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    LOC was indeed the source print, but I think Ben Model got some footage from other sources, so it more complete that the ratty old Videobrary VHS copy that's been around for decades. When Knighthood Was in Flower is a gorgeous restoration. All the original tinted scenes have been re-created in a near-perfect print. It's a fast-paced historical drama but also has plenty of humor. It's one of the great silent films. A TCM premiere. The Bride's Play will have its second showing on TCM. This film and Beauty's Worth are two of my Kickstarter projects and have been upgraded by Ben Model (he's everywhere!) for DVDs available on Amazon. Also from LOC film elements and both in pristine condition. Ben even reinstated the tinting to The Bride's Play for DVD release through his Undercrank label. Enchantment was aired on TCM in November 2014. This will be its second showing. This is another of my Kickstarter projects and is on Amazon as streaming video only. It's another terrific print from LOC. And yes. For anyone new to Marion Davies. Watch these silent films as well as Show People and The Patsy. Great comedies. I also recommend The Red Mill which was directed by Roscoe Arbuckle. I think it's very underrated. And, if I'm allowed to plug my new book, The Silent Films of Marion Davies went on sale at Amazon just today.
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    Absolutely do NOT miss the TCM August 29 premiere of Ben Model's fabulous restoration of this 1922 masterpiece starring Marion Davies! Other Davies silents on August 29 include my DVD projects of The Bride's Play and Enchantment. These have aired on TCM only once before. Other Davies silents include three of her best: Show People, The Patsy, and The Red Mill.
  3. Marion Davies August 29 hearts divided (1936) with dick powell operator 13 (1934) with gary cooper enchantment (1921) with forrest stanley the bride’s play (1921) with jack o’brien the red mill (1926) with owen moore five and ten (1931) with leslie howard peg o’ my heart (1933) with onslow stevens the floradora girl (1930) with lawrence gray the patsy (1928) with marie dressler when knighthood was in flower (1922) with forrest stanley show people (1928) with william haines marianne (1929) with lawrence gray blondie of the follies (1932) with robert montgomery page miss glory (1935) with dick powell
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    Rant coming. Several months ago, when I logged in to TCM message boards, I found I had been logged out. I could not log in. Eventually I requested a password re-set. The links automatically sent were all dead.They all led to PAGE NOT FOUND responses. I tried different browsers, different computer. Same result. I have never been able to get into my decades-old drednm account. More rant. I decided to join TCM Backlot. I signed up. I paid. I could not access the site as a member. I tried different browsers, different computer. Same result. I eventually got a refund. Less rant. So I've started over with a new ID.... Why so many IT issues on TCM sites?
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