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  1. Chop05

    R.I.P. Tom Petty (1951-2017)

    so many are taken away before their time. I DJ online in Secondlife, been playing a few of his songs in my sets..everybody loves his music. even the younger generation is taking notice, sad that a death seems to bring a artist back into the spotlight.
  2. Chop05

    What stars have you never actually seen?

    pretty much like Sepiatone, cant think of any big stars I haven't seen
  3. Chop05

    Name your top five favorite war films

    * In Harms Way * They were Expendable *Kelly's Hero's ( because of Don Rickles) *Saving Private Ryan *Where Eagles Dare
  4. Chop05

    50 Greatest Horror Movies of This Century

    I'm sure i'll catch crap for mentioning "House of a Thousand Corpses"

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