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  1. SteveQL

    Please add SD versions ASAP.

    Sorry for my apparent simplistic bizarre scenario. I don't care if its TCM or Comcast, or theories why titles on TCM's ON DEMAND are either SD and HD or merely only SD and not HD and vice-versa. Check the list of titles for yourself. Some in HD or SD only makes no sense TO ME. In closing, and in comparison to TCM merely go to Premium channels: HBO ON Demand , Showtime ON Demand, Starz and MAX and you will see each title offered in SD and HD versions. Please don't waste your valuable time protracting this bizarre scenario of which I sincerely apologize. END OF MATTER! SteveQL
  2. SteveQL

    Please add SD versions ASAP.

    RE: If your CRT doesn't have A/V inputs, Yikes!
  3. SteveQL

    Please add SD versions ASAP.

    MONKEY BUSINESS (1931) aired Wednesday July 11 but STILL only SD version is in ON DEMAND UNTIL JULY 18. I just tried to watch but impossible due to too small (postage stamp) PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE HD VERSION. IF NOT, WHY NOT?
  4. I missed airing. But, its not in ON DEMAND. So out of luck to watch at my convenience. Far too many titles not downloaded to ON DEMAND. Fed up!
  5. Thanks. I've already reported to Comcast. They are investigating. Already passed from one CSR to another replies: Thank you for the reply, I have reviewed the examples you provided and see that most of these titles are being offered by other content providers like Sony and Warner Bros via Video on Demand. This leads me to believe that TMC doesn't have the rights to provide these through Video on Demand, but I am going to research further to make sure that is correct. Hi Stephan. I'm responding on behalf of Phil. I've sent your examples over to our On Demand support team. They'll review all of these examples and provide answers. I'll let you know once they have something definitive. Thanks again. They too have redesigned their site and its a hassle.
  6. SD versions of Diplomaniacs (1933) Monkey Business (1931) and other titles over the past two days IN ON DEMAND are squeezed to postage stamp embedded in middle of letterbox after intro. Thus, SD movies do not open to full screen. Senseless to watch. Will this be or not be resolved and if so when? SteveQL
  7. SteveQL

    Please add SD versions ASAP.

    Solution: Just ignore my posts. My HD TV is in the living room. CRT SD TV in bedroom. So If I try to watch a movie on Demand in SD (on bedroom TV) and its only on HD I must go out to the living room to watch. Other way around, if only SD version then won't watch on HD TV. ----------------------- As for the SNAKE PIT out of sync I believe you cited. I confirmed and posted to my providers forum. But, since last day for subject title (TCM ends it July 8). I expect no resolution. Again, ignore my posts. I'm no doubt too picky for what I pay and expect on cable TV and TCM content. And, have received until recently (about time WarnerMedia evolved) Please accept my apology! And, once again ignore my picky posts
  8. I didn't bother with WATCH TCM streaming
  9. Same here out of sync in both HD and SD versions. I posted complaint on my cable provider's website. But, I expect no response since SNAKE PIT ON DEMAND ends today July 8.
  10. Colleen (1936) in ON DEMAND HD version only (not HD and SD verisons). So, I can't watch on my SD only TV. When will this be resolved?
  11. Revolution (1985) aired Saturday at 1:15 AM in SD only not SD and HD. So useless to watch on HD TV.
  12. Correction: aired Monday July 2 Sorry for stating June 2 in error
  13. 'Kid Fom Kokomo' aired Monday Jun 2 only in HD version in ON DEMAND. Since not also in SD can't watch on my SD only TV. When will this be resolved? Please reply ASAP!
  14. SteveQL

    Illicit (1931) still not in ON DEMAND

    Re FOLLOW THE FLEET. I just used SEARCH and result for FTF is not FREE but two day rental i HD or SD for $3.99 to $12.99. I didn't waste time entering CAREFREE. Hence, I doubt either will be in TCM FREE MOVIES ON DEMAND.
  15. SteveQL

    Illicit (1931) still not in ON DEMAND

    You can try CONTACT US at top of page. But, they won't reply. Also, you can try Administrator but again expect no reply.

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