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    Wine, fashion, anything vintage or antique
    And classic film, of course!
    Hoping to meet fellow classic movie lovers in the New England area. Let's movie!!

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  1. Teresa Carson

    New Hampshire Members

    Thanks Deb. I know there must be other New England backlot members. It's just been difficult reaching out to them. I did find one person classic film lover in New Hampshire, but he's not in Backlot.
  2. Teresa Carson

    New Hampshire Members

    I'd love to join or help start a New England chapter. I'm in Worcester, MA and the cinema in nearby Marlborough plays TCM classics monthly. Feel free to contact me if that sounds like an idea. teresalcarson@yahoo.com
  3. I'm looking for a local chapter too. I'm in Central Mass and Marlborough has a cinema that hosts TCM films monthly.
  4. Teresa Carson

    TCM Backlot New England C'mooon doooown!!!!

    Just bumping this up again to see if anyone is interested in a New England chapter. I'd be willing to do the admin work. Just need enough bodies to form a chapter.
  5. Teresa Carson

    TCM Backlot New England C'mooon doooown!!!!

    I was at the Marlborough screening of Treasure of the Sierra Madre this past Sunday and I saw so many faces there, I wanted to reach out to each and every one to ask if they wanted to form a local chapter. But on second though....just a tad bit strange. I'm not the creepy type, but I do want to reach out and connect. C'mon. I know there are some more locals out here that love movies as much as I do.
  6. Hi There, I am a new Backlot member living in Central Massachusetts and I'm looking to join or start a Backlot Chapter in New England. Anyone interested? Please feel free to contact me via facebook at teresa.carson.16 or Twitter @tlcarson13 [...] Hope to hear from you soon! Let's Movie! Teresa Carson
  7. Teresa Carson

    Veterans Day

    She has such an amazing story. A truly amazing woman. Thanks TCM!
  8. Teresa Carson


    I'd love to join a chapter or help start a chapter here in New England. I'm in Worcester, MA so pretty central to all of the New England states. Anyone interested??
  9. Teresa Carson


    I'm in Worcester rosebette. I'd love to find some local folks to 'movie' with!
  10. Teresa Carson

    Let's Movie in New England!

    Hi There, I'm an enthusiastic new Backlot member and looking for any fellow New England area members that may be interested in forming a New England Backlot Chapter. Whether Backlot members or not, I'd love to connect with other classic film lovers, to enjoy movie nights or movie afternoons. I live in Central Massachusetts and I spend far too much time home alone with Betty Davis, Cary Grant, Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor and the list goes on... Let's movie!! Teresa Carson https://www.facebook.com/teresa.carson.16 https://www.instagram.com/wednesday13_13/?hl=en

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