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  1. I would like to add my thanks to Professors EDWARDS & GEHRIG for a very informative and enjoyable experience! TCM, you have created a fun summer course for people who love movies. I was not aware of what a genius Hitchcock truly was until I started this course. Watching his silent movies was a fabulous introduction to Alfred Hitchcock, the filmmaker. I knew very little about his personal or professional life, but I take away a greater appreciation for this man and his entire body of work! I loved watching the Hitchcock films! Wednesday and Friday's were great nights . I have enjoyed earning my badges! THANK YOU to everyone connected wth the Canvas Course!
  2. This scene is so classy and so very sexy. I could not take my eyes off of Cary Grant or Eva Marie Saint. The dialogue between the two stars was everything in this scene. She listened to the three things Hitch ask of her! Everything about this scene is so subtle, yet so Hitchcock!
  3. Hitchcock gave me permission to be a voyeur in the opening scene of Rear Window, and I accepted! It was interesting to see this scene after studying about Hitchcock. Much more to this movie that just suspense. I will watch the movie with new enthusiasm, and wonder! Lisa & Jeff, looking forward to watching you two!

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