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  1. Has anyone herd if the TV Land Awards or TV Land Icon Awards will be returning to TV Land this year?
  2. David Guercio

    Martin And Lewis

    Since The Stooge was and is actually based on Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’s act? Do you think all the songs they sing in it were actually a part of their act too?
  3. David Guercio

    Special theme: The Irish on Film

    You too TopBilled. Enjoy the Special Theme Irish On Film here on TCM for S.T. Patrick’s Day today and I hope you have a really wonderful S.T. Patrick’s Day today. Again. Happy S.T. Patrick’s Day.
  4. I just voted for the Viewer’s Choice Awards for this year’s Nickaloaden Kids Choice Awards 2019. What’s it mean when you create your Badge and what happens when you download it?
  5. David Guercio

    Special theme: The Irish on Film

    Happy S.T. Patrick’s Day TopBilled. Yes I have. I remember seeing Young Cassidy either last year. The year before that or a few years ago and I’ve seen Finion’s Rainbow a few times. I watch it every year here on TCM and I also watch TCM’s S.T. Patrick’s Day theme here on TCM every year. I really love it a whole lot. How about you?
  6. David Guercio

    Possible Spotlight Ideas

    Me too and of course. I really love all the Bond films. I have seen every single one. But four of my favorites are Dr No. Goldfinger. The Man With The Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me. Dr No was also in the James Bond Jr Cartoon series in the 90s. So was Jaws.
  7. David Guercio

    Special theme: The Irish on Film

    Cool. I’ve got that all set to record right now and I will deleate what I get to see.
  8. David Guercio

    Possible Spotlight Ideas

    I think a James Bond Spotlight would be cool. It could be called TCM Spotlight On Bond James Bond 007 and I think the perfect host for it would be any of the Bond stars. Too bad Roger Moore passed away. I think Sir Sean Connery would be a perfect host. Either with Alecia Malone or by himself. You know how some of the Bond girls have acents? That’s why I think Alecia Malone would be a perfect hostess with Sir Sean Connery as her co-host if they were to have she and him. He could either be by himself or with her. I think that would make a really wonderful Spotlight. I really love them all. But two of my favorite Bond’s are Sir Sean Connery and Roger Moore.
  9. David Guercio

    Where’s Ben?

    Yes he is.
  10. David Guercio

    G.I. Joe

  11. David Guercio

    Where’s Ben?

  12. David Guercio

    G.I. Joe

    Did anybody here watch G.I. Joe? Remember the two parter episode There’s No Place Like Springfield? Where Shipwreck and Lady Jay rescue Professor Malannie and when Cobra attack’s. Shipwreck. Polly and Lady Jay try to escape from what they call the Shark and before Shipwreck could get out. That Blood guy. Whatever his name is of Cobra attack’s it and he can’t get out. Then he wakes up like thirty years later in a hospital married to Mara and they have a doughter named Althea. The hospital and everything that happened to Shipwreck was all fake right and did Cobra actually plan the whole thing?
  13. David Guercio

    Where’s Ben?

    Where’s Ben? Is he on vacation?
  14. David Guercio

    Special theme: The Irish on Film

    Me too.
  15. David Guercio

    Robin Williams

    The World Acorrding To Garp.

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