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  1. leopoldsplumtree

    Beauties of the 30's and 40's

    Slightly expanded list... Hedy Lamarr Gene Tierney Yvonne DeCarlo Linda Darnell Rita Hayworth Paulette Goddard
  2. leopoldsplumtree

    The Least Sexy!

    >> "Hi Antar! I recently sent you an e-mail. Did you receive it? I used the address you have posted at this site now. Would really like to hear back from you!;-) ML" Hi Mary Lou! I just got the email. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you.
  3. leopoldsplumtree

    Beauties of the 30's and 40's

    What Mongo said
  4. leopoldsplumtree

    The Least Sexy!

    ...and by that I mean what I said 'bout Lana Turner. My comments on Jane Russell still stand. ;-)
  5. leopoldsplumtree

    The Least Sexy!

    As the starter of this topic, let me just say I no longer stand by some of things I stated earlier in this thread.
  6. leopoldsplumtree

    Livin" in the 40's

    My grandpa told me 'bout the good ol' days - he said we're livin' in 'em now. ;-)
  7. leopoldsplumtree

    Should John Wayne's birthday be a national holiday?

    There're too many national holidays as it is!
  8. leopoldsplumtree

    Favorite War Movies

    Nothin' much... Das Boot Above Us the Waves Pursuit of the Graf Spee
  9. leopoldsplumtree

    Classics fan (Marylou) is ill

    Wishin' you the best, ML! Get well soon!
  10. leopoldsplumtree

    Hedy Lamarr on TCM II

    Thanks Lolite, Mongo and Path! And Mongo - Stella is well.
  11. leopoldsplumtree

    Hedy Lamarr on TCM II

    Wishy has been havin' trouble loggin' into the forums, and has sent me these three poems that were written by Hedy... __________________ For years i wondered if there were men on the moon How little did I know that I'll find out so soon Please correct me if I'm wrong Their names are Aldrin, Collins and Armstrong It seemed to me I've just seen a world more unified than it has ever been __________________ To float in space, what a heavenly feeling The closest to God, i feel like kneeling The moon is close, the earth is not I wish i was an astronaut __________________ To live, to love, to give, to take, thats life to me To feel, to see, honest and true To look at me, to look at you When that is done, life has begun For you and me, for all that are free To look good, to be young To be two, to be one Yes, no questioning life is just one open book Yes, that is for all, that is true That is as honest as my love is to you
  12. leopoldsplumtree

    Hedy Lamarr on TCM II

    Don't worry 'bout the spelling mistake, Feaito! I made out my previous post on the fly, and it didn't come out quite as I'd wanted it to. I didn't really go over it before posting. But I know what ya mean...Hedy's book had a casual feel to it. I liked that 'bout it.
  13. leopoldsplumtree

    Hedy Lamarr on TCM II

    >> "BTW, Antar what's been of you pal?" Hey, Feaito! I've been around...kinda. Not postin' much, I know. I've read that book, too. I have two copies now, too. I thought she seemed real and earthy in it, too. Some people call the book boring, but I like it.
  14. leopoldsplumtree

    H.M. Pulham Esq. (1941)

    Yup, Hedy's role in this movie did have a little more, well, substance than some of her other ones for MGM. I like the "aloof goddess" also, though ;-) I heard Ava Gardner has a bit part somewhere in H.M. Pulham, Esq. I haven't spotted her yet, but I haven't put much effort in it. I'll try again one of these days.
  15. leopoldsplumtree



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