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    Sci-Fi the next online course?

    Lawrence, I think you're totally right. Looking over the schedule I see a broad range of films pretty much presented chronologically with some real classics (also a few serious omissions). Wonder if Richard Edwards from Ball State will take the reins or another faculty member. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I've taken the last four TCM/Ball State online courses. I've heard that this year's course may be the Science Fiction genre. Anyone have any information?
  3. I agree, Mark, particularly to your reference to "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg." It was visually dazzling, yet somehow very intimate, perhaps because of the choice to use actors rather than singers/dancers in the leads. So emotionally resonant, and such a wise commentary on pursuing the artistic dream.
  4. Vintage Woody Allen is absolutely brilliant, the last fifteen years not so much. Undoubtedly, his clasdics should be rerun on TCM. Trying to fashion a film series (a la an online course) around his work post #MeToo would be highly problematic, fair or not.
  5. In the scene the actress is coquettish, naive, unable to read English, not terribly sophisticated (is Junior a little boy? ). The men are sterotypical rivals, disgruntled that they are both there as competitors for her attention. The gowns and settings are lovely, made to transport the audience from far less glamorous lives. Rainer's odd mirror shtick would seem to be almost an annoyance to the audience, the little people out there. I have no doubt that in a precode setting Ziegfeld would be in the dressing room himself, not just his orchids, with more suggestive dialogue, and snappy comebacks on Anna's part. And there would certainly more dressing/undressing. As is, the audience gets a sense of how the other half lives, but with a knowing wink, i.e., the girl is still silly and the guys are still impatient.

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