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  1. Of course the location, London, the actors british, and the public involvement are in both films. His opening of the traveling the Thames, gives us the great visuals that hitch is known for, taking all of us to places we haven't seen or haven't seen in that view. Public areas for discovery/commission of unexpected events. His openings seem to draw you in, peeping tom like, or unexpected events, or public spaces where bad things can happen. He also likes to set the location early on, gives us info that we need to process the more complex action to happen. Watching kim Novak interview, she said, he was always looking at you thru the camera, creepy like. You are watching a master of framing a scene, a kiss, a dolly shot, the true stalker of imagery.
  2. Of course we know her character is changing and for reasons. The dramatic effect of the hair color from black (the criminal) to blonde (hitch's angel fetish), you expect her, this time, to go as a respectable character in her next ID change. I love the use of color in the objects as well. They all tell a picture. The bags, the items in the bags even the key is colored, to point the ease of bright disappearing. A book could be written on how hitch uses color, details always say something. Her interactions with the objects reflect careful prep and planning. The score is as haunting as vertigo but with a climax of her hair thrown back, the music and the visual are sexual in nature, unlike vertigo. Cameo, maybe we are going to see something uncomfortable. Just a note, casting the male lead with Sean was not a good choice. Needed a Grant type. This is the only reason I believe this film misses, if only slightly.
  3. This beginning shows the real store keeper who brings a comedic relief to the start, and then the playfulness of tippi pretending to be the store keeper. Mitch seems to know that she isn't knowledgeable about birds, but goes along anyway. Indicating a possible romance. The outside birds seem to be more aggressive than the tame inside birds by sounds only. Hitch walking two dogs as the cameo, reflects his authorship on this film. By this time we the audience looked for him, and by seeing him early leaves us satisfied it's his.
  4. The opening is as annoying as the film. The score is a co author of this film. However, how much I love hitch, I dislike this period and this film. I know it is sentinel work, but I see this film as his decline as well. Commercial success doesn't equate to art. We get the feel of watching porn, dirty. He uses the time, to say a lot about the woman, the day to set morality, and the date for reality. It never reminds me of rear window but techique the same. What character? Janet is great, but the marion is not. Basically, OK to kill. Not really a great movie first or sadly last. How dated can we get. Glorifying killing a woman who is morally challenged. Hitch in decline, low budget, lower star status, needs score to tell a story, begins the movie business attempt to propel itself against tv. They had to use something that tv couldn't offer, not sex, so it's horror. Now it's special effects. Glad this genre is partly over.
  5. You basically know that heat will be in the scene as soon as they talk. Grant being the experienced older man and the daring young woman, create the ideal for fantasy that hitch often played with. Rot matchbook is another sales tool for the ad man with everything. Like a name on a bar, this book of matches, reminds you of where you been, need I say more. I think hitch must have honeymooned on a train. Maybe Alma and hitch could hear the train from their first flat, or the sounds of trains arouses something in him. I love the scene but the music needs upgrade.
  6. For sure the score and graphics lead us to the mind. It will either contain a dream or psychosis Of some kind, or both. We are being hypnotized during the opening, both by the music and art spirals, etc. The most powerful image is the inner eye, just traveling in it. But it's the music that makes this so haunting. Everytime, I am amazed how it impacts me. I feel as I am being hypnotized by imagery and music. The art of the spirals, etc. Are bold and strange as the music, both working together for perfect effect. Without one the other loses concept. Best opening ever.
  7. As he takes us thru the window around the set you are viewing the apartments as you would if you were in his room, making the viewer complicit in pepping, right from the start. The photographer was injured by taking risks, as the action photos indicate. Here lies the bones, of a broken man as well. If he's not working, the world is over for him. All said on set and design. Hitch makes you feel very interested in each shot, as the temp rises, so does our curiosity. We see action in every frame/ apartment, save scotty. The cat runs, the dog barks, the pigeons fly. What's next, is his talent, we need to know. The set design in this film is probably his best. Although as you watch it, it comes off as a very realistic scene. However, it has a dream like quality that only black and white films seem to achieve. His control over the set, colors, dress, apartments, and probably tempature makes you realize what a detailed eye he has. The microcosm of lives lived thru A movie frame is priceless.
  8. Reading some of the posts to this question, I admit I missed most of the visible criss cross. I got the obvious tracks, legs, but I did follow the directors eye for the shoes. Shoes say so much about a person. Showing Bruno as a flashing guy and guy a regular guy, even if a little famous. Naming the roles with intent. The score very dramatic and dark, hold on for a hitch ride. The darkness of this film surpasses all his other work. His best example of film noir, maybe his only.
  9. The upside down shot was great, but it was the first angle shot of grant that makes it hitch. Other films could use color, but not this one the black and white photography is outstanding, especially the backdrop of the driving scene. What atmosphere. Done in color would ruin it. From art design to costume, it's designed for its effect. Look at her belly showing is it there just because, no, it's not. It's Two of the most beautiful ppl ever seen on screen, fall in love, amidst murder and treason, All the while we can't wait to the ending. Casting for this one outstanding, and just to think without a blonde.
  10. The hitch touch for me was the panning of the room, shooting the food on the floor (shooting the unexpected). The questioning maid of course, begs for explanation. The props are rich, budget good,would have loved to see the set in color as he used The pallet so effectively later on. No I believe this is not a typical opening scene for him. He was in a different mood For this one, maybe, experimenting with the Stars more. Carole Lombard goes well with any leading man. The real issue is I prefer him as Phillip Marlowe in the lady in the lake.
  11. We learn that charlie doesn't care amount money, thrown around, and/or where he stays. We know that he's tired of running and is almost ready to give up. Then decides not too. This scene is out of film noir, the urban setting, the lighting, the chase, the raw emotions of Charlie. The killers opening and this film very similar. Two detectives after the main character, who wouldn't mind suicide by others. The score, is contrast as background is to film. Simple score of a complex plot. The best and often overlooked contrast, is a real killer in the house of pretend/play acting Killers. Hitch, pointing fun at innocence or highlighting it? Love this film, best of his work, as it uses more than imagery as suspense building.
  12. Think that the camera work of walking down the path, moving thru the gate and panning up the mountain makes u wonder if britian had the same technical equipment, just so smooth, dream like. The hitch touch for me is the tension on the cliff, so close, what will happen, thus creating suspense we know as hitch The house is the macguffin, maybe just a blind for the real meat, Tara on the other hand, Represents the heart of the plot.
  13. He uses folk music to establish a cottage homely atmosphere, a cuckoo clock sounds a horn that maybe not all is cozy(maybe for a laugh, but I didn't see it that way). The scene is busy to bring interest, as one watches any commotion that occurs. They bring a fun and British take to the scene. They are comic but also serve as the british point of view, their banter is our window into a typical tourist on a vacation You see the innkeeper run to Iris, giving you the impression of VIP entrance, he does a closeup as a personal touch as well, indicating more attention to her vs the girls.
  14. Often hitch uses scene grabbers, like not showing Donat's face, to draw you in the first few seconds of the movie. Yes, he uses this technique for the audience to identify with a character. Farce is contrast with facts, amazingly smooth we see a crowd controlled just as we are. Check listing all the buttons, hitch touch is viewing as a audience would.
  15. Oh course the scene sets up a character rich movie, and what characters. Peter Lorre is one of the best actors in europe at this time in his career and one of the best all time. Quintessential Lorre, he stares and the sinister comes out. You know by hitch use of this visual, he will be a major player in the movie. Location,location location. More budget, less closeups, tricks of low budget movies.

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