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  1. SteveQL

    Picture Freezes

    You stated it well! Just switched TCM TEA AND SYMPATHY FROM HD to SD on my HD TV and, of course, tiny picture due to letter boxed. A few hours ago TCM played some early 50's films so could watch in either HD or SD and picture appeared the same. Thanks again, SteveQL
  2. SteveQL

    Picture Freezes

    Thanks again. However, if a TCM movie is played in SD on my HD TV --- picture is too small (letterbox) if was produced in pre- wide screen era (typically pre 1954). If I try to use TV's aspect setting to enlarge then picture overflows screen. My cable provider has few full HD versions of movies even though I pay a fortune for services (TV and internet). Thus, a problem except on my second TV being SD (not wide screen). SD programs fill screen and if letterbox then has black bar at top and bottom. Thanks again, SteveQL
  3. SteveQL

    Picture Freezes

    Thank you. Freezing problem was only on HD version of films. On my other non HD SD TV picture did not freeze. Had both TVS on to compare. No problem, so far, this morning (3/7) on HD TCM broadcast. But, again problem was only on TCM (HD) not on any other channels. Not going to call my cable provider unless problem reoccurs. Is always a hassle dealing with my provider. Thanks again, SteveQL
  4. SteveQL

    Picture Freezes

    Tonight (Tues March 6) while watching THE COBWEB and then LILITH picture would freeze for a couple of seconds. Switched to other channels and did not experience same problem. So only on TCM. I will contact my cable provider if it reoccurs. But, if any others have same problem please advise. Thank you, Steve QL
  5. SteveQL

    Video and audio out of sync

    Thank you. Tried same movies on another TV (SD) same problems. Slide forward on "Berlin Express" and reaches point where out of sync occurs. Not worth wasting more time on. I did, however, advise my cable provider.
  6. Due to On Demand "Action in Arabia" incomplete which I posted earlier I therefore started watching "Berlin Express" ON DEMAND. Was in sync for first twenty or so minutes then wildly jumped out of sync. Never experienced this before once into a movie. Thus I give up! So no more On Demand movies until either TCM or my provider corrects. I'd appreciate being advised if others experience same problem. Thank you. Sincerely, Steve QL
  7. I initially posted in wrong section (festival section). I apologize for error and thus duplicate posting. Therefore, again, "Action in Arabia" won't start from beginning. Jumps to portion of film ----- I know not where. Am I alone with this weird problem? Thank you, Steven Q
  8. Both ON DEMAND HD and SD version of 'Christmas Carol 1938 ' are out of sync (video and audio). Is this a TCM problem or my provider's? Thank you Steven Q
  9. SteveQL

    The Big Sleep

    Sorry for posting in wrong forum. No longer an issue.
  10. SteveQL

    The Big Sleep

    Little Foxes beautiful bright crisp print. So it was Big Sleep print.
  11. SteveQL

    The Big Sleep

    Maybe it's just me. But, "The Big Sleep" playing now is a dark bad resolution print. My HD TV channel is 789 and SD 501. Just turned on my (rare) CRT TV and same washed out print on 501. Am I the only one experiencing this? I'll check out the Little Foxes next up. Thank you, Steve QL
  12. SteveQL

    Now Playing Magazine Emailed Yet?

    Today 9/2 8:50 am PST I just called 800-826-1002 and told her (Donna) I did not receive my Now Playing. She asked for my zip code and last name and she correctly pulled up my first name. She said they were sent and MUST be in my spam folder. I told her it is not. I asked her what e-mail address she sent it to. She said she does not have that info. Told me me to register again which I have done numerous times. I give up --not worth it. Steven
  13. Thank you. Checked my spam and nothing re Now Playing. Was there a subject heading such as Now Playing? Received no credit card refund as of yet. But, I'm more concerned with Now Playing e-mail for September. July and August were hard copies so a e-mailed copies for those two months not a concern. Thank you, SteveQL
  14. Have not received refund for unexpired Now Playing subscription. Was to be issued beginning in July. Nor have I received e-mail version for September. From Now Playing site: It has been our honor and pleasure to produce this magazine for you, and we thank you for your loyalty to Now Playing guide over the past two decades. The final printed issue of Now Playing will be August 2017, and you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the remaining balance of your subscription beginning in July. It is time to deliver you a new version of Now Playing straight to your email! Has anyone received any of the above? Thank you, SteveQL

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