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  1. Michael Linehan

    Marnie reconsidered

    I am going to agree with you. I hated this movie the first time I watched it but after seeing the love for this movie by our lecturers and the introduction on TCM I watched it finally for a second time and it's moved up my ranks. Not only that but I think Hedren's acting performance is much better than I originally thought. I guess time does change perceptions.
  2. I love this movie. SPOILER: The reveal towards the end where she is exactly the same woman worked on me. I did not realize for a minute that that was the same actress the first time I saw the film. The pure sickness of Scotty and the tragedy of him losing his love forever at the end because he couldn't sell out to a murderer is the pure essence of the film.
  3. Rank the 8 Films of Hitchcock Grant/Or Stewart. 1. Vertigo 2. Notorious 3. Rear Window 4. North By Northwest 5. The Man Who Knew Too Much 6. Rope 7. Suspicion 8. To Catch A Thief That's how I'd order them. All 8 great films but definite highs and lows for both actors with Hitchcock.
  4. I just watched that and saw that too. Was figuring someone else noticed it as well.
  5. I think the premise is excellent. I think Tippi's acting is horrible.
  6. I was looking through the Course Bibliography today and found that it contained my two favorite books on Hitchcock that I have in my collection and I highly recommend them. McGilligan, Patrick. Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light (ReganBooks, 2003) Truffaut, Francois, with collaboration of Helen G. Scott. Hitchcock/Truffaut. Revised Edition (Touchstone Book, 1985P I don't think you'll find any better ones out there than these two. They both enhance the viewing experience for the films.
  7. Michael Linehan

    Hitchcock Lecture Videos

    I love the lecture videos. I've also tried to catch the pre movie intros on TCM even if I don't watch the entire film then. Very informative. I was happy to see that our Professor Dr. Edwards is a Notorious fan cause it's also one of my favorites.
  8. I think Marnie and The Birds suffer because of Tippi. Hitch appeared to get arrogant and infatuated with turning her into a star where a more famous, accomplished, and bankable actress would have been much better for the roles. Marnie suffered the most from that. I never liked Tippi's acting.
  9. Michael Linehan

    Hitchcock top 5

    Can't believe I left Rear Window off. Add that to my honorable mentions.
  10. Michael Linehan

    Foreign Correspondent

    Shadow of a Doubt and Notorious. Don't forget that one. Those two films are his best of the 40's and are the ones you pick from that decade to show someone who Hitchcock was as a director and maker of movies. Foreign Correspondent may be the link but Notorious is the true masterwork.
  11. Michael Linehan

    Hitch and Oscar snubs

    Oscars are extremely political. I think the best filmed exposure of that fact was the great Feud series on FX this past TV season Better and Joan. The fight for that best actress Oscar between Joan and Bette and how Joan torpedos Bette's shot at it is something to see and it's acted out brilliantly by Sarandon and Lange. I've always believed that being nominated was the important thing. The winner was always about politics.
  12. I think Notorious is underrated because one could argue it's his best film. You can't really watch To Catch A Thief anymore after seeing the much better version of it in Notorious, yet To Catch A Thief comes up more often on the TV and in conversation.
  13. I love this film. 1. My favorite part of this scene and the scenes before it is Ingrid's dress. I love the fashion in the movies, especially the 30's and 40's films and that dress is fantastic. Hitch used Edith Head a lot for costume design and she was the best. That was a Hitchcock touch I think that is overlooked. 2. Costume again is very important here. Grant with the suit and the party girl with that striped dress. 3. Star Power is huge in this film and this is one of Hitchcock's best films by far. It has everything. I think it gets lost on Hitchcock's list because it's in black and white and isn't in that sweet spot from Rear Window to Psycho. This is his greatest film of his early American period.
  14. The quote of the day was from the Lecture Notes video. When talking about directors that yell and scream to get what they want this was the reply. "All the Drama on the Set and none of the Screen" - Hitchcock
  15. Michael Linehan

    Hitchcock top 5

    1. Vertigo 2. Notorious 3. Dial "M" for Murder 4. North By Northwest 5. Psycho Honorable Mentions: Lifeboat, Frenzy, Rebecca I'll never forget the first time I saw Vertigo. I was floored when the reveal happened. Amazing experience and one of the best I've had with any film.

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