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  1. spauldingd

    Why do you love movies?

    If all your posts are like this one, please don’t hold back.
  2. spauldingd

    Should GWTW be banned fropm movie theaters?

    I guess it depends on the 50 year old. I have MoviePass, am over 50 and go to the theater at least once a week. Isle of Dogs, A Quiet Place, Chappaquiddick, Death of Stalin, Shape of Water, Film Stars don’t die in Liverpool, Bladerunner 2049, Phantom Thread, Ladybird, The Post, Darkest Hour, All The Money in the World, Novitiate, Marshall, Victoria & Abdul, Dunkirk, etc. Lots of great films out there for us grey hairs.
  3. spauldingd

    Should GWTW be banned fropm movie theaters?

    The BBFC explicitly calls out the thing that happens in The Apartment and that extra information is there if you choose to read it. Extra optional information doesn’t hurt anyone. If you like to go in cold, don’t read it.
  4. spauldingd

    Should GWTW be banned fropm movie theaters?

    Quoting myself, but I thought of a real world example I experienced. A few years ago I was watching all 100 of the top movies on IMDB and was watching The Apartment. I knew it was a comedy and had Jack Lemon so I figured it would be a light and fun film. And it is, *SPOILER ALERT* ...until one character attempts suicide. Those that have been affected by a suicide might benefit from knowing that would be involved so they can decide if they are up for that. Again, the BBFC does a good job getting this across without spoiling the plots.
  5. spauldingd

    Should GWTW be banned fropm movie theaters?

    Being the first epic makes it interesting cinematically, but it’s subjects make it vile.
  6. spauldingd

    Should GWTW be banned fropm movie theaters?

    Because societies and civilizations evolve. Posting information so consumers can make an informed decision is a reasonable accommodation. Certain topics can be triggers for some audience members so a warning is useful. The BBFC in England is a good example. Rather than just give a film an R rating, they describe the contents.
  7. spauldingd

    Should GWTW be banned fropm movie theaters?

    Both Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are quite often on the lists of books most often challenged but you’re right Huck Finn is probably more prevalent. I’ve probably read Tom Sawyer a dozen times because when I was a kid I somehow got a copy and it was one of the three books I owned. We went to the library quite often so buying books was an extravagance. To ban something just because of the N word and ignore the context and intent has always bothered me. Birth of a Nation is offensive now, but it was also offensive back then. It was actively trying to be offensive and helped breathe new life into the Ku Klux Klan. Tom Sawyer wasn’t offensive in that way and was against slavery and narrow minded thinking.
  8. spauldingd

    Should GWTW be banned fropm movie theaters?

    It should come with a warning. Just like the warnings about violence or nudity. This film contains scenes of extreme racism and prejudice or words to that effect.
  9. spauldingd

    Should GWTW be banned fropm movie theaters?

    To Kill a Mockingbird has always been my favorite book. I love the film as well. Any great work like this will be controversial to some. Some idiot parent will want it removed from the school library along with Tom Sawyer and dozens of other literary classics. There have always been small minded people that want to control what others have access to but calling it a “ban” is hyperbolic. Every generation finds the next one to be lacking. Now, get off my lawn!
  10. spauldingd

    DARKEST HOUR - "underground folks" meet Churchill

    That is a great scene, but it never happened. Most of the film was historically accurate but that subway scene was a fabrication.
  11. I just watched this today and was struck by how similar this was to the Garbo documentary. Both longing for their European homes, hiding from public view later in their lives in New York apartments.
  12. Does anyone know if the documentary presented was the full length version? Sometimes PBS presents slightly shorter versions. I have this on reserve from my local library but also recorded PBS tonight.
  13. spauldingd

    Movies that changed your life?

    There are two movies that I would say changed my life in that I came to appreciate what film could be by watching them. This was back in the early 80’s and I spent way too much money to buy a VCR so I could record Letterman every night since I was working or studying most nights. One weekend, I rented and made bootleg copies of Videodrome and 2001. I watched them both over and over again and would try to get my friends to appreciate them. VHS movie rentals were like magic to a farm kid that grew up with 3 channels on the TV.
  14. spauldingd

    Forced Perspective

    I think a great use of forced perspective was in Shock Corridor by Samuel Fuller. I just watched it again recently after watching Unsane in the theater. Little people are used in the background to make the corridor seem longer.
  15. spauldingd

    Any DISH Network subscribers with Flex pack?

    Well, I switched. I wish I had done this months ago. I don’t know when TCM was added to the Flex pack but for $34.99 per month, it has everything I need and almost all I want.

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