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    Rodgers & Hammerstein

    I rented Flower Drum Song and watched it last night, so I can comment on it. It is really a fabulous film. Any self respecting musicals fan who hasn't seen it really should. Actually it felt a lot more like an MGM musical rather than Rodgers and Hammerstein. It just seemed so natural--just as I like a movie musical--and not so stagy. As I said, do see it if you get a chance. I will definately be picking up a copy of the original soundtrack when I go to the CD store this weekend!
  2. tmsenzig

    New MGM Musicals DVD Boxed Set

    I will be picking up a few of these DVD's, though not the whole set. SUMMER STOCK I already have on VHS and rarely ever watch. FAIR WEATHER I will probably be getting, as I do not have it. ZIEGFELD FOLLIES is a MUST; I have it on VHS but this is one of the more opulent MGM musicals and it screams for a DVD. I'm torn on whether to get the DVD of TILL THE CLOUDS; I already have the Goodtimes DVD release and it is satisfactory but oh to see what Warner has done with original film elements--I'm sure it will be just spectacular. THREE LITTLE WORDS is also already in my collection on VHS; if I do get the DVD it probably won't be right away.
  3. tmsenzig

    Rodgers & Hammerstein

    Yeah, that part I know. Actually the 1933 original is the best of all versions, but I was just speaking in context of the ROdgers and Hammerstein musical film.
  4. tmsenzig

    Rodgers & Hammerstein

    My favorites are: The King and I A finer R&H musical has never been written. State Fair (1962 version) The 1945 original just doesn't do it for's just too sweet and schmalzy. Plus the '62 version is in Cinemascope, and I'm a sucker for 1960s musicals. Cinderella (1965 Lesley Ann Warren version) The Julie Andrews original, which is now available on DVD, is nice for curio value but the Lesley Ann Warren remake is the one I grew up with--for me, there's NO alternative. I also like South Pacific, because it has some of the most breathtaking photography you'll ever see, but it does get very long. Have never seen Flower Drum Song. I dislike... The Sound of Music and Oklahoma because they're both just too overplayed and overpeformed. Plus Gordon MacRae and every single other Curly I've ever heard on records just grate on my nerves, except for Alfred Drake from the original cast and Nelson Eddy from the 1951 studio recording. Those are the only 2 Curly's I can stand. Carousel because it just does not work as a film. I would love to see the stage play, and do enjoy the cast album and movie soundtrack but I couldn't even sit all the way through one viewing of the film.
  5. As Christmas is a week and a half away, and there are many film versions of Charles Dickin's A CHRISTMAS CAROL out there (among them, Owen's, Sim's, Scott's, Mickey's, Muppets, etc), let's hear which version is your favorite. My favorite is the 1938 MGM version with Reginald Owen as Scrooge. I would love to see what it would have been with Lionel Barrymore playing Scrooge as originally intended. Also love Muppets and Disney's Mickey version. Have not seen the 1951 Brit version with Alastair Sim, but it is on my Christmas list.
  6. I've recently taken a liking to the 1937 version of A STAR IS BORN after having recently seen it on TCM. Judging from all the DVD's available at, I assume it's now in the public domain. Can anyone recommend the best DVD version to purchase. I've read some good reviews on the Image DVD version and the Kino VHS version (the latter out of print). I'm mainly concerned with picture/sound quality, and could care less about special features (with a film that's nearly 70 years old, what features could there be anyway?) Please point me in the right direction. Thanks! TMS
  7. tmsenzig

    Breathtakingly Beautiful

    Not sure if I've posted to this thread before or not, but here goes... Lucille Ball, especially in her earlier years--like in Ziegfeld Follies Vera-Ellen I thought Jane Wyman was gorgeous in Pollyanna and the #1 most beautiful woman ever on screen... MAUREEN O'HARA!
  8. For me, it's MAME (1974), starring Lucille Ball, Robert Preston, and Bea Arthur
  9. tmsenzig


    Thanks Let'em keep the musicals a-comin! TMS
  10. tmsenzig


    Edge, Do you have any specifics on a release date for this? If so, inquiring minds want to know! Thanks, TMS
  11. tmsenzig


    I have the Goodtimes DVD of Till the Clouds Roll By, and it's sufficient, but I'll be ditching it in favor of the new one when it comes out. I'll definately be going for the whole box set! All the rest (except It's Always Fair Weather) I already have on video, but the DVDs will be worth it!
  12. tmsenzig


    Hallelujah! If for no other reason than to have Ziegfeld Follies on DVD, and Ziegfeld Follies in a legit release finally!
  13. tmsenzig

    Favorite Couples or Teams

    Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire - even though they were only in like 2 pictures together Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson Mario Lanza and Kathryn Grayson Judy Garland and Gene Kelly John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau Fred Astaire and Vera-Ellen - in my opinion, this was the best dance team ever at Metro - should have been in more movies And any movies that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were in together (like Long Long Trailer)
  14. My 10 favorites (in no particular order) 1. Auntie Mame 2. Secret Garden (1949 version with Margaret O'Brien) 3. McLintock! 4. Bells of St. Mary's 5. Going My Way 6. Irving Berlin's White Christmas 7. The Parent Trap (1961 version with Hayley Mills and Maureen O'Hara) 8. Ziegfeld Follies 9. Victor/Victoria 10. The Adventures of Robin Hood
  15. tmsenzig

    Favorite CHRISTMAS CAROL film

    Just to clarify, my post below is about the very old 1935 British version of A Christmas Carol, simply entitled SCROOGE.
  16. tmsenzig

    Favorite CHRISTMAS CAROL film

    I picked up the DVD today, so I'll answer my question... My DVD is one of the cheap versions, from Westlake Entertainment Group, edition 3191. I came across it in my local K-mart for $1.99 and grabbed it. I figured the picture and sound quality would suck, but I bought it anyway for, if nothing else, comparison to the other more popular versions (Owen, Sim, Scott, etc). Actually, in terms of the quality of the transfer, it isn't that bad. The film is quite scratchy in many spots, which is to be expected, but is very watchable (and for $2, you can't go wrong). Sound quality is fine; about as good as we can expect. This DVD presents the film at its complete 78 minutes, versus the abbreviated 60 minute version floating around on some VHS/DVD releases. There are no extras--did we really expect any? The menu is simple, but nicely designed. The cast is first rate. The real standout is Sir Seymour Hicks as Scrooge. Hicks had played Scrooge on stage for years, and was also in a silent 1913 British film version. His performance as the old miser is simply astounding and so natural. The rest of the cast are top notch as well, especially Donald Calthrop as Bob Cratchit. The photography is splendid throughout. While I'm sure the more expensive DVDs (in particular, the one with the orange and green cover, from Image) feature better picture and sound quality, this DVD is a more than worthy addition to my collection. And at such a bargain! I give 4 out of 4.
  17. .....Anyone buy the new DVD yet? How is it? Hopefully better than the VHS, which itself wasn't that bad. Also, anyone check out the new Boys Town DVD yet?
  18. tmsenzig

    Favorite CHRISTMAS CAROL film

    Does anyone have any experience with the old 1935 British version with Sir Seymour Hicks, who had priorly played Scrooge on stage MANY times and also in an even earlier 1913 silent film version. I'd like to know your thoughts on Hicks and this 1935 version, as I have it on my wish list (as well as the 3-disc Christmas Classics set from Warner that includes, among others, the fabulous 1938 version FINALLY on DVD).
  19. tmsenzig

    A Star Is Born (1937 version)

    I also recently picked up a copy of the Digiview edition at Wal-Mart for $1.00, and it looks suprisingly good considering it is an el cheapo DVD. Not quite as good as the Image version, but still OK (and for a buck, ya can't go wrong)
  20. tmsenzig

    TCM vs. FMC

    BTW: When is someone going to relase the 1933 STATE FAIR on DVD????
  21. tmsenzig

    TCM vs. FMC

    I like it because it's the only place where you can see the 1933 version of STATE FAIR. We have FMC on DirecTV at home, but it's not part of the cable service we get where I attend college.
  22. tmsenzig

    How do I un-register???

    Please un-register me too (tmsenzig) Thanks
  23. With the upcoming release of the 60th anniversary STATE FAIR set, which will contain both the 1945 and 1962 versions, can anyone answer why the nonmusical 1933 version has never appeared on video or DVD? Will it ever come out? I have a VHS dub I did off the Fox Movie Channel awhile back, but it's not as great video quality as it could have been. While I like the two latter versions, the '33 version is my favorite because of its simplicity, because there is no Rodgers and Hammerstein score to break up the story every few minutes for a song. Anyone know if we'll ever see a DVD released? TMS
  24. tmsenzig

    A Star Is Born (1937 version)

    Oops, hit the post button before I was done... I should add that there are no special features on the Image disc except for some costume tests (in Technicolor) which can be accessed by the scene selection option. The costume tests will be found at the very end.
  25. tmsenzig

    A Star Is Born (1937 version)

    I picked up a copy of the Image DVD at Borders for $9.99. I am extremely satisfied with it. The colors were suprisingly bold, as we expect from 3-strip Technicolor (when even in its infancy the results were remarkable) and well defined. Overall the print is extremely clear, however there is graininess present in a number of spots, though it does not distract to a great extent. Age related artifacts (dirt, scratches, etc) are kept to a minimum. The box claims that the print was remastered from the original 35mm nitrate. Since these elements are nearly 70 years old, I will forgive the imperfections as the quality of the Technicolor is purely outstanding. Far better than the print that aired on TCM last week. The soundtrack is clear and sounds great--no gripes here. Overall this is a great disc and I recommend to anyone seeking a good DVD of this film to check out the one from Image... you won't be disappointed.

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