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  1. This is so cool and so exciting. Which channel will the new Looney Tunes be on? Cartoon Network? Boomerang? Both? Which one and if anyone also hears about Cartoon Network’s Cartoon Theatre coming back? Please let me know. I miss that too.
  2. David Guercio

    Johnny Cash

    Has TCM ever shown any of Johnny Cash’s movies before? I just got back from vacation with my family and it was so cool. We went to Nashville and Memphis and one of the things we did in Nashville was go to the Johnny Cash Museum. It was so cool. We all just loved it. We learned all kinds of stuff about him and June Carter Cash and they also have a video there about him and stuff. His career and stuff and one of the things I also learned about that they also talked about was that he also did all kinds of movies and TV shows from time to time. That’s so neat and so cool and I would like to see his movies now. That’s why I’m asking. I think it would be so cool and one of the things we did in Memphis was go to Graceland of course and take the tour. It was fantastic and of course I know they show Elvis’s movies. So I will be watching for Elvis’s movies as well. I am a really huge Johnny Cash fan and Elvis fan. As well as all kinds of other stuff we did in Nashville and Memphis too.
  3. David Guercio

    Johnny Cash

    That’s right. Thank you.
  4. David Guercio

    Johnny Cash

    Did Johnny Cash do that western that was on today with Kirk Douglas. Henry Fonda and Hume Cronyn? There was A Crooked Man or what was the movie he did with Kirk Douglas again?
  5. David Guercio

    The Doris Day Appreciation Thread

    Hey. Who watched Doris Day’s memorial tribute yesterday and really loved it? I did. I watched it all day yesterday and just really loved it a whole lot. She was a really wonderful actress and singer. Wasn’t she? One of my very favorites that she and Rock Hudson did together is Pillow Talk. That’s a really wonderful movie. I just really love it a whole lot. She and Rock Hudson were also really wonderful together in all the movies they did together. Weren’t they and they were also really great and really wonderful friends too. Weren’t they? Calamity Jane is a really great movie too. A drama western musical right and the one where she actually plays a singer and I just really loved the Spy movie she was in last night too. I thought she played a really great part in that one and did everybody see Paul Lynde? He’s in it too. He just really cracks me up. He was a really great and really funny guy. Wasn’t he? I just really loved him a whole lot and was Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much the only Alfred Hitchcock movie she did or did she do more then one and was that on as part of her memorial tribute yesterday too? I just really loved Doris Day a whole lot. We all did. Didn’t we? She will really be missed a whole lot. Won’t she? We all really love you a whole lot and we’ll all really miss you a whole lot Doris Day.
  6. David Guercio

    Tim conaway

    Hey. Great idea. He was so funny. Wasn’t he?
  7. David Guercio

    The TCM Drive In Summer 2020

    It doesn’t look like they’re having Essentials Jr this summer with my request. So I’m going to try requesting it again for next summer. Summer 2020. Again. They could call it The TCM Drive In. Just like the Disney Channel used to have The Disney Drive In. Saturdays at 1:30pm 12:30c. It could be on at Essentials Jr’s normal time slot. Sundays at 8pm est 5pm pac all summer long. If there are any drive In’s in Atlanta. That could be the set. If not. The TCM set is fine. The hosts could either be Bill Hader with some kids. John Lithgow with some kids. Sean Hayes with some kids. The Muppets. Kermit The Frog. Miss Piggy. Fozzie. Gonzo. Rizzo. Animal. Staffler and Waldorf and all the rest with some kids. They could be in their car and the lineup could be Monkey Business 1952. Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland 1972. TCM Premire. The Wizard Of Oz 1939. Annie 1982. The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes 1939. The Ghost And Mr Chicken 1966. Dr Sues’s The 5000 Fingers Of Dr T 1953. Lassie’s Great Adventure 1963. The Great Muppet Caper 1981. TCM Premire. The Muppets Wizard Of Oz 2005. TCM Premire. Treasure Island 1990. TCM Premire. Pinocchio 1976. TCM Premire. The Adventures Of Robin Hood 1938.
  8. David Guercio

    John Wayne

    Isn’t there a John Wayne movie on tonight as part of this month’s Spotlight? Also with Richard Beymer. Red Buttons and I think Buddy Hackett too. But I’m not sure.
  9. David Guercio

    Country Awards

    Isn’t there some kind of Country Awards on tonight? If so. What channel?
  10. He sure would. Wouldn’t he?
  11. If September’s has already been chosen? I would really love to see Danny Kaye as SOTM sometime. If they aren’t having him for a full day for Summer Under The Stars this year. He was just so wonderful. Especially when he hosted Kraft Salutes Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary in 1980. Anyone remember that?
  12. David Guercio

    Sesame Street

    Does anyone remember a Sesame Street episode from the 90s where Mr Johnson goes to Hoopers for lunch instead of Charlie’s Restaurant? That way he won’t have to worry about Grover and he has Gina make him a Cheeseburger and then. Grover calls Hoopers and Bob answers and goes. It’s for you sir or Mr Johnson. It’s Grover and he goes. Oh no and I think Grover asks why aren’t you coming to lunch today sir and Mr Johnson says. I’m not coming to lunch today. Because you always bring me the wrong food and Grover says he’ll never do it again and he cry’s and Mr Johnson says. Alright. Alright. I’ll come to lunch and it’s that same segment where he orders a Cheeseburger with French Fries and a Pickle and Grover brings him a Grapefruit on a bun. Then. Mr Johnson goes back to Hoopers. Tells Gina all about what happened and he hopes she still has the Cheeseburger she made him and she gives it to Grover. I tried to find that one on YouTube. But I’m not sure they have it.
  13. David Guercio

    Sesame Street

    Hey. I was just thinking. Anyone remember the segment on Sesame Street where Bert and Rick Moranis are flying on a plane together and are sitting next to each other and Bert asks the flight attendant how long it will be till they land and she says eproxmently seven hours sir and they both are thinking seven hours whow and they also think that if they talked to each other. They wouldn’t have anything in common and the flight attendant also says. In just a few minutes. We will be serving dinner. The Chicken or the Fish and Bert asks. If he could get a bowl of Oatmeal and they both really love Oatmeal and sing Stick Out Your Hand And Say Hello and Rick orders two bowls of hot water so he and Bert could have Oatmeal? Where do you think they were going and Rick Moranis’s last two movies were actually Disney’s Brother Bear one and two right?
  14. David Guercio

    Godzilla 2014

    Does anyone know where I could find Godzilla 2014? Has it been on any of the movie channel’s by any chance? I thought it was on Netflix. If it was? I don’t think it is anymore. I would like to see it before I see this new Godzilla King Of The Monsters. Remember when Bill Hader showed the original on Essentials Jr a few years ago. That was so cool. That’s what this new one reminds me of and I think this one is actually a remake of that one. That’s so cool too.
  15. David Guercio

    Actor-comedian Tim Conway (1933-2019)

    Oh. I forgot to ask. Will TCM be paying tribute to him too?
  16. David Guercio

    Actor-comedian Tim Conway (1933-2019)

    Really wonderful job everyone. Including all the messages from all the stars too. Including Carol Burnett herself too. It was so much fun reading all the messages from all of you just now speaking about Mr Tim Conway. Whow. I just really loved and really enjoyed it a whole lot. Now it’s my turn. Tim Conway was so funny. Wasn’t he? On The Carol Burnett Show. In all the movies he did. Including the ones he did with Don Knotts too and they were also really great friends too and I think they also had an act together too and they went on tour too. They were a really great team and I was so sad to hear this morning that he had passed away. Just like you all. I will really miss him so much too. He was a really wonderful man. He will be missed. RIP Mr Tim Conway. We all really love you a whole lot. Also. My very best wishes to Carol Burnett and the rest of the cast of The Carol Burnett Show. Anyone also remember when he presented the Life Achievement Award to Ernest Bordinine when he received it a few years ago?
  17. David Guercio

    The Doris Day Appreciation Thread

    It’s so sad and too bad. Doris Day was a really wonderful actress. Wasn’t she and she and Rock Hudson were really wonderful together weren’t they? I think one of my favorites with the two of them is Pillow Talk. That’s the one where Rock Hudson is the DJ and singer and they go out together and he gets her out of bed and carry’s her all the way to his apartment and they get married at the very end right and she was a singer too right? I will definitely be watching TCM’s tribute to her and June 9th and if I remember right. One time my family and I were in Monteray and we went to the hotel where she used to stay whenever she went to Monteray. I think. We will all really miss her a whole lot. Won’t we everybody? I sure will too.
  18. David Guercio

    Secret Agent/Spy Films

    Hey. How’s it going everybody? I hope you all really enjoyed TCM’s 25th Anniversary celebration last night. I sure did. It was so much fun. Anybody know of any other Secret Agent/Spy films besides Bond and Austin Powers? Dean Martin’s Matt Helm counts doesn’t it and what else is there? Also. Let me know if I got Dean Martin’s Matt Helm right.
  19. I tried looking for it on the ABC app and ABC.com. But I couldn’t find it. Does anybody know when the season finalie of America’s Funniest Home Videos is or if it’s already been on?
  20. David Guercio

    My TCM Memory

    Hey. Maybe everybody might be able to help me with something. Does anyone have a recollection of TCM from August of 2001 when they had one of Elvis’s concert’s on that also featured bloopers like of his suit falling off. This might have actually been on August 16th of 2001. The anniversary of his death of that year and it was also when they actually called it Turner Classic Movies and the website was actually TurnerClassicMovies.com. If anyone has a recollection? Let me know. It’s for a TCM Backlot Contest. It was also a few years before Ben Mainkawitz came and started. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate it.
  21. David Guercio

    My TCM Memory

    I take that back. That concert might have been on when he was Star Of The Month in January of 2001. So if anyone remembers that concert? Let me know. Once again. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate it.
  22. David Guercio

    The Essentials 2019

    What a great start to this brand new season of The Essentials. Ben and Ava did a really great and really wonderful job. Didn’t they and I think I thought for a while that Ben Mainkawitz would be a perfect new host for The Essentials and here he is with filmmaker Ava Duvernay and Marty is a really wonderful classic movie. Isn’t it and Ernest Bordinine was a really wonderful actor. Wasn’t he? I also remember when Robert Osbourne and Drew Barrymore showed Marty as part of The Essentials too.
  23. David Guercio

    Robert Osbourne’s Birthday

    When is Robert Osbourne’s birthday again?
  24. David Guercio

    Special Late Night Editions

  25. David Guercio

    Special Late Night Editions

    Of course Alec Baldwin didn’t. When David Letterman. Tina Fay and William Freadkin co-hosted with him. But does anybody think Ben and Ava will also have special late night editions of The Essentials once in a while? Like Robert Osbourne used to with Alec Baldwin. Drew Barrymore and Sally Feild?

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