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    What ever happened to Exodus?

    What I'd like to know is when they did show it last week it said HD but the print that was displayed was emphatically NOT in HD. Congrats to the station for converting so many films, but please consider actually doing this one or not advertising the SD version as HD!
  2. This is one of my favorite Hitchcock films, aided greatly by Miklos Rozsa's amazing (and Academy-Award-winning) score (there's actually a Spellbound Piano Concerto which is equally amazing - and difficult!!!) My main reason for writing, though, is this: TCM when it re-scanned this movie for HD used the wrong print. It owns a "road-show" print, which it used to use before the re-scan, and which I actually have on my computer, which includes entrance, intermission and exit music (all by Rozsa) which are excellent. It also includes the famous 2-frame red flash that audiences found so shocking in a black-and-white film. The movie was played in its new HD iteration last night, as it has on several occasions since the conversion. Gone are the road show features, and gone is the 2-second moment (I'm not telling where it is except that it follows a conversation between Leo G. Carroll and Ingrid Bergman which contains the wonderful line "What did you think I would do when you told me all this...congratulate you?") Is there anyone who could convince the film buffs at the heart of this wonderful station to find the right print of this movie in the vault and re-scan THAT one for HD? If there's a better part of this forum to put this message in, I'm happy for an administrator to move it - this is my very first posting here. I did post a review in the User Reviews section back in 2013 on this same topic; revisiting it here is because that review, with the same specifics about the disappointing HD transfer, seems to have been ignored by the powers that be. Perhaps I should start banging pots and pans together? If somehow the print originally scanned has become damaged or unavailable, it would be kind for someone to let me know. Otherwise it would be true to the work this station does to find it, re-scan it and then replace the current relatively unsatisfactory version forever. Thanks to all for reading.

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