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  1. revelry11

    The Half Naked Truth

    Thanks for the info on Lee Tracy movies in June. I already set my reminders for them. I did not see Behind The Headlines (37) or The Spellbinder (39). I am looking forward to seeing those. Anyone see those and care to comment?
  2. revelry11

    The Half Naked Truth

    The Half Naked Truth is the kind of movie you can watch over and over again without getting tired of it. There are just so many things going on that it is easy to miss all the details. I had hoped TCM had it scheduled again in the future. No such luck. I checked programming for the next 3 months and it isn't listed. Darn. I think I will request it again. I agree with you on the catchy Carpenter's Song. All day long after I watched the movie, it was going through my head!! I believe Lee Tracy gave his best performance in this film. Although he was quite good in other films such as The Nuisance(1933) and Bombshell(1933). Such a shame no one of today's generation even knows of him. He fits perfectly in pre-codes where he can zing em'fast before anyone knows what hit them!
  3. revelry11

    The Half Naked Truth

    I caught the showing of this Pre-code gem yesterday morning and boy was it great! Never saw it before and loved every minute of it. Lee Tracy was superb with his manic demeanor and quick verbal repartee. Lupe Velez gave an equally good performance as a carnival ****-**** dancer who makes the transition to Broadway via the fast talking maneuvers of Lee Tracy on a gullible Frank Morgan. You got to see Eugene Pallette as the put-upon pal of Lee Tracy who goes to unheard of lengths to assist him in getting the scheme of the moment realized. He doesn't even know he is registered at the hotel in New York as a eunuch when the Princess (Velez) checks in. Plenty of jokes alluding to that fact! He even takes a turn as a nudist. But that just the bizarre and over the top scenarios that unfold in this movie. I love Lee Tracy and he is in top form here. Lupe Velez is terrific and her Mexican Spitfire image is in full bloom in this movie. Frank Morgan plays the Broadway producer who gets bamboozled by Lee Tracy with superb comic results. Add to the cast an always charming Franklin Pangborn and I have to say this movie rates a 10 with me. Made in 1932 and directed by Gregory LaCava. You have to catch "The Carpenter's Song" in this film. Listen to the words....pure pre-code at it's finest. I could see this one again anytime. It is that great. Any comments from others who caught this movie??
  4. revelry11

    Warren William

    Thanks Coffeedan for the info. I must have missed it playing on TCM. I will request THE DARK HORSE myself and maybe more of you folks will do so too. I turned on TCM the other night and there was Warren LADY FOR A DAY. Now isn't that too great for words to be greeted by WW when turning on the TV??? His Dave the Dude character is wonderful.
  5. revelry11

    Warren William

    Alix, your choices are great. I posed the question just to open up dialogue on his movies. I have to say my personal favorites are:GOLDDIGGERS OF 1933 - THE MATCH KING - THE MOUTHPIECE - SKYSCRAPER SOULS & IMITATION OF LIFE. I don't have one favorite either!!! He is just so good in all his films. I have not seen THE DARK HORSE. I read what IMDB had to say about it and I want to see it! I can just see his fast talking campaign manager character in action. I sure hope TCM is paying to attention to all this hoopla over WW. I would settle for a birthday tribute or mini-festival even. By the way, where can one get a copy of THE DARK HORSE?
  6. revelry11

    Warren William

    Hi all! When posting on the boards previously, I used my name: Marilyn. Now I am using my IM name. I have been away from my computer for some time. Just catching up & reading the boards & the new format. I HAD to start here with Warren William. He is my absolute favorite too. I can't get enough of him, so I too make a plea for having him as Star of the Month. I don't mind sharing him with the world. I just saw Employee's Entrance (again) last week when TCM aired it. Warren William was at his best (as being the worst sort)! He is sooooo good at it. I must get that book by Mick LaSalle right away. Quick poll: What is your favorite Warren William movie?

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