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  1. hassan974

    Phantom Lady with Ella Raines

    Ella Raines is also great in TALL IN THE SADDLE with John Wayne released in 1944. TCM has it. She's in another similar film with Vincent Price than showed on AMC but I cannot remember the name offhand. Talented lady who I remember did some television in the 1950's.
  2. hassan974


    Saw it and the print TCM showed did not have the color of the DVD nor of the original which I have seen. It was not as bad as the purple faded Eastmancolor print of BEAU BRUMMEL that TCM showed recently. But most persons would not notice. I watch TCM non-stop and it is my favorite channel. But I have to say that in the past year they have become increasingly sloppy in not providing the best color version available of some of their library. This is strange because in the past they have shown a film with great color and then 6 months a poor color version of the same film. I don't get it.
  3. hassan974

    Early 30s version of State Fair?

    1933 version of STATE FAIR is not out on video. Much more adult in treatment than other of the other versions. Janet Gaynor, Will Rogers, Norman Foster and, I think, Sally Eilers is the vamp.
  4. hassan974

    Blondie Johnson

    BLONDIE JOHNSON is unavailable on video at present. I taped it from TCM twice. I like Joan Blondell so anything she does works for me. Other's might find the film a routine programmer. Blondell's mother dies of pneumonia as a result of no heat in her mother's backroom apartment. A hardened Blondell is cautioned by a priest to find her life legitmately. Having had enough of prayer and convention she embarks on a life as a con artists and achieves success with her newly formed gang. Despite Blondell's resistance she falls for a member of her gang (Chester Morris) and, despite the inevitable payback, they agree to going straight and making a new life for themselves after paying for their sins. It's nothing great, played the second half of a double bill in 1933. But it is Blondell giving her usual solid performance in some not so solid films.
  5. hassan974

    Mae Murray film suggestions!

    JackPickford1: I'm afraid if you see Bachelor Apartment or any of The Princess Mdvani's sound films you will be taken aback. I thought Marie Prevost took the prize for disappointment in sound but Ms Murray's voice absolutely does not fit the image. Sad, because without sound, as in The Merry Widow, she is glorious.
  6. hassan974

    Ronald Reagan 1911-2004

    TCM...I know you have to run an impromptu salute to Ronald Reagan out of respect. But why last night instead of the 1005th time you were showing NOW VOYAGER? You have that rarely shown 1929 musical RIO RITA scheduled with Bebe Daniels, John Boles, Wheeler and Woolsey and the lucious Dorothy Lee and wham it is pre-empted. That kind of movie never gets the scheduling that those too often repeated classics with Bogart, Davis, etc. Can anyone remember the last time TCM showed RIO RITA? I know it is long and it drags but the tunes are good and the 2-strip Technicolor finale is marvelous.
  7. hassan974


    Laserdisks are not being made anymore. They were 12" disks and at the time, state of the art. When they first emerged there was also a competing format by RCA that used disks played with a needle like a record. I got stuck with those too! Now both have faded and we are have DVD's the smaller size disk. Problem is, a lot of classics on Laserdisk have not appeared on DVD (KID MILLIONS, WHOOPEE, DOCTOR X, etc.)and many of us still have Laserdisk players and disks. I see the old disks being sold on Ebay sometimes. My Gene Kelly boxed set Laserdisk has 8 sides!! On DVD it would be a 2 disk set. If what you buy is the same size as a CD, you are safe. It's one of the few times smaller is better.
  8. hassan974


    I can't remember for certain if the video tape of HGWMV was in stereo or not. It could be. But I'd like to think I would have purchased it if it was. I don't know what to do with my once state-of-the-art laserdisks. They certainly don't compare in sharpness and sound to DVD's!! I have one of the old pioneer turn over each side players that is at least 15 years old if not older and it still works. Of course, it rarely gets much of a workout except for an occasional viewing of WHOOPEE and KID MILLIONS, some of the rarities that haven't made it to DVD.
  9. hassan974


    Come to think of it, I doubt they will release the Faye tracks in stereo (although my fingers are crossed). I remember now that at the same time (1991) they found stereo tracks for THE RAZOR'S EDGE and HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY and they have not emerged on videos of these films.
  10. hassan974


    That is too bad because the CBS Fox double Laserdisk release in stereo of SUN VALLEY SERENADE and ORCHESTRA WIVES is splendid. If my old laserdisk player dies on me, I am in trouble. The CBS Double disk of DR X and MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM in 2-strip Technicolor are from Jack Warner's personal prints recovered from a Warner archivist who purloined them and the color is glorious. Unfortunately the transfer that TCM shows of MYSTERY and the version contained on the new HOUSE OF WAX DVD are not the definitive Jack Warner transfers and the color is not good, leaning more towards blue than green in the 2nd color component. Most people wouldn't notice and say "it looks o.k. for being old." The original version, however, is glorious. Hopefully, I can copy it to DVD.
  11. hassan974


    Brackenhe: The sad part is that Debbie Reynolds has been trying to find her costumes and memorabilia a home since 1972! In the past, when financial problems hit her, including the failure of several business ventures, she was able to head to vegas and start performing again. Not that Reynolds is anywhere near being through. But she is 72 now and with each advancing year her prospects in funding her collection with her own income grow slimmer. I'm not going to publicly bash the hands that feed me but while Reynolds quest has been out of genuine love, Hollywood is known for only latching on to moneymaking enterprises. I can't imagine that Hollywood wouldn't want to see these costumes. I went to an Adrian exhibit at the LA County Museum, I beleive, and the thrill of seeing his gowns from films including the ball creation worn by Kay Johnson in MADAME SATAN (shown on TCM) was overwhelming.
  12. hassan974


    There are more out-takes than the Merman number including "Some Sunny Day" with Don Ameche and some alternate takes by Faye. Some years ag, a guy working for Pioneer found stereo tracks to two Alice Faye musicals, "Weekend in Havanna" and "That Night In Rio." The studio also had two "clean" IB Technicolor prints of each. They were supposed to be released in stereo on the old Laserdisk format but it never came to be. I think Chace (the late Rick Chase) told me his company was going to do the mastering. We always fought over the use of "no-noise" sound processing which he was fond of and I wasn't because it removes too much integrity from the original sound, in my opinion. I am hoping these stereo tracks will accompany their release on DVD including the out-takes and alternate takes. In my opinion, double disk sets with extras, at a reasonable price, is the only way to market these films properly. I always feel I have purchased at value when I buy a double feature set.
  13. hassan974


    Jo Stafford wore one of the Marie Antionette gowns singing "Katie Went to Hatie." I had a late friend who was a "Marie" expert. Collected all of the costumes and he could haven given a detailed descrioption of what costumes went where. So many of the costumes didn't survive because of "wire hangers." Many of them were kept at Western Costume on Melrose and hung on hangers. Over the years, the weight of the costume shredded them. It's all about money. Once the studios and others realized they were losing money making history, they got on the bandwagon and tried preseving these costumes---something Debbie tried for years and receiving little support. Remind me to talk sometime about what went into a land fill at Metro and the costumes that could be had for 50 cents during a sale. Complete with the star's name-tag inside.
  14. hassan974


    Remember edgecliff: Some of the MARIE ANTIONETTE costumes were recut and redesigned for DuBARRY WAS A LADY. Other's that contained any fur were cut down for other costumes. Years ago, Debbie Reynolds assistant had her costumes at his home in Sherman Oaks. I wasn't interested then but he kept pulling out costume after costume including ornate gowns Loretta Young wore in SUEZ. He also had 11x14 photos of Loretta Young wearing the gowns. But these photos were ripped in some fashion. I asked him why and he said the Academy Library received Loretta Young's scrapbooks as a gift and an employee was instructed to remove the photos from the books. The ones that were torn were thrown in the wastebasket where LeBold retrieved them. Today of course, these scrapbooks compiled by Miss Young would be kept intact. This was around 1974 as I recall.
  15. hassan974


    Yes, you can go through the entire catalog online on the Sothebys website and it is exhausting to do so. I was interested in the photographs she saved of herself that she saved (not that she was vain, mind you) but the furnishings reminded me of my British grandparents and not my style I'm afraid. It will definitely be a sale of sales and, of course, the sale results will be on the website for those interested in comparing the auction estimate with the final result.

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