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  1. oneders63

    Screwball Classic Screen in L.A.

    MIRANDA will be playing on TCM tomorrow (Jan 17) at 8 AM Eastern Time. I have a pretty clean copy of MIRANDA on DVD, but I'm hoping that TCM's print will look even better. I have a clean copy of the sequel MAD ABOUT MEN on DVD, too. Glynis Johns is great (and quite fetching) in both of them.
  2. oneders63

    Glynis Johns

    Actually, "Perfect Strangers" will indeed be shown under its American title "Vacation From Marriage" on April 13. Glynis Johns is terrific in it, as Deborah Kerr's superior officer in the Women's Royal Navy Service. Glynis was 22 years old when it was released in November 1945. Here's a link to TCM's synopsis of it: Glynis Johns and Robert Donat had previously worked together in "The Adventures of Tartu". It was produced in the Fall of 1942 (when she was 19 years old), but it wasn't released until late September 1943. TCM showed it just last week, but I missed it. Fortunately, they are scheduled to show it again on May 31. You can also see an even younger Glynis in Michael Powell's "49th Parallel" (1941) on April 17. Even at the age of 18, she still had that amazing voice. I think she must have been born with it!
  3. I attempted to record "The Clairvoyant" at 1:30 AM on the evening of March 26. However, the film appeared to start about 15 minutes later than scheduled, and so I missed the ending. Were there any technical problems that caused this delay? Did anyone else notice this? Please show "The Clairvoyant" again, as it is rarely shown anywhere, and is very difficult to find on home video.
  4. oneders63

    TCM Programer

    Is there any chance that TCM could show more films starring the lovely British actress Glynis Johns? She made most of her 67 films during the 1940's and 1950's, and is probably most famous for her performances in "The Court Jester" (1956) and "Mary Poppins" (1964). However, I'm particularly interested in seeing her two mermaid movies "Miranda" (B&W, 1948) and "Mad About Men" (Color, 1954). These two films were very well received upon their release in England, but they are virtually unseen today. They are not officially available on video (not even in England), and I'm not sure who owns the rights to them today. I would be very grateful if TCM could locate and show them. Thank you.
  5. oneders63

    "Tarzan and His Mate" cut

    Actually, seeing the cut version of "Tarzan And His Mate" was a bit of a treat for this film buff, and I wish I had taped it. The cut version has been virtually unseen, since the restored version was released on videotape and laserdisc over ten years ago. I thought it was fascinating to observe the mentality of the 1934 production code censors at work. And, in addition to cutting Jane's risque nude swimming scene, a number of other harmless scenes were cut, abridged, and re-edited to simply shorten the film for subsequent re-releases. The cut version also features an alternate take of Jane's tearful realization of Tarzan's "death" (after her father's watch is found in the river). Also, a less shocking bit of dialogue has been dubbed over Jane's eye-opening line: "Cheeta, can't you see I've got nothing on?" The UNCUT "Tarzan And His Mate" is DEFINITELY the superior version. But, the cut version is a fascinating side-bar for film buffs and historians, and I hope that TCM will show it again - as long as they correctly identify which version they're actually showing. Perhaps they could show BOTH versions back-to-back, and then award a prize to the viewer that can spot the most differences between the two! How about it, TCM?

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