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  1. danthemoviefan

    What Movies Aired on HBO in September, 1977

    End of the Game has aired many times on the Fox Movie Channel.
  2. danthemoviefan

    August Schedule is Up! SUTS

    For what it's worth, Robert Stack's "Airplane!" line about "top man, big cheese" sort of mimics one of his lines from "The High and the Mighty," only he didn't say "big cheese" in that one.
  3. danthemoviefan

    Atrocious closed captions...

    I can't remember, but I'd say the "u" was probably left out because the captioning was likely done by an American with poor understanding of British speakers and spelling style.
  4. danthemoviefan

    Atrocious closed captions...

    The worst captioning I've ever seen was on a TCM broadcast of Brighton Rock a few years ago. I turned the captions on hoping they would help me on some hard-to-understand British accents, but no sale. I actually understood what a lot of the British actors were saying, but the captions were atrociously bad, nowhere close to what the actors were saying. Like your example, there was one instance in Brighton Rock where the caption said "unintelligible," but I could understand perfectly what was said.
  5. danthemoviefan

    frenchman's creek

    Yes, it was the same washed-out print with the MCA/Universal Pay TV opening logo.
  6. danthemoviefan

    Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    Beth Howland of "Alice" TV fame died Dec. 31, but her death was just announced Tuesday, according to her wishes. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/25/arts/television/beth-howland-accident-prone-waitress-from-the-sitcom-alice-dies-at-74.html?_r=1
  7. danthemoviefan

    Pool (i.e. billards) in film

    Isn't the killer in And Then There Were None (1945) playing pool when he's revealed at the end of the movie?
  8. danthemoviefan

    Lolly-Madonna XXX

    I don't think TCM has shown this film since c. 1999-2001, and that showing was a full-screen, edited-for-content version. The uncut version is available on DVD from the Warner Archive, and that looks to be the version TCM is showing this time.
  9. danthemoviefan

    Movie Narration

    I just recently watched the MST3K version of The Creeping Terror, which has a ton of narration, more than any film I've ever seen. I'm more partial to the narration of Lou Marcelle in Casablanca.
  10. danthemoviefan

    Tuesday Weld Tribute!

    I also recommend Who'll Stop the Rain. Another good Tuesday Weld appearance is her Naked City episode with Rip Torn: "A Case Study of Two Savages."
  11. danthemoviefan

    Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    I just watched her in Undercover With the K K K, a 1979 TV movie.
  12. danthemoviefan

    Anti-Thanatopsis Question

    That would be "Thanatos Palace Hotel" from The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.
  13. danthemoviefan

    Joe Garagiola (1926-2016)

    I remember Garagiola on an NBC baseball game in which the home team was trailing big in the late innings. Fans were leaving in droves, and Garagiola said it was as if "the vendors were selling fire."
  14. danthemoviefan

    Most Alluring Credit Names

    That's one reason I always stay until the end: the music credits.
  15. danthemoviefan

    Most Alluring Credit Names

    I've only seen one film of his (his most famous one), but I wondered what a person was like who was saddled with the name St. John Legh Clowes.

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