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  1. David Guercio

    Was Mel Brooks a tcm guest programmer, yet?

    I don’t think Mel Brooks has been a guest programmer yet. But he would be perfect. I would definitely really love to see Mel Brooks as a guest programmer. Either co-hosting a night of his movies with Ben Mainkawitz with a copy of his book. A Mel Brooks Book. Young Frankenstein. The Story Of The Making Of The Film or some picks of his own. I think having him co-host a night of his movies with a copy of his book would be really neat. He and Ben could talk about them and the book and stuff. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and I have been reading his book. It’s really fantastic.
  2. David Guercio

    September 2019: James Bond

    Since the Bond films are actually here on TCM? Which is just so cool. I’m just really loving and really enjoying it a whole lot. Anyone remember the James Bond Jr cartoon series from the early 90s? Which was based on this franchise? All the characters were actually all related to the characters from this franchise. James Bond Jr was James Bond’s nephew. I.Q. Was Q’s nephew and some other characters were Gordo. Stacey. Trever. But I’m not sure who they all were related to. Anyone know? Some of the villains were also in it too. Dr No. Nick Nack. Jaws and they all worked for the leader Scum. Who was he in the franchise? There might have also been some other villains in it from the franchise too. If so? Who else? There was also the guy who was kind of like the teacher at the academy. School or whatever it was. He had a blue shirt on and I think in the very first episode. He mentions to James Bond Jr that he actually knows or knew James Bond. Who was he related to in the franchise? It was also a really cool cartoon too.
  3. David Guercio

    Sherlock Jr

    Ok. Thank you.
  4. David Guercio

    Sherlock Jr

    Is Sherlock Jr a silent version of Sherlock Holmes or does it have talking in it?
  5. David Guercio

    Dick Tracy

    Aren’t there old Dick Tracy movies? Besides the 1990 Disney version with Warren Beaty?
  6. Wasn’t there supposed to be a tribute to Denzel Washington this month featuring an encore presentation of the AFI Life Achievement Award A Tribute To Denzel Washington? Will they reschedule it?
  7. David Guercio

    September 2019: James Bond

    Cool. I am so really looking forward to this. Like I said before. My wish came true. Yes.
  8. David Guercio

    James Bond Movie Title Revealed

    Cool picture.
  9. David Guercio

    Treasures From The Disney Vault

    What did Lenoared Malton show for Treasures From The Disney Vault last time again and it was in June right?
  10. David Guercio

    James Bond Movie Title Revealed

    Yep. I herd it on Good Morning America this morning. It will be so cool. It’s scheduled to be out in theatres in April of 2020. I am really looking forward to it a whole lot.
  11. David Guercio

    Actors You Would Have Liked To See Play Bond?

    I forgot to mention that I am also a really huge Carey Grant fan. That’s also one of the reasons why I also would have wanted him to play James Bond after seeing him in that part of Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest I was talking about.
  12. David Guercio

    Actors You Would Have Liked To See Play Bond?

    Did anybody see my request for a Bond Spotlight on the Friday Night Spotlight board? I am so excited about this too. Because my wish and request actually came true. This will be so fantastic. I know he didn’t actually have an accent. But after seeing the part in Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest where Carey Grant is looking up at the house and listening to the people’s conversation. Like he’s investigating the situation? I think he would have been a really cool James Bond too. Carey Grant actually reminds me of Sir Sean Connery’s James Bond. His hairstyle and if the last Bond would have been Daniel Creag’s last one? I think Hugh Jackman would have been a great one too. I thought about Arnold S. But I’m not sure. He’s a really wonderful actor though. Isn’t he and I’m glad Daniel Creag is coming back.
  13. David Guercio

    Monster Madness - A History of Horror Films

    Cool. I’ll really be looking forward to it.
  14. David Guercio

    Monster Madness - A History of Horror Films

    Is this an upcoming event that will air here on TCM this October?
  15. Anyone who loves Disney should know this. How many volumes are in the Disney Sing Along Songs Collection? I can’t remember.

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