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  1. spauldingd

    The Criterion Channel begins on April 8th

    I can’t seem to find a way to Chromecast. Watching on my iPad is nice, but I need Chromecast as promised.
  2. spauldingd

    The Criterion Channel begins on April 8th

    I think this streaming service by AT&T at $15 per month is the most inexpensive way to get TCM. I don’t know if this would also give you access to the TCM app to stream on demand like cable and satellite services do.
  3. spauldingd

    The Criterion Channel begins on April 8th

    SlingTV has TCM. I think their packages start at $25 or so. Dish Network has a basic “flex” package that includes TCM that is about $40 (this is what I have). Hulu, Kanopy and MUBI all have good offerings, but nobody really competes with TCM in my opinion.
  4. spauldingd

    The Criterion Channel begins on April 8th

    I got the same message. Most interesting is that if you sign up early you get access to a movie every week before launch. So if you sign up now, you should be able to watch about a dozen films before launch. The first film is Mikey and Nicky by Elaine May.
  5. spauldingd

    Top Ten Ernest Borgnine Favorites

    I read this thread just to make sure Marty was listed #1. Good job!
  6. spauldingd

    Blues in the Movies

    Black Snake Moan (2006) has a great deal of blues. It’s much better than it looks.
  7. spauldingd

    Aftermath: Are We in Serious Danger of Losing TCM?

    I recently “downgraded” my DISH subscription to the Flex pack mostly to get TCM without buying into one of the top packages. I also pay for DVR and local channels so that adds about another $20 but still a relative bargain compared to the top tier packages.
  8. This 15 part documentary is also available on Hulu. I think it was on TCM in 2013. I recorded it to my DVR and still have it there.
  9. spauldingd

    Spotlight: The Black Experience in Film

    To Kill a Mockingbird is not a decent film? I get the “white savior” problem with the film but for 1961 it was a bold work. Raisin in the Sun is amazing and I will put Claudine on my list as I don’t know if I have seen it.
  10. spauldingd

    Disabilities on Film

    I don’t remember the name of the characters, but The Best Years of Our Lives had several wounded veterans that contributed greatly to that film.
  11. “No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough.” Roger Ebert
  12. spauldingd

    Kanopy and MoviePass

    I’ve been with MoviePass for about 9 months now. I love it and will ride this train until it stops. AMC accepts it, they just don’t like it. The new AMC plan looks good if you have nice AMC theaters near you. I see maybe 8 to 10 movies a month in the theater all for $9.95. You can’t beat that but the company is sketchy and will soon go bankrupt or will raise prices but it’s been a great ride so far.
  13. spauldingd

    New tcm Website?

    Am I missing something, or is the guide no longer in the app?
  14. spauldingd

    Why do you love movies?

    If all your posts are like this one, please don’t hold back.

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