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  1. David Guercio

    Spotlight Bond James Bond 007

  2. David Guercio

    Kermit The Frog

    I would also really love to see Kermit The Frog back as a guest programmer with Ben Mainkawitz. I have also always really loved the Muppets a whole lot and I really love the Muppets a whole lot. I actually missed him when he was a guest programmer with Robert Osbourne in 2007. But I herd he really cracked him up. I saw that clip during TCM,s 20th Anniversary. Anyone remember what his picks were?
  3. David Guercio

    Mel Brooks

    The next time they show Mel Brooks,s movies. Mel Brooks would make a really wonderful guest programmer with Ben Mainkawitz and he would have with Robert Osbourne too. I have always thought so. He and Ben could talk about how he made his movies. How he casted the cast in his movies. Stuff like that and if Young Frankenstein is included in the lineup? He could bring his new Young Frankenstein book. A Mel Brooks Book The Story Of The Making Of The Film or if Ben also has it? He could bring it. I have it and it,s so cool and Mel Brooks is a really great and really funny guy. Isn,t he? I have always really loved him a whole lot and I really love him a whole lot.
  4. David Guercio

    Danny Kaye

    I would love to see Danny Kaye as the star of the month sometime. Whenever they show his movies from time to time. I just always really love and really enjoy it so much. His 100th Birthday celebration was cool and the double feature about a month ago was cool too and I really love him. He was cool and if you haven,t seen it? On YouTube. Watch Kraft Salutes Disneyland,s 25th Anniversary hosted by him. He was so great on that. Your going to love it.
  5. You know. It,s so funny. In the last Q&A segment with Scott McGee and Gary Freedman. One Backlot Member asked something like who do you think gives the best performance of a character and one of them was James Bond. Like who do you think is the best James Bond and their answer was Sean Connery and I think so too. Sean Connery is one of my favorite Bond actors too and for a while before this last Q&A segment. I had thought about a Bond Spotlight. So I think it,s time for TCM Spotlight On Bond James Bond 007 and I think the perfect host for it would be Sean Connery. Pierce Brosnan if he,s not available. But I think Sean Connery will be available.
  6. David Guercio

    Summer Drive In

    Hey. I just herd a few days ago about this Summer Drive In theme they will be having in the daytime for a while this Monday the 18th. I am so excited. Anyone know if there will be a host and what the opening will be like? I can,t wait.
  7. Hello. How’s everybody doing? Like I said. This is actually my very first time taking a course. I actually kind of messed up a little bit when I tried taking the Panefully Funny Exploring Slapstick In The Movies course and it was before I was actually on these message boards and I was kind of actually having a little trouble trying to register for these message boards. So what do I do when it says I have no enrollments compleated?
  8. I am finally a registered user here on the TCM message boards. I kind of had some trouble trying to register for a while. I finally made it. I am finally here. I was wondering what time the Mad About Musicals Free Online Course starts on Sunday? This will also be my very first free online course and I couldn't be more excited. So let me know where we'll all be meeting right when the course first starts. So I will know what time and the very first thing we'll be doing. So I'll know what to do. I assume we all meet on the Canvas website and I know a part of the course will take place here on the message boards. This will be so fun and so cool.

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