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  1. shainablue1

    osmond movies

    Are we still getting these fervent Osmond requests? This is Turner CLASSIC Movies, not Turner **** Movies.
  2. shainablue1

    Which Star of the Month would you like to see?

    I agree with izcutter, Frederich March. He was a great actor- I just watched Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde again recently, what a great movie.
  3. shainablue1

    Mis-cast & your picks ? And who instead ?!

    In " Double Indemnity" I think someone like Lana Turner would have been better in the lead role. That blonde hair on Stanwyk just does not go, they should have kept her brunette at least- she is sooooo hot in The Lady Eve with the lovely brown locks!
  4. shainablue1

    Favorite Gay Actor

    Definetly Rock Hudson- Pillow Talk is one of my favorite movies.
  5. shainablue1

    Choice Ham

    I think George Sanders was a bit of a ham- big ego. I love his voice!!
  6. shainablue1

    Who Isn't a Clint Eastwood Fan Here?

    I have never been into westerns, or action films so I'll say I am not a fan of his, but he seems like a great actor.
  7. shainablue1

    Monkey Business

    I love it when Cary tells Marilyn " Say Terrify", " Now say tissue", " "Now say em together real fast " and it comes out " Tare if I tiss you?" I love it. Ginger is awful cute calling Hank Entwistle to get Cary mad all the time. I think it is an all around fun movie...
  8. shainablue1

    Favorite Bette Davis Film

    Now Voyager is my absolute favorite. It is such a heart wrenching story! I love when Bette is comforting Tina in the bed and Tina cries " I'm ugly! " I hate to say it, but that line has sort of become a joke in our family- whe one of us is having a bad hair day or feeling blah- we'll reinact the scene and shout " I'm UGLY!!" It is much fun- haha .
  9. shainablue1

    Kurt Cobain

    FYI put on the subtitles when you watch it or you are screwed. Massive mumbling!!
  10. shainablue1

    Streetcar Named Desire or On The Waterfront

    A Streetcar Named Desire because I love Vivian Leigh and I can identify with her " I have always depended upom the kindness of strangers" attitude and her emotional frailty. How crude, boorish people can ruin the more vulnerable and susceptible, delicate people . I geuss I just identify more with those characters. How Vivian was able to be so proper and prude yet had such an " unladylike" past. That's why I prefer that movie. Has nothing to do with Marlon Brando sorry to say ( although he is such a **** in the movie!! ).
  11. shainablue1


    I love Dumbo! My sister cannot even watch it to this day due to the Momma Elephant in the clink scene holding Dumbo in her trunk and the song " Baby Mine" going in the background. That is such a heart wrenching movie- gees. Definitely one of my favorites, up there with Snow White.
  12. shainablue1

    ~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

    For another clue, " Soldier Of Fortune" ?
  13. shainablue1

    Trivia -- Week of February 6, 2006

    Charles Boyer? Are we close?
  14. shainablue1

    ~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

    He is right! Congrats!
  15. shainablue1

    ~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

    Clue #4- a group of hostages

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