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  1. judygarland4liz

    Youngest & oldest classic movie fans

    i'm 19.....
  2. TCM should be able to have movies with their name on it......ok,that made no sense. what i mean is.....i can go to amazon and buy "follow the fleet." i think it would be cool if we could all go to this site and they have a section where we can order movies. because there are some movies i see on TCM that when i may go to amazon.com,they are out of stock!!! that gets me so mad. grrrrr. TCM shows pratically every classic movie there is.....TCM should be able to make VHS/DVDs of these movies and be able to sell them or whatever. does this make any sense????? i swear,sometimes it is hard to type what i mean out. :/ ----LIZ
  3. judygarland4liz

    who's your favorite movie star and why?

    hahaha very nice.
  4. judygarland4liz

    who's your favorite movie star and why?

    fred astaire rocks! i dont think he is funny looking at all. very handsome indeed.
  5. judygarland4liz

    who's your favorite movie star and why?

    sup???? and welcome! TCM will rock your socks! LIZ
  6. judygarland4liz


    aw,nah that's cool that his movies remind you of your childhood. it's always nice to look back and remember. --LIZ
  7. judygarland4liz


    holy mother,i feel the same exact way about him. phew and i thought i was the only one. hehe ---LIZ
  8. judygarland4liz


    how do ya'll feel about elvis and his movies???? i personally don't think he was a great actor and should've stuck to only singing....but i would love to know other opinions.... --LIZ
  9. judygarland4liz

    maybe it's just ME who feels this way....

    yeah you have a point. it's better than a remake anyday. -LIZ
  10. judygarland4liz

    who's your favorite movie star and why?

    i sometimes ask myself that. why am i such a judy garland freak???? maybe it's her singing....maybe it's her movies....maybe there is something i see about her that i don't think anyone else does....she was just amazing in my opinion. --LIZ
  11. judygarland4liz

    why I watch black and whites

    b/w movies rock my socks! --LIZ
  12. judygarland4liz

    maybe it's just ME who feels this way....

    nah i was not trying to diss the stars in the movie,i just dont agree with people portraying people and them not look like the people they are portraying. i personally think that if you cant find someone near enough to resemble someone,then don't even go through with the project because i personally feel it is an insult. but yeah....it may be a good movie and all....i just don't support the people who are portraying them....
  13. but leonardo that needs to DIEcaprio is making some movie on the life of Howard Hughes ....well,anyways....i was looking at photos from this movie and well......GWEN STEFANI is playing JEAN HARLOW???!!!!! CATE BECKINSALE IS PLAYING AVA GARDNER?!!!! and CATE BLANCHETT IS PLAYING KATHARINE HEPBURN!!!!! too bad from what i DID see,Miss Cate looks like a damn boy and Katharine looked nothing like a boy!!!! UGGGGGGGGGGH. so yeah........comments on this? you can go to imdb.com for more info by the way.....*kills self*
  14. judygarland4liz

    remake of a tracy/hepburn movie....

    i don't even care if the remake is sensational! a classic should just be left the mother-effin alone! but you are right about Ashton Kutcher. he wouldn't know how to act if it bit him in the @$$!
  15. a barbara stanwyck character.

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