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  1. Alswan S

    Movie title please

    Thanks Slaytonf and TopBilled:I appreciate your inputs. Gypsie Colt was the film!! I appreciated both your replies. Thanks guys!!
  2. Alswan S

    Movie title please

    I saw a B&W movie about a horse: it was an incredible story based on a true story. It’s about a horse and a little girl ( 8 or so yrs old or so ) who’s best friend was her horse. The horse would pick the girl up from school on every school day. For one reason or another the father was obliged to sell the horse; he had no choice. Once the horse was at his new place the horse managed to get free and went cross country for many, many miles-I think for a thousand miles; quite not sure of the distance. The scene showed that every day the horse thought of picking up the girl from school. He treked cross country with that thought in mind. ’Time to pick her up from school’. During his trek many people tried to catch him but being a clever horse evaded all sorts of attempts of capture. After a long time the horse arrived in town just in time to pick the girl up from school. What a happy ending and an incredible story!! would anyone happen to know the name of this movie? I certainly would like to see that movie again!
  3. Alswan S

    Movie title please

    Oh,hey; thanks for the list of baseball films!!! I enjoy watching movies of exceptional ball players such as THE GRATTON STORY,BABE RUTH, LOU GERRICK,etc. Thanks TopBilled for this website. Looking at the Wikipedia list the title stared right at me. The memory was jarred when the title THE KID FROM LEFT FIELD showed up. There were two mentioned of the same title, so I looked it up on IMBD and there it was: the movie in question that I saw was made in 1953. Thanks TopBilled for the info. You mentioned about a boy who was able to predict the out come of horse races. What would be the name of that film? I would like to see that film as well.
  4. Alswan S

    Movie title please

    It was definitely baseball. The scene opens with a group of boys ages between 10-15 playing baseball. The boy in question predicted that this batter will hit the ball to [ i forget where ] and will go right between the legs of this player [ maybe the short-stop ]. Lo and behold it happened just as he predicted.
  5. Alswan S

    Movie title please

    Hello all! I saw a B&W movie about a boy (10-12yrs old)who had the knack of predicting sequences when playing baseball. I don’t remember how it happened, but in one scene he was in the dressing room of a team playing for the MLB checking ou the players and pointing out their weaknesses. I even believe that he was the manager of the team in question in a behind-the-scenes manner. Would anyone remember the name of this movie? One scene that I remember is that he noticed one player reading a comic book close up to his face. The boy held the comic a certain distance and asked him to read, but the player absolutely refused presumably being embarrassed to read a comic book out loud. i don’t want to say more for it might ruin the story if too much is said. It’s a good movie and would like to watch it again.
  6. Alswan S

    Movie please

    I believe that that’s the film: thanks TopBilled for the reply!!
  7. Alswan S

    Movie please

    Hello! I remember a movie where a mother is looking after a teen-age daughter( 18 I think) who had the mentality of a 10 year old. I believe that her mother and she went to Italy for a vacation where she met a young man who seemed to help to develop her mind. He was not a doctor or anything. Just a young man who liked her;He realized that she got way to exited when she laughed and calmed her down in such a loving and warm manner. she became mentally mature with him-So much so that the mother approved of their relationship. Would anyone know the title of this movie? It was aired recently on TCM but can’t remember the title.
  8. Alswan S

    Movie title please

    Yes, yes, yes. That's the movie!! Thanks Slatonf.
  9. Alswan S

    Movie title please

    Hello!! I saw a movie that was made in the 80's, I believe. It's about a black boy who was a deaf-mute and witnessed a murder of a woman in an alley-way. Due to circumstances, he did not know any sign language. His mother tried her best to put him into a school that might help him to communicate but all schools where she went couldn't or wouldn't accept him. Fast forward to the police where the boy tried to mimick the actions that he saw on that day but the police interpreted the mimicry of the crime as the boy's confession and put him in jail. Now this is interesting. The lawyer who was hired to defend his case was also a deaf person: his sister repeated the words heard in court using sign language and successfully defended the boy's case. One scene that you will see is the lawyer reading from a book and watching the movements of his lips with the help of a hand-held mirror. It was his daily excercise so as not to forget how to talk though he can not hear. Would anyone know this movie?
  10. Alswan S

    New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    I too had problems receiving emails from TCM. Someone suggested to search in my spam or junk folder: for me that is where I found my emails by them. I hope that this tip was helpful.
  11. Alswan S

    Titles of movies please

    Thanks SCSU!! I'll keep out an eye for it.
  12. Alswan S

    Titles of movies please

    Thank-you for the input, James and SCSU !! If you can think of others, by all means bring them to my attention. Thanks again for the input!!
  13. Hello!! I noticed that TCM is going to air a number of crime films. I dooo enjoy crime films and shows. One particular genre that I enjoy is when a sleuth narrates the scenes or situations and revealing his inner thoughts etc. about his case. I do not know any titles of this genre, but have seen one or two of them in the past. Could anyone provide a a number of titles of this genre of crime films?
  14. Alswan S

    September Schedule is Up-- Jennifer Jones SOTM

    I too enjoy crime stories and have a number of them scheduled to be recorded. I particularly enjoy crime stories that are narrated but do not remember any titles of this genre. Could anyone suggest a number of titles to look out for? I posted this topic under TIKISOO's thread but didn't do it properly ergo I posted it here.

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