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  1. TCM to discontinue print editions of Now Playing

    Just to throw in my two cents, I am not a fan of any print publication going to the digital only format. This would include newspapers, magazines, and shorter newsletters. I understand that the industry is continually leaning toward digital formats, due largely to costs and lower circulation. But there is nothing like reading from an actual physical copy of the newspaper in the morning when I am eating my breakfast. With that said, can I adjust to digital only formats? Yes, especially if the publication is very useful to me...and Now Playing is very useful. But I am just saying that I would simply prefer the option to have the paper copy.
  2. Good New Book on Classic Films

    Thanks for posting this @Amp22. Good stuff!
  3. North By Northwest

    I love this film!! I actually went on a tour at the UN last summer. I also write about this movie in the book I recently released.
  4. Expand the Underground

    Looks like an interesting one for sure...
  5. TCM Challenge #33 - VOTING THREAD

    Looking forward to more challenges being posted...
  6. Your Favourite Performances from 1930 to present are...

    "Far From Heaven" was a great one from that year. I think Dennis Haysbert is a terrific actor, but he is not in that many films.
  7. How do I add a photo?

    For some reason, it wouldn't let me add my profile pic from my computer. It only would add the picture from the URL option.
  8. Recent Buys

    "Frankenstein" is great. Really like Colin Clive in that role.
  9. *CANDIDS* 2

    Peter Lorre was great in "Casablanca"
  10. I saw "In Bruges" quite a while ago too. I remember not liking it all that much, but it is one I would like to see again.
  11. Hitchcock top 5

    Love this topic! 1. North by Northwest 2. Strangers on a Train 3. Rope 4. Shadow of a Doubt 5. The Birds (I wrote about #'s 1 and 4 in my book)
  12. Today's topic

    Great point. The same movie can affect others in many different ways. Some might love a film, while others might feel the opposite about the same one.

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