on and eventually the cheater leaves. It turns out his wife is cheating on HIM with his best friend/the other guy in the room he was just talking to. I'm entirely unsure about it being a Vitaphone short, but maybe it is? Has anyone ever seen or heard of this short? I'm thinking it was Pre Code because of the content. If anyone can point me in the right direction or knows the name of this short, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance!

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